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...would you attract it? 


What are your experiences in really liking a thing...do they come faster, or does this really, really liking it pushes it away? 


I just noticed in the years past, that if i really, really like a thing... it melts in my hands and vanishes. 



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The trick is to understand you don't "need" anything enough to be disappointed if you don't get it.


You don't want "things" anyway. Deep inside you want to be yourself, and you desire stuff because you are looking for what makes you feel good. Often times, if you get what you want, the feeling will wear off, and you will be wanting the next "thing".



Is that you Wes? Your answer is short, but it totally resonated with me.


Is this the reason why we "should" aim higher? Let me put it in other words. Is this the reason why we have the freedom to aim higher goals, because at the end, we'll reach it anyway and we will want something else when we get it....correct?  


What "higher goals".... The point is that if you dig deep enough you will discover two things... 1) you only want TO BE, and 2) you already are INFINITE SUPPLY and ABUNDANCE. The purpose to reaching for "better ane better" is to wake up to that, but wanting a Mercedes because it costs more than the Mazda you want isn't "aiming higher".


Wanting can be very much an ego activity............. If you pick a desire like, "I want a billion dollars", you won't get there, not because it is not possible, because it is, it is because you don't really believe in that possibility... YET...........


But you don't want to start too small either. Screw that. What is the use of manifesting Monday's mail... boring.

And, if you see anyone else besides me using my symbol, and you have to ask if it is me, then kill them.

§ Wes



"And, if you see anyone else besides me using my symbol, and you have to ask if it is me, then kill them." LOL!


The aim of aiming higher is to wake up to from aiming higher because it does not give the feeling of freedom but only enslaves one to unending wanting! And to accept that we are the abundance that we seek. 


thanks Wes!


If you really, really, really like something then you will be focusing on it more intensely, which attracts it more powerfully. 


But of course, that is only half of the story; your resistance or allowing is what determines whether it will be your experience or not. After all, if you focus on something long enough, the attraction process begins; so you are always attracting.


Being in a state of non-resistance is what matters relative to what you want to experience. Focusing on it more only intensifies things, which is even more painful if you still haven't found a way of allowing it in.


The fact is that at the root of things, a lot of people are really good at making themselves unhappy, or unsure or anxious. It is a well honed habit, that has nothing to do with what they are attracting or not, but with their very state of being. There is always a new thought, or article or discussion or concept that they use to fuel their angst or anxieties or doubts about themselves and who they are. Getting better at attracting things is just a temporary measure, which ultimately, does not really compensate for what they are really feeling: they don't know how to be happy, how to truly live in joy, how to BE in a good feeling place. So, if it is not about the economy, it is about politics; if it is not LoA, it is EFT; if it is not about their partner, it is about their mother.


When all they want is to just be able to FEEL GOOD.. something that requires nothing material, nothing physical, no "manifestation".


As you can never experience something outside of your point of attraction, it means what you "notice" too, is a symptom of where you are vibrationally - at least, when you wrote it..

  The things you really like leave your experience.


Not a very nice thought to notice or ponder, let alone talk about. And it sets the stage for what comes next. 


It ALL counts; even in discussion.


I think that you are a wonderful being; I love reading about your curiosity and I love how expressing yourself has inspired answers that we have all benefited from on this forum.


I also believe that you are powerfully attracting all you desire, including the FULLNESS of who you are, which is pure JOY.


You are LOVE.





Hi Shembu,

I am just so amazed that no matter how simple the questions are, there is a massive resonating answer that i am receiving from you and from awesome PI family. These might also be very basic questions, but i see it as very fundamental. 


"The things you really like leave your experience"... this is my detach observation about certain parts of my past life. I posted this because what i really want is to share that everything is well. Thanks for reminding me not to ponder these things and even to discuss it. Kaboom! hahaha! You know me so well!

I read on a site possibly connected to The Secret (I don't recall which) about LOVING A THING INTO BEING.  When you love or really like something, you are sending positive energy and attention to it, and if sustained, then it manifests quite easily.  There is a post on here called 'Money Flows to Where It's Appreciated' which runs along similar lines.  I tried this a few years ago, affirming that I LOVE THE LOVELY LADIES (which I do!) and then went to Cafe Nero in Radlett the following day and they appeared in abundance.  If things you love melt and vanish in your hands, I would suggest looking at your beliefs around what you feel you deserve.  Could it be that subconsciously, you don't feel you deserve them?

Love this!
  • There is warnings from Abraham that over liking something with any kind of doubt can cause focus inadvertantly on the lack of side of the stick.
  • So thinking you don't have to have but it would be nice if the easiest way to attract. With the exception of actually wanting something do much it over-ruled doubt energy and brings it to you anyway.


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