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I'm tired. I keep finding men whom are not in love with me. Now I have a new one and he's been around a while and it's the same game to be played, he refers to it as an unrequited love. He once said he loved me. But then denied saying it. I pretty much dumped him. I know I deserve a man who is COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH ME to date whom I'm ALSO COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH.

Somehow I feel like I have to accept Mr. RIGHT(fits that bill above), isn't here right now. And just let things be.....but I'm angry that I will have to just BE ALONE in the meantime. I'm SOOOOOOOO TIRED of being alone.

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Why don't you just enjoy Mr. Right Now, while you're waiting for Mr. Right?  It might help you to detach from your desire. 

Someone on another forum recently told me how she couldn't manifest the right guy and then as soon as she surrendered and let it go, he came into her life.  As long as you remain attached to this idea that you have to get the right guy you're going to continue to vibrate at the frequency of wanting which is the vibration of lack. 

I can't recall where but there was one time a discussion about "worthy" and "deserving" as perhaps being not the best words to use when creating things, because it often required you to judge yourself and your actions, and this took away the focus from the actual goal being desired.  Also - depending on your perspective, even those terms will highlight beliefs you have - so even if you do believe yourself as worthy or deserving, you may create opposition or opposite results because you feel that deep down the universe is in conflict with your desires.  

I reread a book recently that discussed part of the reason a lot of people don't manifest soul mates is that they do not have the belief deep down that one exists for them.  Its interesting as I'm reminded of the Abe workshop where one woman was going on and on about her life being over if she couldn't find her soul mate - and Abe said in a frank and joking manner - that she had 700 and that if she needed to - she could easily find any of them but just not to sleep with them all at once.  

In order to find Mr Right you have to be Mrs Right right here and right now.  In being tired of being alone - why not instead change the focus of it.  It seems you are completely resistent to it, and sometimes you can be in relationship and even more alone than if you weren't for example.  Just food for thought.  

i totally agree.

you just need to focus on yourself.

Risultati immagini per there is nothing more rare nor more beautiful than a woman being

It's. So frustrating to be stuck. Try the simplest method by watching a funny movie to pivot.

It's just So frustrating to be stuck. Try the simplest method by watching a funny movie to pivot.

It's just So frustrating to be stuck. Try the simplest method by watching a funny movie to pivot.

Now the guy I have been seeing calls me friend but says he loves me over and over. I want him to BE CLEAR if he is un LOVE with me or I want yo move on!

Sounds like the person who is really unclear here is you - not him.  He may love you as a friend too - thats possible.  Sounds like you haven't made up your mind, and you want him to be the decision maker here rather than choosing for yourself.  

I I not know how I can manifest a guy waffling back and forth like that. It seems totally bizzar!

Well the good thing is that you recognised you created it, and as such you can create something even better, which is reassuring to know isn't it.  Sometimes, people will mirror things back to us, and I know you say he is wafling back and forth, but it doesn't sound like you are 100% convinced and so maybe to him you are doing the same perhaps?

"The flower doesn't dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes." Mark Nepo


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