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I've never got what I desired and the universe keeps giving me bad luck

So I've been bullied by my uncle, aunts, been bullied by my community.

ive lost my mom, my sister abuses me, my aunties are indifferent towards me, I have no female friends, nothing comes into my existence.

people gossip about me, spread rumours, bully me.

ive done everything, read all the loa books Like and hicks, deepak chopra, Seth, ponder, help out many many people everyday, tried my best, lived very virtuous and yet nothing comes of it or nothing nice happens.

im sick of this. Sick of this life where I've done nothing wrong, did everything, worked hard more than anyone else I know and yet I get nothing.

I already know how the loa works.

All my friends-got everything in terms of females, relationships 

Me: nothing (worked more harder, they never even read the loa, I helped out more, I would be a slave to have what I desire, even achieved more). I got absolutely nothing.

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Then decide to be selfish and just do whatever gives you relief from circumstances that are overwhelming. Seriously detach from it all and go hike by yourself, or sit in a hot bath, whatever gives you momentary relief, just fo it!

Hello Amritpal

I can understand your frustration. 

And if you really want to achieve your desired life you will have to make some big changes in yourself. It is not a superficial process. Reading books is only the first step towards your dream life. Practicing LOA is like swimming, you cannot simply read about it. You have to get inside the water and start small and keep practicing. 

You see, LOA is not just about achieving a particular desire, it is a way of living. It is a universal law that is totally impartial, so the outside world reflects exactly what we are . There is no favoritism . And it is not true that you have not manifested anything. In fact, you manifested everything that you were vibrationally equivalent to. 

If I were you, I would focus on becoming the best version of myself. You want to be very happy with yourself and your already existing life . Do you feel super sexy and confident? Do you care for your health and fitness and looks? Do you have passionate goals that set your heart on fire? How is your routine like.. do you spend time doing activities that make you happy? 

I understand that it sounds like a big leap from where you are vibrationally but you need to start somewhere. If it seems too hard for you then may be get some help from a LOA buddy or a coach who can help you put concepts into practice and keep motivating you. 

You can also benefit from youtubers that have excellent videos on how to practice this skill. Try Aaron doughty, personal mastery quest, mindbodyspirit, awesome AJ. I am sure there are many more. I will try posting links to videos that you might find helpful. 

You can do this! 

All the best to you! 

Hey sweetheart have you ever tried to do nothing at all?? That's what the Universe wants you to do!! Because it wants to give you huge gifts for free******

Here's a short but very powerful/empowering video, When you feel like quitting:


Magical Blessings******

Thanks for the replies.

I've worked the hardest out of everyone, kindest.

I've had to watch everyone, all my cousins, friends, everyone get everything, the universe was serendipity towards them.

I worked extremeley hard. Saved lives.

I will never ever have any relationships. I'll just have nothing.

Hey Amritpal :)

working the hardest doesnt mean you’re entitled to more - with a better understanding of LOA you’d understand it should be easy. It’s nothing to do with what you do externally, it’s all internal.

Forget your cousins, Aunty’s, uncles, why the focus on them? You need to turn it back onto yourself and get out of this headspace.

As for having nothing - you are on this BEAUTIFUL planet, with the opportunity to do absolutely anything you want with your life, that sounds like something to me. Never forget how blessed you are and remember there are always others much much worse off.. There are endless options and opportunities - the only person stopping you is yourself. 

Tell me what it is you want?

Wonderful reply Amy!*****

If you tell yourself you are always treated badly, you will always be treated badly.

Hey there, 

I've been exactly where you are. I felt that for a long time I was just being punished by the universe. One bad thing after another was happening and I had no idea what was causing it or what the point of it all was. I finally just surrendered to the universe. I out loud said "I have no idea what I'm doing, all the actions I've taken have been wrong and I truly don't know what's best for myself, please take over my life and I'll get out of the way". I must say, things have finally started looking up in all areas of my life. I was almost suicidal not too long ago and now I walk around smiling. Letting go and no longer trying to control the outcome of every little thing in our lives is what we're supposed to do. I feel like when we have tons of bad luck, it's the universe nudging us to just give up and let it guide us to where we should be going.

Surrender and ask the universe for help and then wait for inspired action and relax and try to have fun with the simple things that make you happy in the meantime, and also have patience. You should not have to struggle like this.


No amount of "reasoning/rationalizing/thinking" could ever make Truth. Truth and Only Truth is True.  Truth-IS-Self . One. The Onely One . 

Go ahead, "try-seek" and "find" an-other-one than The One ....an-other contra-dictating Truth Itself . 

Ahahahaahaha !   

  (  (  (  I - S M I L E   )  )  ) 


Hi, i know it can be frustrating but hang in there. There's always something to look forward to. Never stop finding that light and be that light in this world. Don't let negative people put you down, you're in this because of God. Explore and draw something that will bring out the best in you that you'd never known yet. 

When people put me down, I always keep my faith, no matter what they say i never allow them to break me as long as i believe in myself, and you should too. :)


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