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How can I use the law of attraction to battle my shyness?

I have always known myself to be a quiet person and more of an introvert. I have co-workers who talk about their plans on hanging out with friends and doing fun stuff on the weekends. When I tell my plans, its really nothing, but errands or spending time at home. My husband also does not really have any friends where we live either (they all live in a different city). I can tell it effects him too and he has told me he wishes he can have some sort of an outlet away from work and home.

How can I use the law of attraction to help build new friendships and help myself become more outgoing?

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Not a whole lot of people have heard about Switchwords. Simply, they are words of power that enlists the cooperation with our Subconscious Mind. Certainly there is a reason that you and your husband have made a choice to seek out activities to possibly gain new friends. The Switchword that comes to mind is P R A I S E. Now this word sort of explains itself. It lends to release the beauty in a person. Now this can also be the beauty of one's personality as well as other forms of beauty and being outgoing.

One could, if they choose, simply PUT the Switchword on the bathroom mirror in big capital letters---P R A I S E, and say it out loud and direct it to your personality. Praise yourself day and night and even say it silently around either people like at work, etc. In a short time you may FIND people approaching you to see if you would grace them with your presence.

Just PRAISE yourself and also add this about you on the mirror too: "You are loved and appreciated."

If your husband wonders who told you about this, tell him Superman told you about it. Yeah, Praise Me. : )
Praise, huh?
Hmm I'm gonna try this at WORK and see what happens
This is a true story and it is a quick one. This lady, whom we know from the PI Forums, PUT the word PRAISE on her mirror in the bathroom and went from a size full 12 to a 4-6. And it did not take a lot of exercise or fasting, etc.

My darling wife heard the broadcast and she has the desire to do the same thing. She has placed the word PRAISE on our computer monitor and I am looking at it now along with the phrase, You are loved and appreciated.

If you would like to listen to the broadcast go to www.kimtalk.com program 2. it has two interviews and one of them is with this lady whom I referred to above who explains a little about the Switches.

This could be a NEW Athena emerging!
Thank you, Cheiro. I'll definitely try this and let you know how it goes.
I love it when a good plan comes TOGETHER.
Try AffOrmations!! Worked for me big time!! It helped me become a happy person and it helped me become more outgoing and friendlier...

Keep repeating this to yourself or writing them down repeatedly:

Why am I so friendly and so outgoing?
Why do I have so much friends?
Why are people always so attracted to me?
Why do people always want to be friends with me?
Why am I so charming?

Choose whatever you want. Keep repeating them and soon your subconscious will believe them. Try not to have any doubts or answering the question. Just keep repeating them as if it's true and use emotions as if you already have them.

As with any kind of human interaction, it all boils down to how you see yourself.  If you start to appreciate yourself and focus on your positive qualities, you will send out a vibration which attracts people who really appreciate you: by definition, friends. Very often, introverted people focus on their shortcomings, and how they think people will dislike them, but in truth, most people in the world are good natured, and appreciate the people they like for being who they are. Most extroverted people who have a number of friends, will be friendly with all different kinds of personality types, because they like the variety. This will include some introverts too. If you send out the vibe of self-appreciation, you will be giving the friendly people of the world something to tune into. 

Very true


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