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I am dead and you are all in HELL if you still can't get the partner you want.

If you lie, you will not stand the smell. If you steal, you go to a worse place. If you kill, you become the one you killed. This is karma. You cannot take what isn't yours.

Such is the law of attraction.

Read Shakti Gawain. Be respectful of others lives, hopes and dreams.

I'm a twin flame. A real one. An angel. I feel everyone's feelings but my own.

Jesus is for real.

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Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find.

You are correct.

High vibrations (honesty, love, compassion, kindness, purity) attract the partner you want because that is high vibration.

Low vibration (lying, cheating, stealing, etc) will keep them away.


Umm I don't know if this is a poem or if it's just a comment.  

Well I will add my little opinion in here. 

I started not to make a comment but I do believe in planting seeds and watching them grow. So I will plant one now.

For one neither Heaven nor Hell exist, these concepts were  primitive human beings perceptions of something they didn't understand 1000s of years ago  but they told stories about it and years later these stories ended up in religious books.

Now as for what people see when they enter in that  Non physical pure energy realm or what some people call the spiritual world.  Yes you can see what you would call a Hell or what you would call a Heaven but you as a energy being create it not some Krama.

Krama by human being the definition doesn't exist and never did. What Human beings call Krama assumes that there are victims and there are none.  Everything each human being experiences is created by them so you have the ability to create a self made Hell or a self made heaven but you also have the ability to create it on Earth and in the other higher realms because creation is  the only reason we as energy beings exist. We  are energy pretending to be human beings in order to find new ways of  creating.reality. 

I know that is not as cool or exciting like the Good Vs Evil that you  see  written in  religious books and rewritten and edited by other human beings  but it's the truth. So can you see hell and see heaven and see some religious figure that you read about in books in these Non Physical realms? YES because anything you think and believe instantly manifest and that is why a lot of people of different religions see their  religious figure in these realms and come back saying they saw them or if you do not believe in a religion you end up seeing some other interesting things  like Aliens, ETs or some people have experience waking up in some Science fiction  looking cities that have shapes and colors that they've never

seen on Earth.

Krama is just a concept that a group of primitive human beings came up with when they could not explain why "good things" happen to some people and not others but in reality everything that happens to you isn't based what you do. It's based on what you think and how you feel emotionally. So you could be the nicest and the most honest human being on this planet and still have a shitty life and believe it or not there are some people who do the very thing you call "low vibrations" that have a wonderful life.  They don't even feel guilt because they have fool themselves into believing they had a good reason to do the things they  have done. .

Also this  isn't about past life Krama either, it's the fact that you have some belief systems and some emotions you need to flip to the positive side in order to create a positive reality

Past life krama doesn't exist either.    Now does that mean harming another human being is the act of a high vibrational being ? No. Its the act of a being who is out of alignment and has chosen action ahead of alignment instead of the other way around. Which isn't very powerful at all and  most people choose actions over alignment every day of their life. Which isn't a powerful way to live

.So it's the same with lying and all other out of alignment actions that people use in a attempt to change their state of being but at the bases of those out of alignment actions  are the desire to be free. Which every single energy being natural state is freedom and the only difference is some people have forgot how to be free and how to align to their natural state..

Now as for if you harm another human being you will experience your actions from the person you farms perspective in the higher realms or spiritual realms. That only happens if you have any type guilt that you carry with you.  Remember these realms are instant manifestation realms that means any thought, desire, fear, or anything that you are holding  on on to deep down manifest all at once . It isn't really some lesson, its more of how these higher realms work because in these realms you do not have what we would call a duality so there isn't any counter thought or counter belief to keep any of your deepest fears or desires from manifesting instantly. In in our world we have so many counter beliefs and counter emotions that most of what we have inside us won't manifest unless we want them to..  

Think of this experience as cleaning out of your closet, where you will experience anything you feel guilty about and things you feel good about. Everything comes out of you. You experience it now to a point in what you call your dreams. 

Every single one of your dreams that you can remember is close to what your experience is like in the Higher  or  Spiritual realms, it's manifesting with no filter but the only difference is you move on from your guilt and other things that hold you back a lot faster. No need to talk it out or go to psychologist .lol You manifest it, experience it and move on. 

People who have taken DMT has also had these experiences and people who have mastered Astral projection and who really  understand what is really going on in these realms  can confirm all of this.

Also be careful of who you trust in the spiritual realms and I 'm not  just talking about demons or devils  or things that go bump in the night because if you experience them. It's only for a short time until you get all that negative energy  like guilt and regret out of our system and move back to the higher plains where you belong

. I'm talking about the higher vibration beings as well because they are not that much different than us. They have their own agendas  and have different views on things just like us but they are on a higher frequency. So you still have to think for yourself when you are in these higher realms unless you're fine with being drawn into a collective. Which there are so many collective paradises there that it's easy to be drawn in but you're a individual creating being and rather create master pieces on your own and then share your experience with the whole. 

As far as meeting that special someone or their woman or man of your dreams.  Just align with it energy wise and he or she will show up.  Being a good person or what society calls a good person isn't enough. I talk to a lot of good people that are single and can't find a date until I'll introduce them to Law of Attraction and talk them into doing things that make them "feel good" and put them in alignment. .  

You have to align with the feeling of being with  your idea partner and align with. They will show up. .  

You may not accept any of this and may reject it.  To be honest I don't even know why I felt the need to type all of this but if you read it then thanks for taking time to read it.   


Heaven and hell are for real.

Well if that is what you believe that is what you will experience but I respectfully disagree with that idea.

There are plenty of people who had NDE experiences and disagree with your view. They even claimed to have talked to this being people call God and they claim there is no hell. The only hell that exist is the one you create. I do a lot of astral projecting and the only hell I've witness disappeared as soon as I got rid of all of my fears. Once I resolved all of my fears and focused on positive emotions then I stopped experiencing negative beings and undesirable places.
What I realized from my personal experiences is, religion has done far more harm to humanity than it has good because it's soo primitive and limits your grow as a spiritual being . The main reason is it attempts to make your life on Earth more important than what it is. There are infinite versions of Earth, tons of other realms and planes of existence.
When you are in the spirit realm your thoughts are reflected back to you instantly so if you believe there is a heaven you will see that and if you believe there is a hell you will see that. There is honestly no judgement, no krama at all. Judgement and Krama comes from unenlighten human beings who forgot that your SOUL is the only real thing about this reality.
If astral project enough You will get to the point where you realize religion and the idea of Krama was the biggest con game in the history of humanity. Our reality isn't real nor important . It is just one experience our soul choose to experience out of a infinite number of experiences. You've lived multiple lives, you've been a man, a woman, an animal, a rock, a tree and etc. Your life today is nothing more than a Movie or a TV show that your Soul decided to watch from it's version of Netflix. lol Life = Netflix or Hulu for your Soul.

Hi Will Pemb,

How did you get rid of your fears? 

Heaven and hell are simply choices - and you are not bound to either - you can choose to live in hell and then change your mind and live in heaven too.  

What does finding a partner has to do with Hell? What if I don't want to have a partner, isn't that why God gave us free will, to choose what we want and what we don't want...

If they dont choose you and you abuse the knowledge you obtained (I saw your black aura in my bedroom) are hiding from people, you are a theif. I do not love you as a husband. I’m content to die alone.

Peoples read "reality is a reflection" and then say "yeah, thats right", but i think they really dont understand how deep it is...

Just a hint, you can have karma effects without doing any bad thing to anyone, you can too go to hell just by think this is your destiny (even though you dont have the courage to kill a bug).

Intent happens all the time, there is not a time you dont intend, so choose well what you believe.

Glad that more and more peoples are waking up to see this...

Read the Torah, the Holy Bible, The Quran

The word of God protects you.

Jesus came to Earth when evil was too powerful for human goodness to combat the demons created in the future. Humans age and die because of the evil intentions of lazy, cowardly liars who hurt others to get ahead. Never listen to a lying demon. They were using the minds of children when they were still angels to become powerful, destroying their own family lines. Many now live in poverty, yet simple food and shelter isn’t enough. Their tastes are excessively expensive. The pay their bills with stolen money. They are very much destroying the value of the US dollar and when the US economy does, they all will follow in succession in a domino effect. Argentina’s economic collapse was a warning of things to come. 


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