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So I started getting sick on Monday.  Usually, when I start to get sick, I just accept that I will be sick.  This time, I said I was going to fight it and not get sick.  I got those burst of vitamin pills that you dissolve in water and started taking those.  I haven't had a fever for years, and when I used to get fevers, they would only last a day.

Well later in the day I got a fever.  I had a fever for three days (anywhere from 100 degrees F to 103 degrees F).  Finally, last night I told my body I was done fighting.  Today I woke up with my fever gone.

The reason I think I attracted a fever is everything I have read online indicates that this is the way the body fights infections.

Now granted, this is my first time experiencing this, so it is by no means a scientific study, but it is very interesting to myself.

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Just to be clear, I believe that it was to help me fight the sickness.  As I said, everything I have read online is that a fever is how the body fights sickness.  

I was just agreeing with you that it was not a bad thing.  So I'm not sure why you think I am unwilling to hear any other viewpoints.

And now you have possibly created a belief in which in order for the body to fight sickness it needs to get a fever :) , careful what you buy in to, what you decide to believe.

 this is a good example of how beliefs are created, so you went online and information got through to you which you bought in to and fever became what you think it was. 

I think that it is exactly what you personally think it is, whatever meaning you give it or whatever info you will buy in to. There was a time , few months back when i was told i will have permanent damage to my ear and eye nerves because of brain inflammation and i decided not to believe the doctors, i got my hearing and vision back 100% and its still shocking to the docs :) so :

World is , what you think it is! 

Well, it went away as soon as I told my body to stop...also I didn't ask my body for a fever, I told my body I was going to fight the sickness, and then I got a three day fever, and I have never had a fever last that long before.

 Simon Sez .... that Simon sez ......  

☺☺☺Ahahahahaha ☺ ☺ ☺

Where is this Simon, this so-called  "all mighty commader of all"   ?  

There isn't one or any  !  

.... and that's the so-called Simon ! 

What is,  just is,   ISness .  

LOL thats funny Roses

Well, yeah  it is what you think it is, in the end you create everything that you experience even sickness :) theres nobody out there deciding for you, you literally are the motor of everything. 

You've never had a fever before? I find that hard to believe :D

I never said that.

"Now granted, this is my first time experiencing this"

I understood this to mean that. I guess you were referring to giving up resistance towards fighting - which is in fact good. It creates only more resistance towards what is. So acceptance is better indeed.

It was my first time telling myself I was going to fight getting sick, and then getting a fever for more than a day, and then when I told my body I was done fighting, the fever was gone the next day.  

My apologies for not being more clear.

I had an experience the other day, which I shared in another post, where I healed a fever.  My dad and brother had just gotten over the flu, and I was started to feel like I was coming down with it.  I had a gland in my neck that was sore and my body was getting really warm.  It felt like a fever was setting in.  I had a slight headache and I could just tell I was starting to get sick.  

I told myself I was not going to get sick and that I was fine. Abraham Hicks has a process where you keep reaching for better feeling thoughts. I was doing that. Saying things like "I've been taking vitamins so my immune system is probably pretty strong". And "I don't have to get sick just because everybody else did", and "I got the pain to leave my finger yesterday in seconds so I should be able to get this to go away too". I reminded myself that ALL THINGS, whatsoever you ask in prayer, BELIEVING, you shall receive, so I'm believing that this will go away.

Within that same hour I noticed that my sore gland was no longer feeling sore. That was amazing to me because I have never in my life had a sore gland go away that fast. And my skin was no longer warm to the touch. I still had a slight headache for a little while, but that was all. Then next day I was still feeling fine.

So I believe like Knight that we don't have to get a fever to fight off illness.  I believe we're shifting through parallel realities all the time billions of times per second.  We can keep shifting to a realities where we have a fever if we believe we have to have a fever, or we can shift to parallel realities where we don't have one at all.  That's how people get healed instantly and how we manifest our desires. The key is to keep focusing on the fact that you're fine.  Don't focus on what you're feeling. 

Thank you.  I will have to try this next time.


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