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I constantly feel guilty about not doing enough to help others!

I wanted to see you take on this problem I find myself having.

I am BIG on wanting to help others - I feel drawn to doing it. The problem is I am constantly racked by a sense of guilt that I am not doing enough for others. 

Do you think part of our journey here should be to help others? Or is part of LOA accepting that people are responsible for their own happiness and situations? And almost letting that go and leaving them to it? I struggle with that last part, as most people I meet are unaware of LOA and the ways that it can be used to change their lives for the better. Many people are born into situations that are so difficult to deal with or escape from. So I feel drawn to wanting to help but literally cannot do all the things I would like to. I don't have the time, or the funding, or when I do try (to fundraise for instance) it doesn't amount to anything.

What are peoples thoughts?

Thank you!

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Hello Gvieve,

I'm sorry for my bluntness, but the guilt you feel sounds more like fear, fear of not being good enough, or honorable enough if you don't help. It's ok to help others, but the fact that that also brings you pain... big bell ringing there.

LOA is accepting that people are responsible for their lives and situations, yes. It is also accepting that because we are the masters of our reality, because the universe supports us in ANYTHING we choose, help is always available, in all forms.

The best help we can do for anyone is to empower them, not give them the fish, but teach them how to hold their own pole. You don't need money for that. Those that want t be helped, will be. Those that want to experience that situation a bit longer, will do it too, no matter how hard you try. It's all valid and equally beautiful in the eyes of source, because, really, in all truth, they are an infinite beings, and nothing can really hurt them.

This is a perfect answer. :)

Wonder this is perfect.

Great Wonder!! That's totally true

  I just going to add, that if you are helping from guilt instead of inspiration, that help won't bring much good to the recipients anyway. Energy is so much more than action by itself.

  To change energy and beliefs around it use EFT and make yourself subliminals. Here are some example beliefs you could put there:

My value comes from within. I am valuable because I am.

I am experiencing the wonder of my being. I like myself very much.

Loving myself is the most fullfilling love I ever experienced.

I choose to love myself always. Every moment.

My life is fun, comfortable and secure.

Wellbeing is my natural state. I enjoy physical and mental health and comfort.

My mind and body are relaxed in every situation.

I am always safe.

Everything is possible for me now.

I am unique and valuable.
I love myself and I love others.

It is okay for me to ask for more. It is okay for me to receive more.

Everybody can ask and receive more. There is plenty to go around of everything.

It is okay for me to receive, even if others near me choose differently.

I feel the love moving through me towards every person in my life.

It is okay for me to feel happy even if others vibrationally choose differently

It is good for me to share, when my joy leads me.

I am okay with people asking me for money or anything else.

I am free respond the way it feels best. I am okay with every reaction they have. I accept them as they are now. I love them all-accepting love.

“I am constantly racked by a sense of guilt that I am not doing enough for others.”

One of the reasons you would feel guilty is because believe that you are the Source of their Well-Being, instead of understanding that Source is the Source of their Well-Being.

“Do you think part of our journey here should be to help others?”

No. There are no “should’s.”

Is it nice? Yes. Does it feel good? Absolutely.

But is it necessary? Are you looked down upon, judged, or not fulfilling your purpose if you do not help another, from the perspective of Source? Never.

Source doesn’t think like that. Source just wants you to feel good and have fun. And as you focus on feeling good and enjoying yourself, giving is a natural, effortless and abundant result of you being in alignment.

“Or is part of LOA accepting that people are responsible for their own happiness and situations?”


You can add to their happiness, but you don’t have to. Just care about your alignment, and you will be a beaming example to other’s of how they can tend to their own alignment as well.

“... most people I meet are unaware of LOA and the ways that it can be used to change their lives for the better.”

I say this with love, but you are aware of the Law of Attraction, and yet here you are feeling guilty and guiding yourself to be out of alignment.

So, you even understand the Law of Attraction, and yet you are still withholding yourself from your own happiness.

“... I feel drawn to wanting to help...”

Are you wanting to help because it’s fun, and for no other reason?

Or, are you wanting to help because you don’t believe in their ability to help themselves, and that they need someone else in order to help them create the life they want?

Are focused on them being strong, capable and allowing their abundance?

Or are you focused on them being powerless and expereincing lack?

You are of most benefit to someone when you view them as strong, intelligent, and fully capable of creating the life they want. View them as empowered, not observing what-is and viewing them as not empowered.

You want to take your perspective off of what-is, and begin focusing on what you want.

Fantastically true

These answers are all extremely useful, thank you! I have a lot to think about on this topic. l appreciate the honest opinions!

Gvieve, lovely one, you have helped me on many occasions ;)

We are each responsible for our happiness and well being on all levels. Think of this this way, if these people need your help, why aren't they asking for it? And if they are asking for it, is it so you do all the work, or are they asking so they can learn and then do it for themselves? All this information, it is available to all of us. No one is excluded. Some, like yourself who want it, get it. Others, may not. And believe me, many people act the victim because it has its benefits, it gives them attention.

I'm not trying to turn you against giving, I love giving too, but sometimes giving depletes you while enabling them.

In short our society teaches us we are only valuable as human if we keep other. It mostly comes from religious groups that dominate our culture. So take that burden off your back and decide you have value/are loveable by a diety whether you help others or not.



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