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I want to master this guys techniques http://www.immortalis-animus.com He says he's an immortal vampire and if you follow his techniques you'll live forever. But he says 1 in 1,000 will succeed. He says the loa only works if you take action. And that god doesn't exist but if you believe in a god that'll be okay with you wanting to be immortal that was fine.

The main process is to one create a tulpa or an imaginary type friend tell/intend him to make you an immortal and that he's free to do and learn to make you an immortal. To build and create him then to get rid of all beliefs that tell you, you cant be immortal. You can also be a fairy or angel or whatever. Oh and you have to build an imaginary land where you live than you become one with the other. And bam your immortal. It's great to try to intend/to dream this stuff.

 I wanna know how can I use the loa to speed up the process? He said there was somebody who mastered it immortality in five years but he was like a monk and spent up to five hours a day or all day practicing.

I want to know how I can use the loa to speed up the process to do this? Thanks you guys/!

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Truth is true , and what is not Truth, not true, is not at all, and not is not. 

Not is not

not, negative, negation, death, falsity, myth, illusion, creation, materiality, humanity etc. .....all  imply that not-existence exists. That separation from Existence happened and is now living as separate from the One Existence. That Existence changes and now depends on changes in order to be Whole Existence again. That Perfection is not Perfect, that it must be made so by perfecting imperfection. That by applying the very principle that one is now separate from, one will be reunited from where one departed.

 Truth is true, and Truth can be no other. Not truth is "not at all". Not is not. 

 Exististence cannot not exist, since to not exist Existence must exist in or order to exist at all. So Existence can only exist as "own Self",  Wholeness, Complete, Unity, One, Absolute, Infinite. 

So All that is , is The All. Totality, Entirety. Truth. Wholeness, One, God, Spirit, Love, " I , ME ". 

True, but if you look close enough you see that most are seeing the body as out of the equation...

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, sMS

Why are you complicating this stuff? Do you not believe that we reincarnate? I would look at how you feel about that.

Hahaha..Hey Rose when i did write my last posts i talked about you, then i edited it..

"Truth is true , and what is not Truth, not true, is not at all, and not is not. "

Or There are many relatives truth..:) :)

Making a tribute to Rose:

The body is solid? or the body is flesh? or is a projection of the absolute truth? if is flesh and relative the death is certain, but if the body is fruit of absolute, then eternity is certain. :) :) :)

☺☺ laughing ☺☺

I can only answer your question one way of course, that Truth is true, and for anything to be true, it must be Truth Itself. There is no alternative to Truth, for there to be alternatives, relatives, dependencies, creations, parts, separations, divisions, states, degrees etc.  ... any existence other than Truth.... for that "anything else" to be true, Truth would have to be present in full for that "anything else" to be true.  There is no alternative to or from Truth. Truth is always true, always present.   The One and only Presence, entirely,  no matter what, absolutely.  Is Is and not not.  In other words, Truth IS All that IS. Both Entirety and Individual, so no alternative or otherness could exist in Truth, nor anywhere else since "there" cannot be anywhere else but Truth. Truth is everwhere and everywhere is Truth. Truth is Presence ItSelf. ISness, if you will. Truth is Alone, All-One. Entrety.The Absolute, they are the same One. 

Truth cannot be overstated ☺ or understated ☺ Truth IS "The Word", Life, Existence. 

You see, and I know you do, All, Life, Existence, Being, Self, Body, Mind, Spirit, Truth are One, Thee One and only. The Absolute.

The true Body  IS Truth,  thus Self and Substance and all Existence is Truth, since no other existence is true and could possibly be true. In other words, Truth is All One and Whole Self and Life. Truth is that which Truth Identifies as, all knowing knowing and IS. Truth is "own Life". Self-Existence, Self-Complete. This is all so simple, so obvious, so transparent , so absolutely true you cannot not see, for who is, but Truth !  Truth is Truth,  inherently Self-Apparent.  Only the Truth-Self can see, Identify truly as Truth-Self, and no other Self could possibly exist.  


☺ Glorious ☺


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