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everyday I here the same thing over and over again. I live in a house with uncle and mother. they both never have money and struggle to survive. they wish and hope to win or get some money but never succeed. within one week they already out of money.

I had this one idea, I understand that I am not the only one who had tis idea but I never came across a person who had this idea before. so I want to explain it to my uncle what happened, we argue and almost went out of hand. I yelled at him because  he did not let me talk or explain to him what it is and why it will never work.

anyway, why will it not work. because before someone can actually listen to the whole idea, they already have this negative thought about it that it will not work. the first thing that comes out of a person mouth because of the way he thinks is : "NO"

negative pure negative. my life situation changed dramatically, BUT because I am being influenced by negative thoughts everyday the whole day my life situation changed only a little bit.

The idea is a win-win situation. and it will work. only need to find the right person and or company.


NOW why does companies within one year succeed and become a multimillionaire business, because the person behind it all, had this idea and this POSITIVE THOUGHT that IT WILL WORK!!!

the rest remain in poverty!!!

when you change your thought into a positive thinking state of mind no matter what happened you will succeed!!!

My business:

I started with an idea but I was afraid it will not work, so before I could even start it was already a failure. then it happened, I changed my thought and went for it. 

everybody including my mom, uncle and the rest of the family and father of my kids told me that it will not work and that I am crazy and why even start with it. the laughed at me.
no matter what I went for it still... I still have my business and it is running good and succeeded for 3 years!!!
I know that this year I could have succeeded even more. only working 20 hours a week I have a salary of a person working 40-48 hours a week. anyway...

I will close my business temporarily  because I after waiting for 6 years finally can continue my studies. this is an opportunity I do not want to loose. I am going for it no matter what!!
I know I can not count on nobody because of the way they think but I shall prove to them that it will work!!!
everybody wants money, and there is a way to earn that money. big companies do it so why can't you???



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I am astound by your courage and your will to stand alone. Not many can do that.

I can only give you this small amount of encouragement. If you could, which is hard, try and be at peace about the entire situation. I know other people will not understand what is going through your mind but its their business. The most important thing is not them but you. If they don't understand then its ok, but you must not waver and the best way not to waver is be at peace. It is much more stable and grounded then trying to hold oneself. :)

Hope this help. :)

Peace be with you.

thanks Xenus!

you have always encourage me in some way. and thank you for letting me know that not many can do that to stand alone. I just want you to know and everybody in here that I did fail many times and I did let the negative thoughts influence me. BUT I picked myself up and walked again. that is already a proof that you have succeeded.

peace be with you ;)



This is life, even I fall many times but if we do not fall then when and what do we learn?

Try to continue to practice meditation and be at peace within. Try and gain stability within. :)

When you are at peace and stable then nothing in the world can shake you. Not your mind, not the society, not even the universe can shake you if you are at peace within.

Man's destiny is not influence by without but forge by within. Without is only a mirror of within. Forge strongly within with peace. :)

Peace be with you.

AHA!( having my aha-moment here)  thanks xen!



Maggie, Way to Go. You keep up the positive thinking and you will Succeed. I am 78 years old and last year I started a internet security program even though I know very little about computers every one told me That I would be eaten up by big security companies. The name of my program is BOTREVOLT.COM. After a year an a half of depending on some "expert" developers I spent $150,000 and came up with nothing. Did I quit NO I just kept going I found a guy in Russia who built it in only 3 months for a fraction of the cost. After only 2 weeks since we launched it we now have 1555 users I am now on track to hit over 100,000 users this year.Leonard

Hi mr. Len!

this is so wonderful and this shows me again that trying without quitting does have its fruits in the end.. success!!
You sir, are another proof that thinking in a certain way only brings you to success.

Thank you mr. Len. I am checking out your website now :)


Maggie, Your uncle sounds just like my oldest son, He says no before you can finish a sentence. I left him my debt management business. We had over 12000 clients when I put him in charge we now have less than 700 he has more excuses why we took a lost under his direction. But the real answer is he thinks negatively and never tries anything new. So keep thinking positive, failures are stepping stones to Success and happiness Your uncle should be your reason to prove to your Mother that YOU ARE WHAT YOU MUST BE. Len

You are what you must be....I LOVE that, does it mean we are meant to become our deepest hearts desires Leonard?


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