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But the more I give him the benefit of the doubt, the worse things he has done. I think he is very criminal now. Can the UNIVERSE REVERSE this and MAKE HIM GOOD?

Living in Sad-Dissapointed Land

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The Universe can do anything but you have to allow its help.

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Hah hah ..... if wanting could exist , wanting would vanish the moment it had existence .  It's very existence would fullfill it and therby negate it from ever wanting again. 

Perfection is Our  BEING   and Our BEING is Perfection 

Perfection-Being leaves neither choice or chooser .... such is not necessary or relavant in Absolute Perfect Being . 

Now that is pretty cool ! 

What do you actually want in a relationship? If you don't want a dishonest person or a criminal of any sort then don't tolerate it. Tell the universe what you do want. Make sure you know you deserve it and he'll either de-crimilise himself or vanish. You have to create a vacumn for Mr Right. But you have to be vibrating as someone who wants Mr Right... Right now you're attracting nearly Mr Right.


This youtuber has several loa videos for relationships. You might like her content. 

He isn't that bad. He acted really good right after I wrote this. He has one major problem. And I am wanting to help him with.

I just want the relationship to come together much more.

Nice responses here. I sometimes feel like everything boils down to our childhood. For ex what we saw from our parents were just going to repeat. (sorry thats not encouraging, just my perspective at the moment.)

Repeat meaning Attract!

Make him good? I'm not sure I understand. Maybe ask the universe to make YOU different instead, and then YOU can just love/accept him for who HE is, rather than try to change/manipulate him because it's what you want. If that's not plausible, he isn't really the man that you want, love or care for; you're just wanting the emotion that comes with it and want to control/contain it by whatever means necessary. 

Anyways, I'd put a lot less focus on LoA, to be honest. There is so much more about this life and experience that one needs to learn, appreciate and contribute to. If one doesn't realize that, then they won't see that shifting the universe often causes you to be forced into learning those lessons sooner than later. If you wish to be thrown into the ocean without knowing how to swim, you'll drown in your desires. 

NO, he has some very real criminal behaviors!

You cannot manifest for other people. 

The Law of Attraction is not the "Law of Making People Be What I Want Them to Be."

You can consciously change your own attitude toward other people in general, or toward an individual, by choosing to focus on their best aspects. However, if they exhibit truly objectionable behavior that is not merely annoying, but immoral, illegal, and possibly even dangerous, then the solution is to remove your focus from them entirely. Leave them. Walk away. Do not dwell on them, or their behavior, in your memory. Do not give them, or their negative behavior, any more of your attention, because to do so only keeps it active in your experience with them.  

He is who he is. It is not your duty to reform him; nor can you. There are countless other people in this world who do not engage in criminal behavior; give them your attention instead.  

I just found out he is helping a much older woman with cancer move on short notice this morning.mmmmmmm


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