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Quick backstory. My ex husband fell of the wagon, we split. Our marriage wasn't great due to a lack of intimacy, his dry drunk then drinking behaviour. In the time we've been separated he's finally joined AA and done an anger management course. I finally got to my intimacy issue (ended up being an actual physical injury not libido). And I'm getting that fixed now and have 100% recovery. I feel like everything we wanted from each other-sobering up/intimacy has been resolved but now we're left with the damage leading up to AND the split. I'd reconcile if I thought he could let go of the past. Anytime I send him love I get really weird rants from him about how hurt he is.

I've always just visualised, held the emotion and the universe made it happen. I guess I do want a 2nd chance at our marriage but I'm still holding a lot of resistance and so is he. I see him all the time as we have 3 kids. I've learnt the hard way that living in fear caused pretty much all of our marriage problems. Both of us. I came here to love and I hate that I've fallen into that old ego trap. I would love a 2nd chance with this man to let go of fear.. Help him do the same and come from a loving place instead.

Any suggestions?

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The marriage will be better when you understand your emotions come from the thoughts you think, and not from them. When you let him off the hook for how you feel, and don’t need him to be different for you to feel better and feel good, then you accept him as he is and allow the relationship you want.

Yeah...I'm working on just visualising what did work with us and how things feel when I open up to love. When I look back at how I behaved...so many things were an absolute fear reaction. He felt fear or anxiety over something...and I'd spiral. I'm just trying to be love and I guess whoever else is in a vibrational match for love will bounce my way. It IS a win win way...but sometimes it actually aches letting go of that old fearful me. 

Here is a post I did: Letting Go.

So helpful! 

It's funny, I've been doing the Ho'ponono prayer frequently just to forgive myself and him for the anger in our marriage. Looking back now our relationship came from fear, not love. I was always worried he'd drink again and so held back from him to protect myself. I also understand how I held back to protect myself because of rejection issues as a child. He would have sensed not feeling loved, not wholeheartedly. He would have felt a 'wall'. I've been doing a reiki (bursting into tears), regular meditation (Joe Dispensa clearing chakras). 

I love who I've just become through all of this. I look back at some of the issues I had with his family and I can't even grasp at why that was ever an issue. I don't get that girl anymore. I know I have more to do, but the more I let go of the past. The more I feel the relationship I want, the happier I am and I know that I can get nothing less than this new relationship, be it with my old hubby or somebody new. 


Keep focusing the outcome you want, but do not be surprised that you get offered another man whom is a much better match to seriously consider marrying instead!

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