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Energies are intense. My partner and I are not getting on. I’m high vibes person. I’m Life coach reiki healer etc I love him and he loves me but we keep clashing. There always learning and inner work but at this stage I’m drained. It’s always over house work or something stupid but never over housework if you get me. Lots blaming. I started my own business recently. I improved my self care. I got part time job. We only moved in together few months ago. Lots changes together and lots of creating going on at once. I know to understand that too. I’m not sure I’d it me or him. Or what to do... consider leaving but right now I don’t have much money and don’t want go backwards to my parents. I manifested London and him. If any one who can read energy can tell me if it’s just inner child or time to leave.

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You have been unknowingly making them responsible for how you feel. You only argue and blame when you want them to change, so you can feel better (and they feel the same with you). When you accept them as they are and don’t need them to change, and you focus on feeling better unconditionally, then you allow the relationship to improve.

Focus on yourself. Forget all about him. Forget about his energy, what he is doing or not doing. Focus only on yourself. Focus only on your energy and well being. Do whatever you have to do to feel happy and vibrant. What du YOU enjoy? What makes YOU feel happy? Take time for yourself. Get out of the home. Meet with friends. Go and sit in café's, reading a good book and enjoying a cup of tea. Go out and move your body. Usually when we start to be too much in our heads, having arguments etc. it's because we do not move our bodies enough. All this sounds very natural, a lot of tension and new side's of ourselves comes up when we move in together, it's an intense time in a relationship. So go slow, let yourselves slowly adapt to this new. The only thing you have true influence over is yourself. So work on yourself, become the most peaceful, loving creature you can. It's never about "him" or the other person. It's always about ourselves. See this hard times as an invitation and an opportunity for you to grow. It's a gift! A gift from the universe, from your higher self. It's all love <3 

Ummmm...I was going to wright something, but I think Isabelle summed it up quite exquisitely. Take your attention away from the "problem."

Focus on what feels good.

It's not clear yet what's best for the relationship. It has yet to be decided. There is lots of transition, so let the dust "clear" by shifting your focus. Not out of meanness, but out of self care! A drained flower?!!!! No. No. NO! Not in spring. Pamper yourself. Move your body. Shift your vibration. Clarity will come.

Thank you for your message. Yes this usually helps me a lot. To focus on me, to care for me and then things turn around. Sometimes though I can get so stuck in fixing it and it drains me trying fix what is not in my control. Yes this will help.

Well I think its important to look at what you are presenting here.  Very rarely will any relationship get on 100% of the time and that’s actually very normal.  Me and my wife clash all the time, but we also have fun making up too.  As you already recognize inner work and learning will always be a choice you have. 

Now regarding housework, it may be not be “stupid” per se if housework is important to you or your partner.  I remember Sondra Ray discussing one time (of the Loving Relationships Training) that one time she had a partner who seemed obsessed over cleaning and very anal about it and she finally got to asking him some questions and he shared the reasons why he did it and it actually opened her up when she understood why it was so important to him, and she then realized it was just as important for her and the arguments ended at that moment.

Now there are many choices you have available, that you already recognize.  Leaving him is but one, and it may not be something necessary for you to do.  You are feeling drained at the moment which doesn’t help on top of this so maybe having some quiet down time and resting or just doing some deep breathing can be enough to help you clear your mind and then look at this situation.  For what its worth, if you manifested London and him then this is just a sign of how powerful you are and you can equally create more (and are already doing so from the sounds of it). 

  • When vibes do not match, you may break apart because you and e been the focused in different things. It can be an unintentional mismatch.
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Have a break from reality.. What's happening right now. The next time you're making your way home send him love. Seriously. Try the ho'oponopono prayer. Don't just say it. Really mean it. Really feel your love for him. Then go home and you'll feel a very different version/energy pattern of him. Hold that love for as long as you can. I'd even hoponnno the vacuuming!!!

Awww thank you all. There been a transformation when I change my thoughts and went into my heart. There was a shift., he bought me lovely flowers and he never did that before. He is romantic but more with food and cooking than flowers so that stood out as lovely sign. He also bought me new outfit and again I’m being a little spoil but love it. We both admitted we were in ego and blaming each other. We are now loving. I do love the Hoponno prayer and I’ll definitely do that for my hovering lol maybe it will go away !! I’ll try it ! Maybe sending love to housework etc there might be some child hood related things coming up there. I have been saying I love you to myself and be kind to me and outside world changes. We do have clashes we are working on I’ll send love and light to them. 


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