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Hi everyone, how are you. It's gonna be a long one, but I would really appreciate if you read it and helped me somehow.

Two weeks ago, my relationship broke. I was crushed. I lost a will to live. I couldn't sleep, I felt like a walking corpse. I got better during last seven days, decided to build self love so strong and powerful that won't be crushed by anything anymore. But there still is something I feel I need. I posted about it many times, and still, haven't found a way to manifest it. It's social and sexual magnetism. I was friends with a guy who had it and it was really powerful. He didn't have to do literally anything, but women would be all over him. The moment they saw him, they lost it. No boundaries were set for him. If somebody told me about the situations that happened to him, I would think they're lying to me or it's from a movie or something, but I have seen it with my own eyes, I was there while a lot of things were happening. I could write and talk about it for days and still not tell it all. However, it took him over and he ended up very greedy and bitter and now is not even a pale shadow of what he used to be, now, he's that creepy guy we all know that just goes around and hits on everything that could be considered female. The problem is that I just didn't find a name for it. I know what it is in my head, but I just can't name it with one word or phrase, so it makes it harder to set my mind to it in order to manifest it.

Now, you may be wondering why I want it. First of all, I'm sick of the way I had my social and emotional/sexual life so far. I'm cool with people and have amazing friends, but some things have to change and I know that I want what that man had, but better, because I don't want to end up being bitter and creepy. Anyway, as I said, I'm sick of the way it has been until now. I don't want to be the one to chase others, who isn't valued and respected and has to go through hell for some small gains. I want the opposite. I want to be valued and respected, I want to be the guy that has it easy with girls as the most beautiful woman you could imagine would have it with men. I lived in that guy's shadow for seven years, he was a really good friend to me, but the treatment I had was the exact opposite of what he had. Women going nuts over him, people's trust, being loved and respected by people, considered to be a person of high value... Even now, I still have some friends that are like that, but not in that measure.

Second reason why I want it is because of the feeling of security and safety. You see, when my ex was breaking up with me, she said something like "You know, I could've cheated on you whenever I wanted, but I didn't. I know that I can have any guy I want without even trying, but it's just not me to cheat when I'm in a relationship." That's fair, but... it hit me hard. I realized that I felt so insecure because I was also aware that she literally could just go out and do nothing, there will be guys hitting on her. Even if she decided to hit on a guy, it would be guaranteed win for her. On the other hand, I could go out wherever and if I just stood there and did nothing, I would still end empty handed. Even if I did put some effort, it could still end up the same. About an hour ago, I saw her photo with her new boyfriend. Just two weeks after the breakup. And I'm still single. It felt like a punch in the guts. I think you can get my point now, why would I feel more secure if I had it. She left the relationship knowing that she has it and that she can never end up alone because of it, that's why the breakup didn't affect her at all. It's what enabled her to just keep on with her life. That's another reason why I want it too. I on the other hand was devastated for an entire week, but then I stood up and fixed myself. If I had that, which I am trying to manifest, I would be cool as ice about those stuff because I would also know that all the women will always want me. I'm really feeling bad about it, I'm 23 and I had only 3 relationships longer than one month, don't have so much experience and I'm feeling crippled because of it. She's not even 21 yet and has had a lot more experience than I am and on top of that, she's rocking the dating life because she's having it so easy. I know that I've written too much, but try to walk in my shoes and you would want the same. It's really shameful to have less life experience than someone younger than you.

Some may say that it's about looks, grooming and all that stuff, but the truth is it's all about the vibe. The guy I mentioned was having girls whether he was feeling the best or the worst, no matter what he was wearing or how he was looking. So I'm asking you, how do I achieve that vibe and make it permanent, regardless of all circumstances? I wanted to try to manifest it with two cups method, but I can't summarize it into words good enough. Would it still work the same if I just gave it any name that makes sense to me but still hold the concept of it in my head? I need your help more than anything, if I make this come true, it will solve all my emotional problems and eliminate any further from happening.

Sorry for the long post, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

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i think this great article can help you to gain emotional balance/independence:


Much Love, Light & Magic Precious Man*****

L'immagine può contenere: spazio all'aperto

Thank you sooo much ^-^

You're very very welcome


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