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Hi Everyone

I was only recently led to The Secret and I'm still learning
One thing that I'm struggling to put into context though is the lack of competition

I believe that a competitive nature is healthy for mankind, it drives us forward to improve and learn
On a more personal level I play Poker, I do play for $$$ but not big stakes and enjoy the game nore for the challenge element, playing better or smarter than your opponent (competing)

I have been declaring to the Universe (and being grateful) that I am a good player, a lucky player and a winning player but my question and concern is that as Poker is by definition competitive, am I wasting my time by sending comflicting thoughts???

Your comments will be appreciated

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I would have thought that if you focus on winning rather than your opponents losing then you are sending out positive thoughts only. There's nothing wrong with winning in my book!
Thanks for your comment J, (lovely sparkly smile btw)
I'm certainly focused on winning and it's low stakes fun (serious fun)
Thanks for your comment, sounds like the Aussie Millions there Shaun
OK I may be I'm taking the 'competition is bad' thing too literally
I'm certainly not wishing / thinking anything bad about my opponents whilst playing, if anything it is sometimes hard to win a pot when you have just sucked out with the worst hand lol
Thanks Angie, which one are you??? :-)

For competition, I believe that in life in general, it comes from a fear of scarcity: there is only a finite amount of resources in the world, so we have to compete to get a bigger slice of the pie.  (Thankfully, that isn't true: the Universe is abundant, and can fulfil our every need if we believe this to be so). 

In in terms of sports, those are competitive by nature, so it's a different kettle of fish.  The people who excel in sports of any kind are the ones who really believe that they are talented, and TRULY GOOD ENOUGH.  They believe this deep down, and as a result, this belief then creates the circumstances for them to excel in their sport.  From the coaches who coach them, to the club's they belong to, to the team mates they okay alongside, to 'luck' in games and so on.  Excellence in sport is the outcome of self-belief.

So if you really want to excel in sport, send out thoughts of being truly good enough.  Not better than opponents, but being great in your own right. 

Well what do you mean by “competition”?  You see it can mean various things.  For some it means winning things above everyone else.  Also there is the idea that there can be only “one Winner” and that has a lot of different judgments alongside it too.  Competition can be healthy but it can also be unhealthy too, so getting it clearly defined is a really useful thing to do. 

However competition doesn’t just drives people forward to improve and learn either.  That is different from competition. 

If you are aware of the comflicting thoughts you can simply change them too.  For example, I had lunch with two friends (female) at the weekend and was giggling.  Both are on January New Years Resolutions and both are determined to lose weight and get healthy.  One has already defined her goals and is eating healthy foods etc.  The other one, ate two donoughts and spoke non stop about how depressed her weight made her feel, and that she just needed to lose the weight but was powerless and nothing worked, diet, exercise – nada.  It was comical almost.  No one wanted to pint out that she had just eaten two dnoughts, but she kept on and on at the girl who had already lost some weight through healthy eating and exercise (and was actually quite nasty) and the girl snapped and pointed out that if she was really serious about losing weight she wouldn’t have eaten two donoughts.  Had I not been there, to witness it, I know I wouldn’t have believed it.  Anyhow the one making positive changes, left early as she had a gym class she had signed up to go to (and she at a salad for lunch).  As soon as she was gone, the other friend immediately brightened up and said that she felt she was being victimised by the other friend, and that she hadn’t lost that much weight in comparison and was simply kidding herself.  That’s a great example of where someone’s thoughts aren’t in alignment with their intentions. 

Listen to videos by Abraham that are labled, "Resistance"


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