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Hello Friends,

I have been asked to post this story, so here it is. I managed to attract my ex after 15 months.

Story: I met this amazing guy online and we instantly connected. I had never felt the feelings before that I felt when I met him. He was perfect to me, and I was totally in love. He felt the same way too, and expressed that he had also never felt this way before. The first few meetings were great and everything was going very well.

I developed some sort of insecurity around this time and started fighting with him when he didn't give me attention. Looking back, I realize that I was looking for the love that I could not give to myself outside of me. He was patient the first few times, but slowly started distancing himself from me. Of course, this made me even more needy. In a fit of anger one day, I told him that if he didn't want to be with me, he was free to leave. That was the last straw for him, and he left. I felt terrible a few hours later and apologized, but he wouldn't hear me out. He was gone.

Further attempts to reconcile with him were in vain. However, I was in denial at that time, since I felt that this was just a passing phase and he would return. I asked the Universe for signs and received several assurances that he would be back. I tried to interpret everything I saw around me as a message. But he didn't return. Months passed by and I was still depressed. I dragged my despondent self everywhere and family and friends grew extremely worried. 

Around the 8 month mark, something inside me changed. I began to feel angry with me, and instantly, my neediness disappeared. The pedestal I had put him on shattered, and I began to see him for what he really was - a human being, and not the God I had made him out to be. 

Almost a month later, the anger also disappeared and was replaced by indifference. The person I once claimed I could not live without was slowly fading in my memory. One day, I woke up with the resolution that I would be happy, at least for the sake of my loved ones around me. I started small, by beginning to enjoy jokes, smile at babies, play with my neighbor's cats etc. It was working, and my emotional state was slowly improving. The spring in my step came back, and I was happy. Note that I was unaware of the LOA at this time.

The next month I attracted 2 admirers to myself. They praised me and showered attention on me, and elevated my mood further. And around the 1 year mark, I had completely forgotten about him. I realized that I no longer flinched when I heard his name on the radio. Looking at his favorite flowers no longer made me sad, and even visiting near his residence did not affect me. 

My happy state continued, and I attracted to myself another guy, who I once again felt was a perfect match to me. He was even more close to what I wanted than my ex. At this point, I was at the 15 month mark. It was also when I read Abraham Hicks for the first time.

One day as I was driving, I heard my ex's name on the radio, twice. This time I smiled, wished him well mentally and went about my way. That was the day I received the phone call from him. He wanted to get back with me. It turns out that he was never over me.

Note that I had not actively employed any techniques when I was aching for him, since I was unaware of the LOA. I was imagining being with him but it was more in hope than for the purpose of manifesting.

The story continues, since I was at a point where both my "soul mates" were with me. But I will stop here. 

If anybody is suffering the way I suffered, please take heart. You will forget your ex even if it seems impossible to you right now, you will love again, you will smile again, your life will have meaning again. Take baby steps and try to feel relief (looking back, it was what I did unconsciously). 

I'm not sure how much this story deserves to be on a LOA success story forum, but I have posted it with the hope that it will provide comfort to at least one aching heart.

Many blessings and good wishes your way. Namaste.

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Sounds very interesting, I'm curious to know what happened with both 'soul mates', but I'm assuming you stayed with the guy you were with :)

Answered you by PM.

I thought the same thing since she said he was a closer match to what she wanted :)

Its been about a year since my ex has spoken to me, I stopped contacting him about 3 months ago, he didn't reply to my messages anyways, I started focusing on myself and now i think of him less and when I do think of him I don't get upset or emotional.i hope he's doing well.thanks for posting this.

I'm happy to hear that you stopped contacting him and that you are no longer upset when you think of him. 

I'm glad this post helped you. Take care.

Thanks for this. As much as you don't want to see other people suffering, it helps knowing there are others who have felt the same way.

What kinds of things were you doing when you noticed your emotional shifts? I find that I have really good days and then I regress a little bit every now and then. I completely believe in loa and that I can manifest anything I want, but I can't get in the right mindset with this. It's almost like I can't let go of my ex because I'm trying too hard to do so. I have been able to manifest so many other things in my life the way I wanted, but since this is something that is always on my mind, I'm having trouble with it. Lately I've even allowed my mind to wander and the new fear of him finding someone else has come up and I can't seem to shake it. 


I'm glad my post was helpful.

It took a few months, but it helped when I began to feel angry with my ex. I stopped worshiping him and saw him as a human being with flaws, just like the rest of us. I believe that's when the shift happened, since my helplessness and despair was taken over by anger.

You should not fear that he will find someone else. Always remember, what is yours will come to you. And what is not yours, you do not need in your life anyway, correct?

That is very true. That last part really resonated with me. Thank you so much.

Glad to help. Take care and be happy

Thank you alot honey for sharing your story!

If you like here are some quotes and a video that Monkey posted on PI that i found incredibly helpful, Unconditional Love Process by Abraham Hicks:


That's a great video, I just watched it. It was very simple and yet very intense. Thank you.

Your quote above about fantasy, and people changing to meet our fantasy, isn't that against their free will? This is a concept that is much debated amongst new age authors. Maybe I can post and ask for opinions on it too. Thank you!

i break off with my ex last year Feb. It been 1 year plus, however, he still in my mind.  I'm happy that  i do not cry over him but wishes him well.... Till date, I m enjoying my current life :)


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