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Hi all *hugs* !


I've been feeling very nostalgic lately... I miss the Year 2006. Is it odd? I've always missed this period of time because during this period I was the "happiest" and "most connected to the Source".


First of all, I was still in HS, I was a class president for the class that I truly LOVED and wanted to get involved into that subject (which I am involved in now btw, but I do not feel as enthusiastic).


I had a fun job where I met many interesting people from all over the world. I looked my best!! I had the most energy... I was in love with someone (even thought it didn't work out - the feeling of being in love with someone + in love with life is totally EUPHORIC! ).


I graduated in June 2006... and I felt like my life is just beginning. I didn't have too many responsibilities and my family moved to a different town where there were lots of green woods and it was summer - so absolutely gorgeous! I had to drive back to my old town... with music playing in my car + scenery = amazing... I stuck my hand out the window.


I took a chance to take a trip overseas - alone at age 19! What an adventure! I also listened to so many good songs and the songs that were out were not gross like Lady Gaga today and Kanye West (yuck)... I started eating healthier and learning about nutrition, and I felt this divine presence with me the STRONGEST during that time. I also did some yoga.


So, I can proudly say, that if I ever get a time machine, I would like to go back to MARCH 2006 - OCTOBER 2006 :) :)


Do you any of you miss a special time in your life? If so, what period of time is it, I am curious to read your replies.

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Yeah, the 80's. I was born on 1990. :(

I used to- but now i am really learning -for the first time- and starting to understand it-living in the present. Really enjoying right now!  I graduated in 1992- i would not give up anything to go back- but then the 90's were not all that kind to the hair-mall bangs, bad perms-mushroom cuts - lol!

Live on making everyday a great and wonderful memory!


HAHA! I bet my mom would call me a cyst too ;) 


That is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing Jake. So your baby is now 10 y.o.? 9?


My nephew is same age... was it a boy or girl?



Nostalgia has a twin-head because on one hand, it reminds of when things were good and when we were doing LOA things well.  But on the other, we can get hung up on it, and focus too much on the past, almost starting to believe that no time can be better.  This is what a lot of older people fail at: the praise the past and criticise the present, comparing the two with expressions like  " back in my day. "  What we need to do though is to TRUST THAT LIFE FLOWS.

When we trust that life flows, energy moves into all areas of our lives, maybe even better than the periods we are nostalgic for.  Life moves, things happen, positive circumstances manifest, and when they have reached the end of their times, they are replaced by better.  This way, life becomes a never-ending cycle of renewal and excitement, rather than just a clutch of memories which we are moving further and further away from.

Exactly Sir Neil, we're always expanding so nostalgia has no reason for being. Even if we seem to have some moments backwards we're just enriching ourselves.

That's why i so love these words by Matt Kahn:

"In every moment of sadness, another layer of outdated cellular memories leaves your energy field. As each layer is released through spontaneous expressions of doubt, despair, and disappointment, the world is equally cleansed and released from the spell of unconsciousness. This may help you understand how there is nothing to fear when sadness is present. If anything, knowing the energetic purpose behind such a misunderstood emotion reminds you to slow down and relax your body, so you may see how an experience of sadness has absolutely nothing to do with the circumstances and outcomes that bring it to the surface.

Sadness is your highest transformation being recognized in progress. No matter how lonely it may seem or how devastating it can feel, sadness acts as the unsuspecting sign that a new reality has dawned within you. As this is accepted, the consuming nature of sadness transforms into the peaceful resolve of self-realization.

This helps to dispel any myth about the location of awakening that many believe exists somewhere beyond the grip of sadness. Instead, awakening is the natural recognition of your essential nature that unfolds with ease, once the healing power of sadness has been survived. This may also help you see how in its’ purest form, sadness is not the absence of happiness. Sadness is actually the clean-up crew of the universe. One breakdown at a time, it sweeps every distraction out of your energy field, so the happiness that is always here can be revealed." www.truedivinenature.com


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