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After re-watching this GP Walsh video about feeling good, I felt like the Universe was teaching me to focus on feelings rather than stuff that makes me feel good, otherwise, I'm focusing on lack of it.

So shortly after watching, I decided to take a piece of paper, ask myself what I really wanted to feel right NOW, and write the feelings I most want to feel. In this case the feelings were:

  • Entertained
  • Full (as in food full)
  • Fufilled
  • Rested
  • Clean
  • Satisfied
  • Happy
  • Loved
  • Calm

And now my aim is to find ways to feel those feelings, meaning do things to feel them.

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Cool post :) thanks !

I think Rhonda Byrne ( and Abe ?) says this a lot- focus on the feeling and the universe will bring you things that match that feeling. 

In one of Abe’s recordings I heard her say that if you write down some of these words ( like satisfaction , love, ease etc) and simply focus on them , that would be a good enough signal to the universe to bring more of it in your life. 



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