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I'm angry over the fact that the man I just dated was the complete opposite of all I had been putting in my vortex, or vibrational place to attract a male partner.

I wanted a sober guy, I got a drug taker/alcoholic/

I wanted a guy with an advanced degree, I got a college drop out.

I wanted a guy whom would be very committed, love and adore me totally, I got a guy whom kept saying he wasn't in love with anyone!

What do people think I did wrong here?

I vibbed on all of those things for SO LONG, I looked up to men with those qualities, I've dated them before. But I'm totally stumped why I got such a goofy wishy washy guy I just didn't want at all in the end?

How can I get to that SOBER ALL OF THE TIME< ETC>>>type of guy? I want to attract him?

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Asking a tornado of "poor poor pituful me"  to stop and explain itself,  is like a doggie chasing tail and wondering why tail won't slow down so doggie can catch tail. 

Since doggie IS all there is of the tail, obviously there isn't anything to catch, nothing missing, nothing to-be-done. Doggie is already complete, as-is and all-ways-is. 

Just BE, without the inquisition. Drop the story/accusing/assuming/confessing etc. of whatever, you are not on trial, nor is anyone in your life on trial, nor is there a trial of any kind. The Truth is already True, so "proof" has no meaning, nor anyone to know or not know Truth. Truth is Truth, One Whole  Self. 

Loves Pure Light, without a without, where Love is All and All is Love. Wholy Love. 

PERFECT reply as always Wise Roses!! Love you!!

Hi ArtistLaura

Sorry about what happened.

I have something similar going on . 

Whenever I write down ‘thanks for my health’ in my appreciation list I fall sick for no reason pretty soon.

I don’t fall sick that much but this has happened almost every time(4-5 times) without any obvious health risks.

It happened two days ago and now I have decided to never do it again. The point is when I say health I actually feel that it is the absence of any disease. I also noticed that I feel a discord when I say thanks for my health. 

I have also experienced the opposite(not really).

There are times when I don’t know the details but I set general intentions and I magically receive something with features/qualities that I truly love the most but would have never thought of asking. I do the asking with total ease and put my trust in the universe .

I would suggest you put out only those intentions that truly feel good ( you feel the reality of it, you feel excited and optimistic about it ) if this is not possible then stay as general as possible. It is not a compromise at all, as long as you feel good, general or specific doesn’t matter, you will only attract good. 

I personally prefer being less specific these days because the details I receive that way are way better than what I could have even imagined. 

you got the opposite because you did not work enough on your negative emotions: fear, doubt etc.

Risultati immagini per nobody can save you but yourself bukowski

I am a medium and I can see potential future events as they happen with this individual which further confounds me. It is like he is not the man in the visions at all, the least his attitude and mentality anyway. I want the vision or premonition guy to be here now.

“If you want the whole thing, the gods will give it to you. But you must be ready for it.” - Joseph Campbell

Here's a really great article that can give you clarity:


use contrast to your advantage:

You cannot stop contrast, therefore, you cannot stop inspiration of new, of better, of improved, of more, of expansion or of evolution. You cannot stop it. Abraham

Vibrations are opposite of desires.


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