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Ok so I'm an Artist, and I have literally thousands of images online on stock art sites for sale. And some on print on demand sites as well. I'm advertising my work on many sites on top of that, Deviant Art, FB, Pinterest, Etc. My art hasn't sold well on stock sites over the past 12 years I've had it up.

How do I allow my art to be sold frequently/easily?

I want to attract run ins with groups/companies/art seekers for commercial copy release art and for those people to be "Wowed!" and but my art easily and frequently. I've searched online, but there is no easy way to be in the right place/time, contact the right people, I'm just at a loss. I need them to find my work online, approach me, I'm OUT THERE ONLINE, cannot that be enough?

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Please share your art here! I would love to see your latest work Laura!

So the first thing is to look at the wording you use so frequently as these are all orders you are placing with the universe. “I want” means “I lack”.  So when you say “I want to allow my art to be sold frequently and easily” what you are saying is “I lack of allowing my art to be sold frequently and easily”.  So that’s is exactly what you are getting isn’t it.  You are getting exactly what you asked for, even though you thought it meant something else.  That’s how powerful your words are. 

Now also you say you are out there online – great.  However you follow that with a double bind (cannot that be enough).  So the order needs to be refined.  Notice though you say you want to attract run ins with groups and companies and art seekers.  Completely valid desire – but its in contradiction with the first order you placed.  Kind of like going to a MacDonalds and asking for a nuggets meal and then changing your mind and asking for a bigmac with fries and then without fries and then going back to the chicken nugget meal – the person on the other side gets confused by the multiple orders. 

Now the “How” is the Universes job not yours.  So the question “How do I alow my art to be sold frequently/easily” is not going to produce the results you are after because the universe can achieve this in a number of ways.  I really like afformations as I find them to be something that the mind works with quite easily.  So I may change the order a bit to “why does my online work sell so easily and effortlessly”.  “Why does my online work sell so rapidly” “how does my online work reach so many buyers with effortless ease and bring in so much money”.  I probably would change the “How do I allow” to “why does my artwork get sold so rapidly and easily” for example.

Now attracting run ins are somewhat different.  Again the online search is a great first step, but its only a first step.  Getting your mind to work with you in attracting the runs in may be possible.  At the outset, I’d suggest working on the idea that run ins are possible because probably (and understandably) you are doubting that this is even possible at this present moment based on your experience over the last 12 years.  Secondly is there anyone successful online that you know of that sells art with ease?  Usually if you can identify people who are already successful then you can give your subconscious a bit more help in identifying what they are doing or model yourself on them and what they are doing that’s successful too. 

Is the online thing enough – well again its your thoughts that are producing the results.  If you believe it is enough – then you would have achieved it so deep down perhaps there is a large part of you t hat doesn’t believe it is enough.  That again may be a starting point to work with too. 

I cannot pretend what I want already is, it's too obvious that it is not! I need another way to manifest success as an artist!

Okay so where do you read I'm saying "pretend anything"?  Just out of curiousity?  Far from it.  

Laura, You know enough about Abe to know you must! You need to let go of the fear and ACT AS IF! You can do this!!

I am not an artist or into sales. Just FYI . 

I think you could focus on the outcome that you are looking for . I am guessing you could focus on being a rich or famous artist and the life you would live from then on. 

Coming to taking action : May be you could network with other artists to find out how they sell their art or anyone who is selling anything online. Even if they don’t give you the exact idea they might lead you to having your own ideas . Try to meet such people in person over a cup of coffee. I cannot explain what it is but it is easier when you feel the energy ( of successful selling ) that you are seeking to embody.

I’d like to add that sometimes it’s ok to feel frustrated when things are not going as planned . It’s not necessary to feel good all the time. There were times when I have felt hopeless and discouraged and just when I was venting someone showed me the way. If I had forced myself to feel fake-happy I wouldn’t have been able to solve the issue.

I have focused to death!

You haven't - you are still alive aren't you!!!  

Abe doesn't say you must FOCUS like HECK to get things.

Yep they don't at all.  You have chosen to believe you need to focus and thats provided you with some guidelines as to if that works or doesn't.  So what you choosing now instead?

I know what you mean. 

Or at least I think I know. 

All I can say is if something doesn’t resonate with you yet then don’t force yourself . But don’t lose faith in the process . You may have some other things to clear before you can be able to focus this way. Decide that you will find your way and ask the universe for help. It may not be a one stop process, it wasn’t for me at least. It took me a lot of time and effort to actually practice the teachings of the LOA. I have failed so many times before I could do such ‘simple’ focusing exercises. What helped me most was listening to myself and walking on my own path. 

Also, I hope you try the other stuff I mentioned .

Wish you all the best! 


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