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I see a lot of posts here about this topic; your ex has a mind of their own, and you can't control how they feel about you. If you two get back together again, that's great, but the LoA does not work in controlling other people!! All you can do is attract the same energy you're giving out...so it's perfectly possible to attract a perfect mate....but that may or may not be your ex, and you cannot change their mind with positive thinking and acting as though you are together. Actually that's a little creepy lol. If anything, perhaps if you act positively they will see a different side of you and want to be around you...but it's not your mind's power at work controlling them and what they do. If they fall out of love it's up to them and NO ONE ELSE.

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Hi Kate,


I agree that we all have free will. I do admit, at one time I had a young man I fancied for a year (!) and I wanted him to be mine more than anything. He was just my online messenger buddy--and lived far away. He eventually got a girlfriend and I was crushed. I had done everything--trying to manifest, meditate on him even remote seduction and it did not work. Our energies were just not a match, and we were in different areas in our lives, culturally, age-wise, location. I learned several years later to accept the fact they were together, why would I want to be with someone who didnt think I was awesome. I also remember, several years ago chatting with a girlfriend about my love life. She said, do you notice a PATTERN here? The men I dated were all similar -- looks-wise they could be brothers, personality wise, you name it and the same situations kept repeating themselves (no commitment, abandonment, etc.) Instead of wanting them back, I got angry and said I don't deserve this! Then my relationships began to change! And interestingly, I learned this strange phenomena-- when I would ignore ex's and dissapear they would go INSANE! It is because I took my energy off of them and stopped caring anymore. They would sense that like guy-dar and start texting me and making me mad, they were like vermin!

So my belief is, we can attract our ex back, when the energy is taken away from them and onto ourselves! And if they come crawling back, I have to ask myself,do I want him again? He just wants me because I'm hard to get now? Why would I want that-- they could take you for granted again and dissapear. No Thanksies :D

Very inspiring, Cassandra.  Thanks.


All what you say rings true to me too.  Letting go is the only way toward sanity, only when you have let go you are healed inside.

Wow I love that Cassandra, congratz!!! I want to say it is possible to manifest an ex back because i've done it on many occasions with 2 different exes so don't give up hope. I also love what you said Athena.
Well, actually, sometimes you CAN but it's not always a good idea too. I have got back together with guys before and we had the same old problems and all new ones. Then other times it DID work out the 2nd time around. But then other times I met even BETTER guys. I find myself wondering, though, how would those of you feel who are trying to attract your ex back, if YOU had an ex you KNEW you never EVER wanted to get back together with and they were trying to attract YOU back? See? So you DO need to respect your ex's free will. And I agree it's better to focus on attracting a perfect mate for you who may or may not be your ex. And if you love your ex (yes, I know you do, I'm not denying that!) don't you love them enough to want them to be with whoever is the best person for THEM? and who THEY want to be with, whether that is you OR someone else?
So, my advice, along with most people's here is yes leave it open to them or someone else who's even
BETTER for you!
Focus on you, I agree with that. ALSO if YOU are the reason for the breakup and you know if
for e.g. if you were really jealous & that drove them away, then work on your beliefs and thoughts that lead to
jealousy if you were stuck in a rut so they got bored and you ALSO want to get out of that rut, break free!
There is an abundance of ALL things, and that INCLUDES love, sex and romance!
I would like to second this. Granted, some people are meant to be together, but I have found that more often than not, someone is your ex for a reason. That can be a painful truth to accept, but once one does accept it, not only will your relationship with your ex flourish naturally--I'm now great friends with my exes, which was impossible when I was pining for them--but it will allow you to be a happier person in general.

I get that you are trying to help, but you write the same message in every post regarding attracting an ex back no matter how old the post is. Personally I would consider this spamming. 

My apologies Evelina, I was just trying to help with what I used and experienced before. I know that different people have different beliefs and I personally used this method. This is my way of spreading what I was able to learn and apply. I was just giving my own personal opinion. God bless

Help is always appreciated. That being said, you may not post your biz etc in the forums although you can have that info on your profile page. As you help people they will be attracted to what you have and check you out. It is considered spamming though if you repeatitively post the same things and link them to your business. I am sure your intentions are great, but we have these rules in order to keep the forums from becoming overcome with ads. Thanks for your help!

Will take note of this Marcy. Thank you very much for the advise! God Bless

Ouch! I am so sorry to disagree with you Kate. However, with spiritual and scientific evidence I assure you that you CAN attract your ex back!

- we are one energy. Thereby, as you sow, so shall you reap!
- Please don't mix up the theory of quantum physics. You attract that which you are. So in a way yes you won't have him/her back if your vibrational frequencies don't match, but there are ways to fix that.
- You are your own all power source. If you can attract a perfect 'object' with your mind alone, then how can you not attract an even easier thing, that being a person?
- LOA cannot function without the rest of the 11 universal laws.
- This is not mind control, voodoo or witchcraft, this is you wanting what you want and getting it. I suggest you read Neale Donald 'Conversation with God' trilogy to know what I am saying here.
Please don't dishearten and limit other people's beliefs.
Remember, too much knowledge or little of it, both can be dangerous. Thereby, it is a humble request to not dissuade people.
LOA rule number one: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!
Have a good day and I hope you manifest whatever you desire.

PS. I and many others didn't get their ex back or the ones they wanted in their lives because LOA doesn't work. I am happily married to the man I wanted. Elizabeth Daniels is another example, no one would go to that extent if it weren't for their belief. When you strive for something, there is no way that you won't get it.

Please don't dishearten and limit other people's beliefs.
Remember, too much knowledge or little of it, both can be dangerous. Thereby, it is a humble request to not dissuade people.

In all fairness, you're doing to them exactly what you're telling them not to do. It's as simple as "I respect your belief, and I have my own as well. Aren't we all so amazing to even have that ability to believe in what we want?" As such, it's a humble request to just be humble. 

LOA rule number one: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Anything is possible, just many things require you to leave this particular plane of existence to experience it. I'm not saying that the orange tree doesn't exist, because it does, but you don't get the oranges from that tree while you're still standing under the apple tree. Enjoy your apples for now.  

no one would go to that extent if it weren't for their belief. When you strive for something, there is no way that you won't get it.

Exactly. :) That's the most amazing part of this whole process; learning how to control, maintain, and consciously create your lens of perception. As you suggested, that changes everything, and when you're able to see/feel/believe in what you're wanting, you'll find your way to it because that's what you're decided and that's what you're seeking. It doesn't mean it didn't exist prior, you just didn't have the eyes to see it or the ears to hear it calling you to it.

In the end, it's better for all of us to just exist in love, including myself. Love is the allowance and acceptance of all things; not a pick and choose situation. I love and accept you for your vision of this, and the same to the other person. You both have different viewpoints, each with their own respective means of "proving itself," so you're both right for your own perceptions. You've both programmed your perception to see and believe in the way that you suggest, and that's perfectly fine for both of your lives. 

As for my own belief on this? There are much easier ways to attracting a mate or an ex back. Whether or not you can control someone with LoA isn't much of a problem, as people are very easily manipulated in many other ways anyways. Controlling people is child's play, especially when you've taken the time to understand the physical body that you exist within; that includes your brain/mind. You've all already been programmed with so many different triggers, whether you obtained them from others or it's ones you've created. It usually doesn't take long to figure out what others love or hate, and then something as simple as a word can take control over what they think, which trickles down into action. Anyways, that's not my recommend way of handling things either, but just something that is. 

I wish you both the best. Take care!

Darth! I love you too :D

I appreciate your wisdom on the topic at hand. Read what you and I both wrote again and see how very close we both are on being on the same page; just some minor differences, but that's what makes expanding the learning process more beautiful. Love love love to you.

PS - "We need to talk" haha classic woman's reply but honestly jokes aside I read something in between the lines which made me think of something extremely important to discuss with you. Message me when free.

ZH x


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