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I've figured out why some manifestations take years compared to ones that take a few hours.

I was once reading a book called The Secret for Teens or something like that, and I remember reading this when doing extensive research. From what the book told me, it said that the reason why some manifestations take years due to ones that take a few hours is because of the resistance on the particular subject. If you are a person that had strong negative beliefs on a subject, it may take some time to reverse it, because of the vibrations you've emitted out for years. The Secret books even talked about the spiritual staircase, meaning our allowing and resistance worked much like a person going up and down a staircase. If you're a person who has had strong negative beliefs about money or health, it may take longer to reverse this compared to a person who only had mild negative beliefs.

However, because the mind is so powerful, there actually is a way to run to the top of the staircase. How you do this is totally based on your beliefs. Your vibrations have to match the desire, but according to Abraham Hicks, jumping vibrations isn't an easy thing to do. It's going to require focus and practice to un-do all the negative beliefs you've held about a particular subject. Like a computer, the universe has to un-program all that bad stuff, and re-program it with the good stuff. But again, always remember that it is your belief that determines whether you can hit that vibration in a matter of hours compared to years.

How you can also tell whether your situation is getting better or worse is paying attention to these things here.

The All Seeing Eye

If you're seeing signs of this eye whether you are in your room, or out and about, this is a very good sign that your belief has changed, and the universe is working something. This sign is something that "stands out" when you see an object that looks like an eye, or you simply have visions of it.

Positive Changes

If you're seeing changes happening where things are picking up, this is a very good sign. Keep up practicing those positive thoughts.


When you see a pattern repeating such as the universe bringing something to you that you don't like, this makes it easier to identify what the problem is. You can then tell what you're attracting, and reverse it by asking the universe to make it non-existent.

That's all for now. Gotta run to work.

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Abe has actually said many times that jumping vibrations is a very easy thing to do (not sure where your source is from that its not?)  - and takes only seconds.  Even in the deepest pits of despair, they say that its easy to just reach up a few steps if thats all you desire to manage because in doing that you will literally work with the universe and it will meet you half way and just by that alone great changes are possible and easy.  

I have usually heard Abe saying not to take big vibrational jumps because you need to be confident and calm in d process, but i believe Abe said also d opposite thing because after all we can change beliefs in an instant and they also say to hold only thoughts that thrill us - and they may be very high vibe. 

Jumping vibrations is difficult, because a lot of our negative beliefs are unconscious, meaning we're unaware of them. When we attract patterns, we can identify the issue, change the belief, and then step up to a different vibration. I question as to how someone can make a giant leap to a different vibration when their minds are programmed to believe a certain way.

It's only difficult if you say it is.

Yes, temporarily. But permanently, it's much harder than people think. It can take months and years of serious practice.

There actually has been cases of people that have jumped giant vibrations, but were unable to maintain it, because their beliefs were not that strong. I've seen cases where people got a lot of confidence from a book or person, got to where their goal was, but was unable to maintain it, because their brains were unable to hold that belief.

Yes but there have also been a lot more cases where people have jumped giant vibrations, maintained it and been happy with those results.  Like people have suggested, if you believe it has to be hard, then the universe will always support you in that decision, likewise if you believe its easy and flows to you - the same will happen.  Universe always supports us (that's probably a universal law somewhere).  I like Tolemac's statement "its hard if you say it's hard" because that's just a great summary of the whole point. 

It's hard if you say it's hard. If you say it's easy, then it will be. It can take a nano-second to completely change your life. You do have to say "Yes" to it happening that quickly.

Sure it's a belief. You can say gravity is a belief too. But it comes from a decade of observing people's energy, thousands of hours of meditation, and consciousness research. It's not something I say lightly. Nor did I say you cannot change in an instant.

Don't be silly Astro. Gravity is what it is and it is not a belief. It is a physical reality. 

You are insisting that this is hard, and that it takes a long time. That is only true if you say it is. It may be true for you, but that doesn't make it true for anyone else. 

I was trained in energy work, including energy healing and energy meditation, and how to understand my own and everyone else's energy starting in 1989. I've been using my own Conscious Energy Healing & Conscious Energy Meditation to help others since 1991. I've been a metaphysician for the last 44 years. I have helped 1,000's of people change their lives during that time. Countless times I've seen them change their entire being in one moment. They did this not because of a belief, but because they made a decision to allow it. That's all it takes. That's all it ever takes. 

No, but he's right; gravity is as much a belief as everything else. I think there's a difference between believing something and knowing something. I suppose a core belief would be knowing something, because you don't think you believe it -- you just 'know' it to be true. That's why gravity doesn't seem like a belief to you. It seems like something that is set in stone, because it is a deep-rooted belief.

Also, I don't think that there's a specific duration needed to eliminate or replace a belief, but some will require more perseverance than others. You'll need to go internally deeper to change your belief in your ethnicity, for example, than you would your religion -- since most belief religion is a choice and ethnicity is set in stone.

You guys have to remember what universal law is. There are things set in stone in this universe, such as how we have one sun, one moon, air, fire, grass, animals, etc. You guys have to be careful with having a mentality about trying to change the natural world, because you'll then start believing in things that aren't even real. There's a reason why these laws are into place, and it is to keep the universe in order without going into chaos. If the universe didn't have these laws set in stone, then things would be going chaotic like Pegasuses flying around or people manifesting pizzas out of thin air.

This reminds me of the one guy in the previous thread that wanted to manifest Mickey Mouse. In order for something to be a reality, it has to exist in the natural world. Otherwise, this is just a person's delusion.


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