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I have cut off my LOA therapist and blocked her on all social media. It's over.

So I decided to go on Google earlier this year to seek an LOA mentor since a guy named Graysen/London Guy on here strongly suggested that I get face to face help. I found her through a website, spoke to her on the phone, and she was very very nice. I made an appointment to go to her house, we clicked very well like we knew each other, and there was a very strong connection between us. She even said she was looking for someone like me to mentor, and things were just going so well. That is....until this happened.....

Recently, I noticed some seductive energy coming from her. I had a dream we had sex; several visions of us having sex; she sent me a rose through text; was subtly flirting when her husband wasn't around; the list goes on; and then I saw the universe give me a sign on TV where a woman stabbed a guy in the chest along with warning signs ringing in my head. Then it hit me. She's using LOA tactics to seduce me, because she is having sexual problems with her husband. The problem? She's coming off as someone that just wants to bang me secretly on the side, and doesn't want a relationship. The husband was even catching on to this, and he was subtly acting hostile around me.

The ironic thing about this whole thing is that this woman was supposed to be a mentor that was helping me break away from women that act like this using LOA. Yes, I'm serious. The one person that was supposed to be helping me became the exact thing I was trying to escape. I feel like I just got out of a zombie movie where your comrade was helping you the entire time, only to find out your comrade becomes the imposter in the end.

This woman has ruined this friendship. She just put all the nails in the coffin and sealed it up tight. I have blocked her on my phone, all social media, and everything else. I do not want women using me as a side toy to get away from their husband, and I'm now using LOA to attract single women. But seriously.....this was just uncalled for. I'm really going to have to keep going and not give up. Even though I've been single for 5 years, I'm not giving up on getting a girlfriend.

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So..contrast has helped you to define what you don't want. Now, what do you want to attract? I guess loving caring women with no hidden agenda. Focus on that, trust that the Universe is preparing them for you and start allowing the good feelings they will bring to your life. p.s. As everything happens for a reason maybe you just do not need a LOA coach (anymore) so you manifested this weird behaviour from her so that now you are more independent and free on your journey.

Enjoy & trust the process*****

Yeah, this is just contrast helping me define what I don't want. I am way WAY more advanced in LOA than her, and this weird behavior coming from her is due to a lingering spirit of attracting women who were players from earlier this year. Right now, I am scripting so I can attract loving women who care. I just got done speaking to someone who was single and really nice to me, and this is the women I want to attract. I'm staying away from women who are married or who have boyfriends.

This woman was a great friend, and this had to happen. I feel depressed now.....

No need to feel depressed, you can manifest back the best version of her or another woman who has an appropriate behaviour. You are always guided and supported and everything is happening for your highest good. Do not create space for sadness :)

Nope. That person is gone for good. Not safe to go back to that person, and it's a done deal.

And if u keep regergitating  this story u will attract the same situation over and over like a nightmare karmic cycle too!

It's already happened. Any woman I interact with or have an interest in should be single, not married. This woman was a lingering spirit from earlier this year when I was into the FWB thing, so it's no surprise this happened.

When you make your intentions for a girlfriend, always state that she is single and available now.  (You don't want to be meeting the girl of your dreams and then her other half).  This is a big thing yet people often overlook it 

This is not true. I went into deep prayer and it was revealed to me that the girl having a boyfriend/husband is not the cause for rejection, but the negative thoughts and beliefs associated with it. In other words, when I meet a woman, I have to stay focused and think positive, because the negative thoughts is what kills the attraction. This is regardless if she's single or not, because this has happened with the single women as well. This same thing happened with a girl on OKCupid and she was single, so there you go.....

Now have a look at the beliefs you have about love, about yourself, and about your self-image, and see if any of them correspond to this. There must be a pattern within you which attracts people like this.  Was it something that went on when you were growing up?  Were there a lot of casual flings going on which would have created a template for relationships for you?  Or is there maybe a fear of something like this happening?  The universe is showing you this because there seems to be a pattern which is denying you relationships, and which is something you need to release. 

To make a long story short, I had a time travel fantasy that was going on in my head and an advanced spiritualist on here told me to get rid of it and have nothing to do with it, because it was preventing me from having a relationship. I also went on stage and spoke to Esther/Abe, and they also said I needed to move on. I didn't listen to them and continued the script, because I wanted to get to the end of the story. The story contained women from my past that were rejecting me based on guilt I did to them many years ago.

Now what's happening is that script is no longer going on, but my mind has been automatically rejecting women based on fear and doubt, so I wrote a new script to override it. The new script is supposed to be bringing me a girlfriend/wife with black hair, and about 90% of the script has came true so far, so I just have to wait for her to show up.

There are very good signs the script is working. One of them is that my therapist wanted to sleep with me, and I noticed there was no fear or doubt during the seduction process. I backed off, because there was no future in having a relationship like that. So what I did is that I scripted this girl with black hair, and she is supposed to be appearing sometime this month. The only thing I'm concerned about is this woman marrying me, and the rest of the world is cut off. In other words, I do not want to fall into the same trap years ago when I married my ex and was still chasing other women.

The thing I have to realize is that any form of seduction with a woman is going to cause my emotions to get involved with her. This is why the player thing didn't work for me, because I knew something was off. The reason why married women approached me is because those thoughts were lingering thoughts and fragments of the old me when I wanted to be a player. I'm very highly sexed and have fantasized about sleeping with lots of women, but I have to have wisdom and understanding of what will happen behind that. This is why I have chosen in the script to get married, and that's it. The player thing is going against my soul, which is why it's not working.

LOL! Are you the male version of me?

Haven't had it happen with a therapist but I can relate a bit to people wanting to use you as a side toy when you want a relationship.  

And I've been single a few years too, so I can relate to parts of this. 

I'm sorry you went through this.  It's highly inappropriate of her & one of the first things her training should have taught her is what lines not to cross. 

I think the scripting might be a good idea.  If I find anything that changes this for me I'll let you know and if you find a way to turn this around and attract a relationship with someone you really like please let me know, ok? 

In some ways I've started to get a bit closer and make some noticeable progress,  but i'm not there yet. 

I also do agree with ArtistLaura (yes I KNOW how annoying it is to be told it.  Although I do agree.

And with Sir Neil, well, I've been wondering anyway if childhood and or family patterns come into this in some way. (in my case, I meant.)  Maybe in yours too, I don't know. 

Did she TELL you she was having sexual problems with her husband? If so that is highly inappropriate.  You and me we are just too sexy for our own good.  Seriously. 

But we want to be seen as MORE than just sexual beings & by the type of people we like.  

BOY do I get it.

Anyway, there's some --- ooh I also like what Dorothy said, maybe you only needed her for a shorter time than you thought and that is why this happened? 

I don't know if what I am about to say is helpful but I'm going to say it anyway.  

I'm also REALLY paranoid about being judged for this.  

I've gotten a lot out of things that were just casual yes even though I wanted them to be more.  

I want some of that to end but I don't actually regret that it happened because there were some tremendous non sexual benefits that have arisen from it,  So, even though this is frowned upon, I sort of feel like MAYBE seeing the GOOD in what happened can helped, and then focusing on what do we NOW want.

I kinda had the opposite once.  He was flirty I think he was a hypno guy? but when he realised he WASN'T attracted to me though initially he thought he was, he drastically dropped the contact. 

I think in both cases, him & her they acted unprofessionally. 

We were there to get help on our love lives NOT to date THEM necessarily or screw them or whatever!

I wish I knew what to say to help you I really do.  Because I can relate to parts of this so well.  But as i said, the other 3 have offered great advice, I hope it's helpful and I hope you DO attract a wonderful relationship and I hope I do too. 


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