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Hi guys! Here I am again after a while. I stumbled upon this forum by accident and read some message about praying to your guardian angel. So, I decided to ask him/her for a good job but the answer was ''NO, IT WILL BE FOR A YEAR OR TWO''. This message was really ''loud''.

Now, what should I do? Should I listen to my guide or maybe I should keep visualizing ( doing The Secret ) and praying to achieve my desire now? Those two things are in conflict, LOA says that we can have everything now or in the near future but I got information it will not happen soon.

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Hi Red John! (Interesting name choice, by the way :-))

Why don't you ask your guardian angel what you should do next?

Ask you guide, what you should focus on; it is not like you only get one question to ask. Your guide is there to guide you. So ask for guidance.

Ask, expecting more answers.


How do you know the answers are from a guardian angel and not from your own mind? It's the same with asking for signs-they show how you are thinking and feeling at the time of asking.

The answers are ALL coming from his own mind. It will only ever be this way, because he determines which thoughts or "answers" he attracts.

But if in his world, the part of his mind that guides him has inspired a creation that is his guardian angel, if his desire is to have inspired guidance, then that is what he'll get.

The key is to keep asking the questions that will give you the answers you want.


Then there's the question how can we know anything else even exists, other than our own mind, including angels, an higher power or an afterlife. But that's a different topic. Thanks anyways, I will be asking my own mind for more information on time travel :)

Indeed :-))))

We will never know. Though some might say it doesn't matter, as long as it feels good.

Your answers will always be better than anything I can offer anyway :-)

''How do you know the answers are from a guardian angel and not from your own mind? It's the same with asking for signs-they show how you are thinking and feeling at the time of asking.''

As I understand it, when I call for my guardian angel I actually ask my higher intelligence, the wiser part of me that knows the answers intuitively.

Hi! If we are both fans of the same show you know what it is ;)

I've just asked my guide what you recommended me and he said ''LEARN''. After I asked him what learn, he said ''EXCEL''. That's very pointing because I recently started to follow some tutorial for MS Excel :)

We are certainly on the same page of the same show ;/))))

I love your explanation of your guardian angel. All your answers are indeed inspired by part of ourselves; which ties in with some of the other responses that have been offered here.

What I believe is worth mentioning relative to what some of their answers have been, is that where you are is where you are. When it comes to vibration, what counts are not the words we use, but what we mean. A "good" job to you involves a combination of things, beyond just making money. It involves many aspects that will contribute to your sense of wellbeing. And yes, it could take you a couple of years, FROM YOUR CURRENT VIBRATIONAL STANDING POINT, to PHYSICALLY realise the FULLNESS of how you are considering it all in your mind.

However, it does not have to take 2 years for you to enjoy the vibrational benefits of a good job. You can start doing that RIGHT NOW. You can immerse your thoughts, your mind, in a full blooded, exciting, dynamic and powerful IDEA of your ideal job, enough to inspire more thoughts and feelings that can create such a strong emotional connection to what you want, that it stops feeling like you are here and the ideal job is over THERE. It all feels like it is HERE. And your powerful vibrational set point will start reflecting back to you evidence of your thinking and you will start to experience the details of what you want in ways you couldn't even have thought up in the first place. There are versions of "good" jobs that you don't even know about, that are more readily available to you from where you currently stand, that will be just as deeply or even more satisfying.

So if your guardian angel says "2 years", it doesn't have to mean, as some are implying, that something is off or wrong that's needs addressing or changing. Your success is INEVITABLE, as long as you stay true to your idea. And you do so by letting the idea inform your focus, rather than your interpretation of what feels real to you now.

It is already yours.


Red John, there is a chance that answer is coming from your owns beliefs.

From what I know, angels do not limit you in any way, shape or form. Instead, they inspire you, they guide you and they understand the future is not set in stone. And they wouldn't give you a loud NO. 

Angels, in my opinion, are nothing more than a human way of understanding the supportive natures of the universe, some may call it different names, I like the idea of angels too. All is Source, you choose how you connect.

But don't be discouraged of any "negative" messages you may encounter, for they are not likely from Source, but from your own fears and doubts, that apparently spoke very loud now.

Keep praying if it feels good, always ask for help and inspiration and have faith!

The big question is not IF the Universe supports you, but HOW MUCH do you allow to be supported. 

Big love for you!

Thanks, actually I think that future already exist in the same point with past and presence. So, some things are definitely ( not ) ment to be. For example, there was a time when I was chasing some girl :) and I was crazy abour her but my dreams ( I often have very instructive dreams ) told me that I stood no chance with her and that I shouldn't keep going with that. And that was actually true. Beliefs did not help me with her...

There is no time in space so the LOA is able to create things in what may seem like miraculous timing. Try putting your bare feet on the ground, bathing yourself in gold light, and burning some sage before you ask your angel guardian again. Sometimes if we are not very clear or if we are fearful we can attract misleading advice and convince ourselves it was from a higher source.

I give angel card readings for my business and I have found that the angels are here to support our decisions on what we desire to create. Therefore if you are choosing to create a job using the LOA, the angels will help assist you with divine synchronicities. They will make sure you are in the right place at the right time. They will make sure you see an advertising for a job that resonates with you. They will make sure you create this if this is what you are focused on creating for yourself.    We have free will here on Earth. The angels can only intervene and help is we ask them for help. However, ultimately the power is inside of you to focus your attention on your desires. The angels then assist us with whatever we decide if it is in our highest good. If you do not want to wait a year or two to get a job then focus your thoughts on creating the perfect job NOW. See yourself in your dream job and visualize exactly what your heart desires. You got this!


Julie- LOA/Happiness Coach/Angel Card Reader


I wonder if you attracted that particular answer because of some underlying fear. For instance, fearing that you are going to be stuck forever and never be able to realise your potential or fulfil yourself. Look at what fears you hold around the world of work. And yes, ask to guardian angels for more answers because, and advice for what to do next, because they shouldn't leave you dangling like that.

Ask very clearly: WHAT DO I DO NOW?


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