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(I'm going to be using some very specific terminology/belief systems, so if you don't believe in them then you won't be able to answer my question.)

So, I know that they will have limitless potential, intelligence, wisdom, powers, talents, etc. They arrive just "knowing" things, they are marked from the beginning, and countless sources have foretold of their coming.

Where does that leave me? I'm afraid that even if I continue pursuing esoteric studies, these youngsters will just outrace me in terms of knowledge and new discoveries and I'll be left in their dust. I understand that it is not a race and that they're here for the sake of enlightening all of us, but still it bothers me that I may lack the potential that these children are simply preset with, and that hard work/inspiration on my part may never be enough to be up to par with theirs. I don't want to be a bystander, I want to be an active member of the Lightworkers that change this world! I don't know how to silence my ego -sigh- because if I did, I don't think I'd care how I match up with them. But for some reason, I just do and it's hard for me to accept that I'll be obsolete (again, I know there's technically no such thing) compared to them because they just have so much more power to fulfill their roles. I'm an Indigo child (17 years old) and it's these Crystal, Rainbow, Star children that make me feel less significant. :( Children that are born at 11:11 AM/PM, on the 11th of November ... it's just so obvious that they're meant to do some great things. I'm pretty darn advanced for my age and I know I'm going to do so much more (bragging! xD) but when I think about being "outraced" it makes me want to drop everything I do. I don't know why I have such a fatalistic point of view.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve my feelings about this?

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Yep. I think the group is http://childrenofthestars.ning.com but I can't remember it entirely.
I really got a good laugh from some of the replies moreso because to "think" that any of us are going to be outraced is just silly Kara.....

What we bring to the table is unique and our experiences, well, they speak for themselves but more importantly, I think that if you "think" that way you are once again separating yourself from souce - we are all one - they are you as you are me and if and when this should come to pass it is our duty to embrace such an evolution - for it is of our own energy that such an event will come into play.....

You are such an important and significant part of the whole - nothing less....

What you believe, becomes.....

Yes, I do believe that we are all "one" since we are created from the same substance/Source and may have to eventually merge together in future evolutions.

And yet, in this world it's undeniable that separation exists as well as the labels that come with it. Charles Babbage invented the computer - YOU didn't. You had nothing to do with it. Or, that guy got the job that you could've gotten. My fear is being in a position where X and Y have accomplished this and that, but I didn't accomplish anything. I know that's a serious exaggeration :) but like I said, all I'm doing is sharing my feelings. My fear does not have to be rational, does it? Because that is the nature of fear - irrational and illogical but existing and actively working against the person. Hmm ... that gives me something to think about ...

Thanks for contributing to this discussion ^_^
I agree, fear doesn't have to be rational. Even if you use all the logic in the world, fear is such a strong emotion that sometimes it trumphs wisdom. We are all interconnected which is why we are one. However, we do tend to create a separation between one another because we are taught to value individuality rather than acknowledge the people who helped us. For example, the computer was created by Charles Babbage, but our society does not bother to thank the people who helped him: the person who helped him gather the parts, the educators who may have influenced his mind in the first place, the people who encouraged him, etc.
You seem to be caught up in a race that is SELF created...lol.....its just about being joyous in your own unique way. There is not a contest--at all.
Also, you make all your inner work sound very stressful...lol....You should be getting into a flow of peace, not anxiety...lol
Keep spreading love, keep embracing your gifts, keep manifesting your deepest desires and try to have fun in the process.
That is a more helpful tone Kara. It's always about your relationship to the Infinite and your Higher Self, not about what others around you are doing.
:( I didn't create the fact that if one gets there first, they will be able to advance more. That is simply the nature of the society we live in (and may be part of the reason I'm having this block in the first place.) Again, I said that I know there is no race but I was simply stating what I felt (and feelings do not have an intellectual basis and are not always able to be explained or dissolved intellectually).

I know this is creating a lot of undue stress that gets in my way. I know that. :( But yeah ... I know I should learn to have fun. And yet (get ready for another tangent) I find myself unable to have fun in even the situations that call for it the most. Even at a party or a social gathering, I just don't relax or have as much fun as I could. I'm too busy thinking about what I could be, should be doing. And if I see other people succeeding where I cannot, well, that's just a very good feeling.
I completely understand, and this is more of something you need to release in your own time rather than any logical argument being able to persuade you otherwise since it does involve an emotional base. In terms of who does it first, it's not always the case. It's not about who does what first as much as it is who does what better. Yes, doing things first does give you an advantage in terms of building a relationship with others, but at the same time those who do it second or third have an even greater advantage of learning from the mistakes of the first in order to create something even better without going through those pitfalls.

Think about it this way: the Blackberry was created before the iPhone. Yet, would you say that the Blackberry was superior to the iPhone b/c it was created first? Because they came up with a smart phone before the iPhone? Not necessarily, and now there's word that the Palm Pre could win against the iPhone 3G b/c of the quality. It's all about the quality of knowledge rather than the first to absorb it.

However, later phones cannot learn about quality unless a first phone is created to show them the positives and negatives. I honestly believe it will be the same with the future rainbows and crystals. They will become enlightened mainly from our lessons since I still have yet to meet too many younger enlightened children who learned it on their own rather than from some source like a parent or a friend.
Why would this be a competition?
I said that I technically know it is not. I can't explain the mentality logically. All I was doing was sharing my feelings.
Every spirit shines it's own unique light. Every life has it's own meaning and significance.

It is the human brain that thinks in terms of competition, and in terms of inferior and superior. In terms of universal energy, there is no competition because there is no internal contradiction. There is synergy, unlimited abundance, and full, vibrant expression.
We all arrive at the same place...just different paths.
We are all born with the same magic. How our path takes us is the only difference. And that difference is the beauty of life. The "how" isn't important, only love is...
Don't see it as a competition! You are you and they are they... You are different for a reason.


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