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"The most direct way to be yourself, is by having no self to be."

"When you move slower than the world, and breathe more deeply than the world, you awaken a consciousness beyond any world."

"The most miraculous outcomes are attracted to those who dare to slow down." Matt Kahn

matt kahn quotes

What this artist does is just SPECTACULAR:


Absolutely AMAZING!!!!

Risultati immagini per quit hiding your magic the world is ready for you


Sure! Wonderful pic

Cool guy!

The Truth About "Wanting".

In this e-letter, I am going to answer a very important and
common question. A question that a lot of people have
asked me.

Make sure you read this till the end, because the answer can
make a huge difference in your life.

*** Question ***

Everything I read says that to impress the subconscious have to
imagine, visualize, focus on my desire, but your audio says I have to
mentally let go of the loved person, how can I focus on what I feel
and detach at the same time?


>>> My comments

This an excellent question.

Learning how to do this the right way can change your life.

So read carefully...

You can focus on your desire and let go of it, at the same time.
The desire can be wealth, love of another person, promotion at
work, or anything else.

You can do that, when you TRULY understand the difference
between "wanting" and "needing".

I said "truly" understanding, because I am not talking about the
difference between the words "wanting" and "needing".

The true understanding happens when you know how "wanting"
and "needing" feel inside you.

The feeling that manifests great things in your life is the feeling
of "wanting".

The feeling that sabotages and blocks manifestations is the
feeling of "needing".

But, there's a fine boundary between the two that you should
make sure you never cross.
Some people, focus on their desire with the feeling of "needing".
They feel that if they don't get what they want, their lives will
be over. They make their happiness depend on it.

That's the "needing" mentality.

That mentality blocks manifestations. The "needing" mentality
is "scarcity" mentality, so it manifests lack and scarcity.

It's not like if we beg, cry, and throw a tantrum, the universe is
going to say "OK, OK, stop crying... here's your desire". No, it
doesn't work that way.

The feeling that manifests great things in your life, like magic,
is the feeling of "wanting".

The feeling of  "wanting" is like saying to the universe: "I am so
happy and grateful for everything that you have given me. I feel
joy every day, no matter what... but it would be so cool if this
desire manifested in my life too".

This is the feeling that manifests great things.

Can you feel the difference?

In manifestation sessions, visualize your desire joyfully as if
already manifested. And never have the attitude that if you
didn't get it you would be unhappy.

That is what I mean by "letting go".

"Letting go" doesn't mean that you don't want something.
It means you are not attached to it. It means you are not "needy".
It means that you want something but as a bonus to an already
happy and grateful life.

As for the question about loving someone, would you be
attracted to a person who is "needy" and constantly needs you, or
you would be attracted to a person who simply desires you,
without being needy?

If you think about it, you already know the answer.

Others and the universe act the same way about your desires.

Think about the feelings of "wanting" and "needing", so you
can tell those feelings apart. That's the key.

When you use the Answers Manifestation Session Audioimagine
and visualize your desires with joy, not with feeling of need.

That's what I mean by detachment and letting go.

Best wishes with all your desires,
Dr Eric

Interesting. Thanks for sharing this


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