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The last 2 years I've been through horrible times.

AND I know the law of attraction inside, out-read all the books yes Deepak Chopra, Abe Hicks, Neil Donald Walsh, Seth, Ponder, Wayne Dyer, much, much more and been on this forum for some time.

It's funny. Everyone else seems to be succeeding but me.

Even at one money venture I could well be an expert but I'm an absolute failure and I can't understand it.

Then another business venture which I am good at, I have good business acumen, sense and still not succeeding.

Then again every other same business succeeds.

Please what more do I have to do? It's like saying here's a list of what I have to do, then another list, then something else and I could have everything but still not having any success.

There's a lot of sad things and bad luck happen in the last 2 years. 

I didn't deserve this sad luck where  money went missing a few times, laptop shut when it mattered the most, electric failed when it mattered the most, so much bad luck and more to do with this.

What have I done in my life? For the last 4 years I've been helping people everyday in various ways(and I'm not looking for anything back). I've done everything what is asked and still failing

It hurts.

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Cool.  You know I have heard a lot of people say similar things.  Don’t get me wrong, reading about the LOA is great, but it doesn’t always mean you have done the work or steps necessary to create changes.  Deepak Chopra, Neil Donald Walsh, Seth, Ponder, Wayne Dyer teach different forms of LOA so maybe they weren’t the right ones for you – they aren’t the only teachers out there you know.  

Now you say at one money venture you could well be an expert.  Okay that’s a great starting point.  To recognize where you want to go, and work out the necessary steps to take to get there?  Why do you think you aren’t a success?  What does being a success at this money venture look like?  How would you feel if you were a success compared to now? 

Now you also give the business venture example.  You say you are good at it, have good business acumen, sense but are still not succeeding.  If you have those things you are succeeding.  You just may not be making a profit – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are not successful, it just might not yet have come to fruition for example. 

If you have read all the books, you know its not about “doing”.  You aren’t a “human doing” but a “human being” so its really about getting clear about what you desire, and then working out the path to get to there (and that may change).  Nothing is ever set in stone (which is actually a really good thing!). 

Now asking “what have I done in my life” isn’t going to make you feel better.  You want to instead gear your mind towards feeling better and positive (which is easier said than done in troublesome times) but I promise you it is possible.

Also whats the payoff for being a failure?  Sometimes we experience things over and over again without realizing there is a payoff for something, even a negative experience.  For example, many many years ago I had this idea that I was “bad”.  It was something said to me once as a kid by a nasty adult who wasn’t looking at for my interests, but I took that comment to heart and I started creating situations over and over again where people would tell me that I was “bad”.  That was the payoff, having other people validate the idea I was holding (and to some degree broadcasting about myself).  When I had the sudden realization that it came from that adult, and that it wasn’t intended for my highest good it was an amazing relief and I honestly felt like the world was lifted off my shoulders.  Same could be true for you in this regard.

What is your definition of succeeding?

Having stuff and the conditions you want? Or feeling better?

If your definition is anything other than caring about how you feel, and feeling better, then you have a limited definition of success, and that is why you are not being, and more importantly feeling, successful.

Hi @Magical Love and @Brian Freedman

Thank you very much for your awesome responses and suggestions.

As of right now, my definition of success is having things. Seeing results. 

What does being a success look like? How would I feel like if I was a success? Feeling good, feeling amazing. 

I'll take the advice about feeling in a better and more positive place. Also about caring how I feel, to feel better.

This precious article may give you much clarity, Progress is not linear :


Huge Blessings*****

Cool, and great definition you have.  However, look at it more closely.  You see you want to be that energy now to attract and magnetise it to you.  So you would actually see yourself in those situations, hear what people are saying, doing, notice how you are walking or moving, hear yourself saying things and being congratulated etc.  You really have to go into being that energy into this present moment in order to draw that to you. 

Now having things and seeing results – sounds good, but it isn’t very clear.  As of right now you are already having things and seeing results (just not the kind you desire).  So its really important to get more specific.  What kind of things do you desire?  What kind of results do you desire?  At the moment you already have got things and results from the universe?  So its looking at your order and going “what?  We gave them this already?”

Feeling good and feeling amazing are somewhat better, but it could mean anything.  So for example, when I talk about feeling good, for me its about waking up excited for the day, knowing I’m going to have a busy and productive day dealing with clients, seeing money come in from clients, but helping them to get results and I may go into specifics about that day and those clients.  I also include my wife in there, making dinner and sitting down to discuss our days etc.  I also visualize going to bed, being in so much gratitude for the day and all the events and feeling excited for the coming day!  Can you see the difference between yours and mine?  I’m relatively specific and I usually get the results I have planned as a result.  I even sometimes get pleasant surprises, like for example a client yesterday paid me for 10 sessions in cash upfront.  Usually they do bank transfers.  Its someone who I have worked with who I know, and I know I will probably be able to get them results within about 6-8 sessions.  I had two queries from potential clients (who telephoned for a consultation).  Both are looking at working on specific projects which are exactly what I’m experienced at.  So can you see, you can really be specific in what you request and the universe always delivers.

You are trying too hard....don't you remember when Abe says,"You are all making too much of all of this!" Go pet your cat!

a great Abraham video that can help:



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