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My dear friend, Betty, is dying. I visited her yesterday at her beautiful sunshine hime and we had such a lovely visit. Her home is bright and filled with lovely collections of dolls, cat trinkets, tea cups and images of flowers.Each collectible item is perfectly displayed in gorgeous cabinets and you can feel the love she has for each item as you look at them. She is such a unique and beautiful person. She and I are neighbors, but we met because my uncle went to school with her as a young boy. He introduced us and since we are only a few houses away we enjoyed occasional shopping trips or lunches out. She is such a delightful lady to be around. She always made me feel accepted and appreciated and just about two hours ago her daughter called to tell me she isn't doing well and was going into hospice. I was so saddened at first that she didn't have the opportunity to go while she was in her home. I don't want to question things or try to control how her life ends so Shen can be happy. I don't want to be irritated that this weekend is such a terrible one for me because I'm going to spend it with my daughter in from out of town( which I've been looking forward to so much) and I don't want to feel so badly that I can't just sit with her until the end. When I went to the hospital to see her she grabbed my hand and didn't want to let go. She held my hand in both of hers and fell softly asleep. Selfishly I wanted her to pass then so she wouldn't be alone when she dies. I know that is dumb and I am sorry for even thinking it. I'm so afraid she will be wanting me and I won't be bale to be there. Please help me to send her the best energy and allow her to feel only love as she transitions. Please help me to feel at peace with our beautiful goodbye rather than feeling I need to do more. We said our goodbye. It was so lovely. Tears were pouring down my face of course but I couldn't stop them. We said what we needed to say. It's a beautiful friendship and I'm so grateful for her. Please will you send Betty some love and positive energy so that she may transition easily and with great peace. She deserves nothing less. Thank you friends for allowing me to vent and for your love. Flowerpatch (Cheryl) I will post a picture of Betty tomorrow.

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i love john denver!

Aw thank you! I saw so many pictures at her wake today that I feel I am getting to know young Betty now. She was AMAZING! Like WONDER WOMAN! See below a nice pic and I'll try later to add the ones that remind me of WW
Listening to these lovely songs while I wait for somewhere to open. Such a delightful perspective from which to begin my day!:):):)

She sounds like an amazing person!  I'm glad you had the chance to meet her and have her in your life.

It is rather funny really ..... there are no good-byes ...... since there is no-where to go  and no-one to go there 

Rather ..... regardless of the words ..... we all know the only phrase ever uttered is  

  ☺    H   E   L    L    O      ☺   M    Y      ☺     F     R   I    E    N     D    ☺

                              ☺     S   W   E   E   T      H  E  A  R  T      ☺


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