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(I'm going to be using some very specific terminology/belief systems, so if you don't believe in them then you won't be able to answer my question.)

So, I know that they will have limitless potential, intelligence, wisdom, powers, talents, etc. They arrive just "knowing" things, they are marked from the beginning, and countless sources have foretold of their coming.

Where does that leave me? I'm afraid that even if I continue pursuing esoteric studies, these youngsters will just outrace me in terms of knowledge and new discoveries and I'll be left in their dust. I understand that it is not a race and that they're here for the sake of enlightening all of us, but still it bothers me that I may lack the potential that these children are simply preset with, and that hard work/inspiration on my part may never be enough to be up to par with theirs. I don't want to be a bystander, I want to be an active member of the Lightworkers that change this world! I don't know how to silence my ego -sigh- because if I did, I don't think I'd care how I match up with them. But for some reason, I just do and it's hard for me to accept that I'll be obsolete (again, I know there's technically no such thing) compared to them because they just have so much more power to fulfill their roles. I'm an Indigo child (17 years old) and it's these Crystal, Rainbow, Star children that make me feel less significant. :( Children that are born at 11:11 AM/PM, on the 11th of November ... it's just so obvious that they're meant to do some great things. I'm pretty darn advanced for my age and I know I'm going to do so much more (bragging! xD) but when I think about being "outraced" it makes me want to drop everything I do. I don't know why I have such a fatalistic point of view.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve my feelings about this?

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First of all, even very enlightened children are unable to fully use their true potential if they do not have older individuals teaching them and telling them that they are amazing and can do whatever they want. So, even if they have amazing gifts, people like you are needed as mentors to guide them. Heck, I'm very intelligent for someone who is 23 supposedly, yet I still need mentors (old and young) for information from time to time. You are a source of information for them.

Second, it is not a race. In fact, without people like you teaching the younger generation what these powers are, they will either have to find out themselves or they end up growing up to be depressed people b/c they feel different from their peers. I've met quite a few individuals who are "starseeds" and they are so depressed and angry with the world because they don't know how to deal with being a starseed. Yet, some starseeds who have mentors and people before them who lead them are now doing amazing things! You are not in a race, you ARE a leader and they are running to catch up with you. Then, you become their coach. Think of yourself as a coach for the generation. Yes, some are born knowing a vast amount of knowledge, but what's the point in knowing things if you don't know how to best use them. There are still going to be kids who are preppy, jocks, etc. that will pick on Crystals, Stars, etc. b/c they are different. They need your guidance to help lead them through the harsh reality that they never faced before in their original realm. You are their coach and leader simply because you lived it before they did.

Finally, I've met some amazing people with amazing talents who do not go through with it because they do not want to do it. You know you are going to do amazing things, and that is why you will never be obsolete. It takes more than amazing knowledge to actually go out and change the world. It takes will power. You hopefully have the will power to go out there and do those amazing things. Also, I've seen a lot of the younger children and frankly it scares me. So many of them are obsessed with Hannah Montana, Gossip Girls, Pussy Cat Dolls, etc. and I remember days when I would watch women who were empowering and not prissy: Shelby Woo (Myster Files of Shelby Woo), Xena, Fiona "Fi" Phillips (So Weird), etc. There aren't shows like that anymore. No offense to people who are fans of it, but I have little cousins and it worries me to see one of them taking nude photos, sexting, and saying "MAYBE I WANT TO BE A NAUGHTY GIRL!!!" to their parents when they are WAAAAAAAAY underage.

Not everyone that is being born will fall into this category of spiritually enlightened. Those that are, will meet opposition with girls like the ones I described above who will try to lead them astray b/c they think it's cool. These Crystals, Rainbows, etc; I don't care HOW powerful they are...they are still children who are NOT used to the Earth realm. Unless we have people like you out there who are encouraging them to step away from size 0 underaged sex kittens and into a more spiritual realm, then the kids who have these powers will fall prey to the Earth dimension simply b/c they want to "fit in" instead of achieve things that their peers could only dream about.

They are not competition and we are only as enlightened as we want to be. If you want to beat them to enlightenment, then the information is out there and accessible. However, I really hope you think about what I said about becoming their coach. They need leaders, these younglings, and you could be one of those leaders. You could help them transition into this idea of spirituality. I have faith in you...that is what you need...faith in yourself that you are put here to help them and the world. Do not be afraid, be glad b/c you will impact them in ways no one else will be able to accomplish.
Thank you for answering (I was starting to think no one was going to) and thanks again for giving me such a detailed and informative answer.

Hmm... I'm not so sure that the new generation will need guidance though. Apparently they are very self-sufficient - in fact one of the defining characteristics of Rainbows is that they, in general, know exactly what they want to do and they have a lot of confidence in themselves. In fact, I found out about everything esoteric that I know of just by reading and using the Internet. Unless you're including those when you say "guidance" and not actual mentors standing there teaching ... heh ^_^ In that case, then I could consider you a guide!

I used to have a lot of trouble with the girls that you described. They're pretty dangerous since they have the potential to inflict some serious psychological damage - especially to empathetic people. But again, I don't think you have to worry about them trying to integrate with what's "popular" - I know so many of these people and they wouldn't be able to even if they wanted, and they usually consider themselves above it anyway. I'm more worried about the damage that those cruel girls would do, however... Parents really should look into private tutoring more.

LOL, what struck me was that a few days I was talking to an individual, my age and with many "traits" similar to mine, and she was also talking about how much she missed Xena. xD

Your answer really helped me remember several important concepts while improving my feelings on the matter. :)
What the heck? How about those of us who are in our 50s? You are far more advanced than I am, for your age!!!!

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. I know you know this already. You will never be obsolete, for heaven's sake -- you are struggling because of how you see this, and how you feel about your own place in the great scheme of things, thinking that you need to be somewhere that you are not, right?

I know this may not seem easy, but the more you fight where and who you are, the harder it will be for you to grow and advance -- though you will anyway. Relax and let it flow, and appreciate where you are right now -- you simply can't see the forest for the trees -- you're too close to your own abilities and wisdom to see that you have OODLES of it!

Thanks for all the uplifting messages, I really needed them :D

About the age issue - you know, I was just doing some research and reading online on this topic... a good number of sites are saying that we're not stuck what we're born with! That an Indigo can turn Crystal ... that even ordinary adults (not you xD) can advance and take on the abilities/traits of these new generations! I didn't know that before... I thought if you're preset with these traits then that's it. Either you're a fighter (Indigo child) or you're a peacemaker (Crystal!), but I guess even those aren't set in stone. :) That information really cheered me up and I hope that will be a source of comfort/consideration for you, if you ever start to worry about your age in relation to the newer generations.

I missed you, we haven't talked in a while :D
By the way, not only do you have something to teach those who are younger than you, but you have a lot to teach us more seasoned folk. It's all about energy, and not about age, anyway.
Hi Kara,

I agree with Mary Jo and Modest treasure, that everyone needs guidance and nurturing in this World, first from parents and grandparents and then from peers and teachers and eventually we start to attract our own "teachers". You know the saying "when the student is ready the teacher appears". We learn ALL our lives.

Even if a new generation comes into the world with new abilities, remember that this has been happening all along. Each generation of children advances the civilization a little further each time, sometimes with physical strength, sometimes with technological or scientific genius and sometimes with spiritual genius, and each time if they are nurtured they blossom and give to the world, but if they are thwarted by abuse or something else, they fail to unfold and may spend years trying to find themselves. However, EVERYONE has the potential to have, do and BE anything they want if they Seek and Find the answers.

As Mary Jo says even those of us in our 50s because we have been seeking are now finding ALL the answers we needed, we are here on PI knowing and learning more about the LAW of ATTRACTION which really is a superpower and lets us create all that we want, it lets us heal all our ills, it even lets us join in the healing of others.

The children coming in now may be more evolved that we are but they still need to be loved and nurtured in order for their skills to be of any value and for their skills to unfold.

YOu are still young and I do hope that you have been nurtured and loved to this point, but you have already at such a tender age found LOA which is wonderful but now you need to learn to apply it ...because being negative and fearful about the tasks ahead or of your fellow human beings will only attract more fear and so you will not be able to blossom. You need to learn to be happy, happiness is your fuel to use the LOA. When you are happy everything works out exactly as it should, and on top of that all your dreams and wishes will also come true.

We are never in competition with others (unless we do it for fun and games !). Everyone has something special, some skill or talent but no matter how much skill or talent or intellectual ability you are given to start with it is no use if you dont know how to harness it ...and the only tool to harness it is LOVE, self love, loving others, being happy, smiling, spreading happiness, helping others, having fun, FUN and more FUN.

So the first thing you need to do to be a good lightworker, is LIGHTEN up, have more fun, ENJOY this wonderful world, you have no other mission in life only to fill your world with LOVE and LIGHT, JOY and FUN.

love and light Gen
Aww, thank you for replying with such inspiring thoughts - I'm realizing all of you are right. I'm so glad I decided to make this discussion. I can't exactly reply with a lot to what you're specifically saying because you say the truth and that's all there is to it. :)

I know about the LoA very well, but I fail to manifest what I truly want most of all despite being clear on it AND not giving any thought to negativity (except when I'm posting a reply like this, and even right now I can't say I feel negative, I'm just reporting the truth.) So even if about 5% of my thoughts don't help the manifestation, the other 95% do and according to Abraham Hicks, 51% is the minimum requirement. Overall, I input the most positivity and clarity I could generate into my desire and its manifestation - so why didn't it come yet? I just realized why. Apparently my "best" isn't objectively good enough (and that's actually a very liberating thought despite its seemingly negative form) because my overall vibrational frequency just isn't high enough. I'm at the positive pole of the range of emotions I usually feel, but perhaps they haven't gotten yet to the objective frequency that is required for manifestation. Which means my max. frequency just isn't high enough yet. Which basically boils down to what you (and everyone else) has been advising me to do - lighten up, have fun. :)

I actually have some difficulty having "fun" - 3 weeks of summer vacation and I still feel like I've yet to experience it even though I did have a lot of days that I enjoyed. But now at least I know what I've got to focus on. I'm going to look up ways to raise my vibrational frequency right now. :D

Sorry for replying by going off on a different tangent btw.
LOL! Sorry, I took that the wrong way at first. I was about to ask how many children you have then.
Wait 10 years when I might consider childern and I'll give you a call. We can name them Superman and Wonder Woman.
I'm both an indigo and starseed.
But I suck at spelling and grammar.
So things like that dont make you an instant genius.
So if you expect us to be super humans then you're wrong.
Every person has his/her strong and weak sides.
Woohoo! Nice to see a fellow starseed. Are you on the Starseed group on NING? My name on that group is AT
you meant me?


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