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Hi Friends,

A few days ago, I posted about how I attracted my ex back. This was my first ex, and I attracted him back last year without trying. 

This post is about how I attracted my other ex back. It happened out of the blue this afternoon. This is the same guy I spoke about in my previous post, the one who I felt was closer than the first to being very close to my ideal mate. 

The story continues. After I met this guy, I was blissfully happy for the while. However, a person very close to me didn't approve of him, especially his past. She kept discouraging me from pursuing something serious with him. After listening to her repeatedly, I began to fall out of alignment. I also began to feel insecure, and then it happened. I spoke to him one night, and the next day he was gone. He just vanished. I realized when my text went unanswered. I didn't expect someone I was so close to to just disappear on me, but he did. 

My immediate reaction was of course, of denial. I waited for him to get back to me, but he didn't. In about a month, I knew that I had officially been left, without any explanation or notice. 

I spent the next few days feeling very insulted. I was also about to go lower and get depressed, but caught myself in time and prevented myself from deteriorating. I was also meditating regularly at this time so that really helped me stay neutral.

I went about my life as usual. I continued to meet several men who were interested in me, and briefly went out with one of them. That didn't work out, but at least I was handling it well. I also went on a vacation, and was given additional responsibility at work. All of this put together helped me stay sane and prevented me from feeling too sad. I was functioning normally. Yes, I did have moments of extreme sadness where I felt dejected. I let myself cry in those moments. I rediscovered Abraham Hicks and listened to several of their videos. I also joined this forum and started seeking relief. I was practicing affirmations of loving myself and releasing fear too.

In all these months, I truly believed that he would return. There was no doubt in my mind. I have no idea why I felt this way, but I did. A few times, I visualized receiving a text message from him and talking to him. But those visualizations sometimes made me feel very sad, so I stopped.

A few days ago, an important person in my life explained the importance of forgiveness to me. It resonated a lot, and I decided to consciously forgive this person for breaking my heart. I also visualized him being very successful in his career, wished him well mentally and then went about my day.

Today was just another day at work. I had a meeting in a different room, so I left to attend it. After the meeting, I returned to my desk to drop off my laptop, notebook and phone, so I could swing by to the break room to grab a cup of tea. Just as I was about to drop my phone, I casually glanced at it, and saw his name and a message in the notifications!

I was in shock. He asked me how I had been. He also mentioned that he was visiting my city this weekend, and that he wanted to meet me and explain himself.

Today is almost the 6 month mark of this disappearance. I'm not sure what I should do. I'll go with what my gut tells me.

I really can't believe this happened. It seems unreal even as I write it. But it's 100% true.



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Hi GeeVee,

What an awesome story!!!

I’m really keen to hear what happens next, as my ex suddenly went cold towards me and pretty much dropped all contact. We were unbelievably close and went through a lot in the relatively short (11 months) we were together. I am in the process of manifesting a new relationship between us.

Please keep us updated!


Hi Nat,

The funny part is I didn't try to manifest his return. I just knew that he would return, without a doubt.

I hope you and your ex are able to get back together.



Great news.. Always remember nothing is ever lost and nobody can truly leave you. We are ll connected. So you as you can see you can attract your Ex back.

Thank you. I agree that we are all connected!

keep us posted

Sure, I will :)

Thank you for this! I am also trying to get my ex back now, and for me, the hardest part now is letting go. I'm trying to live my life, the Universe has given me some positive signs that everything will be fine, but I still need to train my mind to think more positively, to believe more in his return, to stop manifesting and obsessing over how and when he will come back. I know I just have to focus on myself now, but it is a bit difficult right now, but I'm trying until I feel it with all my being ^^' I somehow know he will be back, but I need to increase my faith in this and eliminate all the doubts and fears I might have about this issue.

Good luck to you. If you have received signs then be content with them and carry on with your life.

Well, I have a post on my account about how some things from my vision board are slowly starting to manifest :) And the first things that seem to be manifesting are the things that will help me feel good about myself once again, because my ex will follow. If you're curious about this post, you can go on my page and read it, so that you can see some of the signs I was talking about ^^

I just read your post and I’m so happy you’re seeing synchronized signs and manifestations. As you’re confident you’ll get your ex back, you probably will. Good luck and keep me posted. I’ll keep an eye on your post too.

Thank you :) The sign that I am seeing the most are the numbers 11 and 111. About the confidence... well, I'm still working on it, I'm still trying to improve it, since doubts concerning his return keep coming to my mind. At least, I realize this thing now, and I'm trying to fight them, and I think I'll defend them forever if I keep saying that negative thoughts are weak, while positive thoughts are strong, and they should be on my mind all the time. So, yes, I'm still having problems with the confidence, but I have to make myself believe that he'll return, and feel it, know it without a doubt. I've read stories about girls/women who also had doubts at the beginning as far as their exes' returns were concerned, but in the end, they made themselves believe with all their heart and being that their exes would come back, and they came back indeed.

I am also considering staying a bit away from this forum for a while and concentrating on myself, because if I come here, I keep seeing my posts about my ex, and my focus will still be on him rather than on myself.

Okay. I really don't fully understand how I managed to attract both of them, maybe if I did I could help you.

I think that you know if they will be back or not, atleast I did with the second one. I had absolutely no doubt, its strange but I cant explain it.

You can still visit the forum to read others' posts :)


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