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I think that it might be a great time for anyone of you experiencing that lack of faith to reflect inwards. If you do not believe in LOA then any physical evidence that it exists WILL elude you. Just that statement IS LOA. If you do not believe that what you are asking for will be delivered, then you will not receive.

We are all here to support each other. And I just wanted to suggest this. Re-read your posts or review your recent thoughts with a new set of eyes and you may see what we see. It is simply a lack of faith, and a focus on lack that are keeping you from your desires.

Appreciate appreciate appreciate the things you DO have and by LOA, the universe will deliver you more things to appreciate. I have experienced this first-hand. Try to focus less on attracting specific things, and go back to the basics for a little while to rebuild your faith. Like attracts like, so if you find things you appreciate and express that appreciation, more to appreciate will come.

Move on up that emotional guidance scale and the more you feel good, the more that makes you feel good will be delivered.

LOA is NOT about "getting things" yes you can get things with LOA, but the focus should be in just going with the flow and letting the universe guide you. I can tell you awesome things/moments I've experienced since applying this to my life. I don't want to say this to brag, but to encourage you to not use it to "get things" but to improve your life in general. All we want is to be happy. So focus on finding your inner happiness and more of what makes you happy will come

Like attracts like.

Focus on negative = more negative
Focus on lack = more lack
Focus on feelin good = more feeling good
Focus on appreciating what you have...you get the idea.



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I'd rather say... "à la French": your two cent millions dollars, you mean! Hehe ;-)


Lol j'espère qu'ils vont arriver bientôt, mes deux cent million dollars hehe. Kidding :)
Ah ah... ils sont déjà là... NOT kidding loll
YES LOL! In your Vortex! :-)
tats some sound advice! I take it! Thank you Layners! Much appreciated! :)

There have been times in the past when, even after all the amazing stuff I've manifested, I started thinking maybe all of this was a load of bullocks.  That's when I started thinking about one of the purposes of religion.  Even if God, Allah, Yahweh, Brahman, etc. were not real, it makes people feel better about their lives.  They want to believe there is something out there and they feel better knowing there is something out there rather than the hopelessness of nothing.  So, I thought to myself, "Was I happier before LOA?  Or after?"

I also find when I do as Layners said, just let it all go and focus on living positively, amazing things just happen.  They may not be what I planned.  In fact, they've been even more AMAZING!  Unfortunately, I like control too much so it's hard for me to completely let go :P.  However, when I do let go--like in Toronto or Blacksburg--it becomes soooooooo amazing!

And you know, even when I'm feeling down, I know everything will be ok. So I still go with the flow. Like atm I'm experiencing a bit of a low. Doesn't mean I don't know things will be ok and I pivot to a better feeling thought.
Oh my gosh! I cannot believe how long ago this seems! Feels good to read these old posts and see how I've changed!
" .....More of what mKes you happy will come. "

And that statement is very specific. More of what makes YOU happy. You the individual, releasing to your own unique needs and desires. You don't attract what makes someone else happy, you attract more of what makes YOU happy, because there is an intelligence in the Universe, which knows exactly what makes you happy.

All circumstances, people, places, experiences, resources and guidance will come when you are on the vibration of happiness.


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