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Hi, it's been a long time since I was active here....
I managed to manifest my boyfriend back after 4 months of having broken up. Everything was amazing, I mean it. I stopped somewhere with LOA and got back to my old ways, I was being needy, insecure and just not good. Now, he broke up with me again after 4-5 months of the new relationship. I don't know what to do now...I want us to work and I want him to tell me he wants us back and that he made a mistake breaking up...

Will this work a second time? Is it possible to manifest him back a second time? I am just feeling disappointed in myself.. 

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Lol she IS the Universe and she can be do have whatever she prefers! She has d magical keys, she just needs to learn how to use them in d correct way 

Not sure how this helps OP.  For a start, this is your opinion rather than fact.  There are plenty of similar situations that  have transpired that are at odds with your stance.    So as Stephanie says anything is possible the tools just need to be applied correctly. Surely it would be more helpful to give advice on this?  Also, this is a neutral universe that doesn't take anything we vibrate as a challenge, it  simply matches it.  So your warning  - in my opinion - is completely irrelevant, as well as unhelpful. 

Excellent Universe :)

What you are saying can't be an "actual fact" if I am saying that I have experienced otherwise. If  your beliefs are "if I challenge the universe I will regret it" , your reality and experience support this. By contrast, my belief is that "the universe is supportive and if I work with it, I will manifest what I want and need"  This makes my reality.  Neither are fact, they are what we are experiencing.  I know which I prefer.

If your clients are experiencing less than positive outcomes it's probably because of the beliefs you are coaching them to believe.  If they believe they will come to regret "challenging the universe" then that's what they will experience. There is no "fact" there is only experience.

I raise this again, because there are people on this forum who are just learning about their power to create. This kind of declaration of fact can be very harmful and completely counter what deliberate creation is all about.   We create our own reality, that is the only "actual fact"

I advise you to watch Paul McKenna at work.  Free will overridden.

Also, I blocked him everywhere, I don't know if this was the right choice? Last time, he blocked me on social medias and all that which caused me a lot of stress in always sitting and focusing on when he would unblock me. So this time, I wanted to do it first for my own peace of mind (he would probably have done it otherwise), was this wrong in trying to get him back? 

I needed to read this Graysen.  As humans we put a lot of judgement, and yet the Universe does not.

"You'll push him away if you try too hard. Do this instead":


Thank you, but I just wonder, isn't this different since I am going through a second breakup with this guy? What Matthew is talking about is the beginning of a relationship with someone. 

I've realised I have a lot of anger and hostility towards this situation. Last time I was the same until the end where I started to focus on feelings of love only before I got him back. I keep on feeling anger towards my person for "giving up" on us and all these other thoughts. So maybe I need to wait before I try to attract them back?

I am in the same boat as you MB. Lost my man for the 2nd big time (we have had very small lil break ups over the years) but this one a big whopper of a breakup.  

I was having all this hostility anger towards him, only because he blabbed to me one month post breakup, how he got with a 20 year old because she pursued him and he felt the Universe presented this to him so he is going along with it. He is being PRESENT!.  I know he is going through a phase, midlife crisis or something.  

Recently a lot of butting heads and I have been sending loving energy to him.  Deep down I love this man and know him very well.  Surprised me thou how quick he moved on thou still a shock.

Right now we are civil and my heart just wants us back.  Keep sending love energy and don't give up MB.

We really do need to love self.  He says this to me all the time, I don't see him doing it thou, I see him avoiding his issues and to heal.  

Let Go Love And It Will Return Stronger Than Ever - Abraham Hicks:



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