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Today I feel so drained emotionally and spiritually and I know its going to effect me in the long run. I have been trying to remain positive but I find my self worrying. And I know thats one of the worse things I can do right now. I am in need of a way to uplift my spirit and boost my energy and get me back on track. I had been doing excellent for a long time with positivity regardless of my present circumstances. But the past couple of days have been a huge struggle.

How can I motivate myself? When you feel like you are searching for an answer to your problems how can you turn that off and trust in the universe???

Please I could use your help and some inspiration and motivation. Thanks for your support.


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Hi, Najja~

I have about a gazillion articles that may help you! You can scan my Articles page and see which ones resonate, or you can start with these that struck me off the top of my head that would be appropriate:

Why Don't You Just Give Up?

Non-Resistance: When Spiritual Wisdom Escapes You, It's the Way to Go

and perhaps, most powerful of all is this:

The Step-by-Step Frequency Raising System

Love, Joy, Ease,

Get into the vibe fo feeling good -
Listen to music that makes you happy, or look at happy pictures and feel what you feel and just attach to the joy. Don't worry about "motivating' yourself, just do what feels good right now. Once you start feeling good, your actions will be inspired.
yes i can help every book ive read on the secret and everything related says to meditate but i found it just as good too fantasize like the lifestyle u want not just say i want this or that but to actullly see your self relaxin on a beach and getting served by some one and realy i mean realy listen to the water as the waves crash on shore it may seem out there but it realy works try it

I find that really accepting all of my feelings as I have them RIGHT NOW is the best. Really allowing myself to feel them, and face into them -- not as something that I ruminate on and try to get rid of and figure out ('cause I'm real good at that) but to just really allow to FLOW. FLOW. BE FELT in full force.

Then, if you notice a difference, you can do this and in addition you can find those positive things. Appreciation starts with just appreciating the power of your emotions -- they are there for a purpose, even when they don't feel real good. Sometimes the fight makes the "lows" worse, because when the lows come along, it's really easy (since we're already feeling low) to feel bad about feeling low. Instead, why not feel OK with and accept the low, so that it can actually cycle itself back to feeling better? I think when you do that, the thoughts -- the feel-better gradually OR quickly thoughts -- begin to come quite naturally. It's as if feelings and thoughts are so intertwined that it's hard sometimes to know which comes first, and it doesn't matter.

So the first thought is to accept. You don't have to turn it off -- allow it, and it will naturally just play itself out.

You're just fine as you are, and because of that, things will get better.

Mary Jo
in my experiance when ever i am feeling down i am focusing on the things that arn't going right in my life, which really does drain you emotionally! however, i have found that when i am feeling like this i try to list things that are going right in my life, no matter how small, (because there are always things that are going right in someones life even if its something as trivial as the sun is shining outside today) it always lift my mood. because when you focus on what is right then its hard to feel bad about things. i would maby suggest you write a list about everything that is going right for you at the moment and see how that feels!!!


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