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Hi there. I'd like to start by sharing a bit about my past because if anyone can relate I'd really appreciate your advice. So.. In my early teenage years I developed a depression which intensified so abruptly where in a matter of 4 years I was admitted in a psychiatric hospital for bipolar disorder. In my last year of highschool I started experiencing severe anxiety from my lack of personal identity. I craved a path with an authentic meaning driven by passion but I lacked both and the idea of not achieving that felt like I would fail my calling (a bit dramatic, i know).Years later, still falling around I came across an indigo woman who's currently experiencing an awakening and man did her open mindedness screw with my head. I've always strayed from the worldly norms but never had the need to change. I saw no purpose in doing so because mostly it didn't effect me only to realise how inaccurate that was. A few months after meeting her and only now do I understand the importance of nature and comprehend how animal cruelty is not worth just a piece of meat. The problem though is still my depression now so more than ever, especially from frustration at people's lack of being open minded, and I find it nearly impossible for personal and spiritual growth. Currently my main goal is to find my true self through new experiences, self reflection and most of all broaden my consciousness but having close to zero will to get out of bed is blocking me from this. Honestly I don't know what else to do anymore so I really need help to knowing how to move on from here.

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focus on the good that is in your life and in the world and you'll shift your vibration. focus on all the love & the light that are already present in the worl, they're huge! here's a very sweet video that you may like and some quotes that can help:


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"Tell everyone you know: "My happiness depends on me, so you're off the hook." And then demonstrate it. Be happy, no matter what they're doing. Practice feeling good, no matter what. And before you know it, you will not give anyone else responsibility for the way you feel -- and then, you'll love them all. Because the only reason you don't love them, is because you're using them as your excuse to not feel good." Abraham

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L'immagine può contenere: sMS

L'immagine può contenere: sMS

L'immagine può contenere: una o più persone e sMS

Greetings, I offer this both because I am a member of this community who are interested in LOA and also because I am a licensed clinical psychologist in the state where I live.  

To begin with, it may be helpful to know that the pain you're in is understandable.  While it obviously creates great difficulty for you, resisting it will not likely prove to be helpful.  If you are really struggling, you may want to consider seeing a profession person like myself (i've no idea where you live, by the way).  It can help to have someone who understands to talk to.  I would strongly encourage you to seek the support you might need and could benefit from to help you get through this tough time.  

On another note, you mentioned that your spiritual growth is hampered by the close-mindedness of others...   I suppose it can be a difficult thing to awaken to a new way of seeing yourself and your world and then to suddenly realize that others may not share your views.  This, in LOA parlance, could be usefully thought of as contrast.  Not all others will understand or appreciate what we know or see.  But our own responses can become valuable tools in aiding us to see with greater clarity the parts of ourselves within that could benefit from more attention.  

Know that you are growing and that what you are uncovering is the greater wisdom and beauty that already resides within you.  The growing process can sometimes feel uncomfortable as we go through it.  Such changes often bring strong emotion.  See what feels good as often as you can; know that the vision of yourself that is imbedded in your desire for growth reflects your natural urge to expand to bring forth the light of greater consciousness.  Sometimes, we encounter darkness so we may have the opportunity to shine the light of our consciousness and then know our true depths.  


Ask yourself, Who is writing this, but ME ?   Can I be lost, missing or unknown ?  Am I not ME ?

Regardless of any title, name, circumstance... and character-istic at all,  I am always I and ME .   This is the changeless Truth for all eternity .  This is Who " I " AM ....  I  !   I am One, I am All .

I would like to know a little more about those responses you have within you when other people don't share your insight?  You mentioned wanting something to do something with good with your life.  What have been extraordinary experiences in your life because I feel sure you have had them.  Trust me I will believe anything you wish to add because I see in the picture you are a beautiful and sensitive person and life is just beating you up. I think the negative people around you are sucking your energy away like psychic vampires.

Hi there Jeanette. Thank you very much, not only for the compliments but also for responding.. well as I've mentioned before I've always been a bit different but only recently discovered why this is. It all started to make more sense when I realised I was born different for a beautiful purpose.

A few months ago all was "normal" as always. Then I discovered I'm an indigo, but as I discovered more with time passing I realised I became even more sensitive. People are so reckless with words and they find it so effortlessly easy to break each other verbally over the smallest issues. Then of course you get those who feed off this negativity.

This is more than enough to get me upset but the part that frustrates me so is the fact how they willingly choose to live this way. They have ridiculous expectations when it comes to respect but the worst is how it's expected but not returned. Right then and there I feel like looking at the people around me and ask " is it only me or does the words coming from their mouths make no logical sense whatsoever?".

The other thing is that people's emotions effect my mood but a lot of the times I don't even know where it originates from. Blocking energies does not come easy but I've grown since my first post. But on a lighter note... last week my ankle suddenly started hurting and after a few minutes of intense confusion I saw my colleague limping. I immediately knew it was her pain I felt and seconds later the pain was gone. I was so excited because it meant that I was on the right track. I honestly think that's pretty cool.

An experience I personally find extraodinary is being raped between the ages of 3 and 6 years old, growing up without a father, going through depression, anxiety and still between all that I never lost the parts of myself that makes me who I am. I am thankful but it has always been circling in my mind. So yes, I know I will someday find my true purpose and I will do my part. Until then I'll learn to love my broken pieces and in doing so manifest into higher vibrations...


     I am excited for you.  How much of the depression is linked to spiritual, psychological, and physical suffering?  The positive things that are happening to you also mean you can get rid of that "old baggage" because it no longer serves you.  The right path means that you are led by a passion greater than yourself and it "feels" right.  A group meeting in your area that embraces psychic, or spiritual gifts can help you and you will know it right away because you will feel it.  There is empowerment in that kind of community.  You have to find those people who are as broad-minded and accepting as you are growing to be.  We all want the veil to fall from people's eyes so they can see the truth and not get caught up in the inanities of a materially-focused  who have a blind eye.  We all want happiness, peace, enough abundance to live our lives with ease, acceptance for who we are, and love.  How can you go wrong with that kind of thinking and feeling?

With Divine Love and Light


Jeanette, honestly speaking, as each day passes I become more and more excited as I realise how empowering the mind can be. After much research I've come to not only understand but actually fully grasp how " I am not my emotion ". I'm breaking my chains to "mental illness" by changing my thinking habits and by doing so I'm feeling more free than I have in a long time. Currently I'm not entirely certaily what it's linked to because I've always thought it was passed over from my mother. I think most of all it was put on my path as a necessary lesson. I've always seen my past as a lesson and it doesn't haunt me anymore but I do still struggle with relationships, especially romantic relationships. But deep down I know one day this will also be part of the past when the time is right..

Unfortunately I'm currently resided in a very small town which doesn't have such groups. Although I do have two people here, one which doesn't chase enlightenment as I do but is far more open minded than most and another with similar believes as mine. I've never talked about spiritual gifts with the last mentioned person but it might be good to ask her.

I'd really like to hear your story, as your profile tells me you're experiencing a spiritual awakening. How did you get to where you are and do you have any spiritual gifts?

Much love

I have not forgotten you and I will answer this as soon as I can.  I want to be able to answer you properly. Much love to you and for you for the gift of your patience.


Hi Manna,

I am grateful for your patience. Yes, well I had a lot of very weird things happen to me as a child growing up into adult hood.  I have had a lot of suffering in my life but I see it for what it was and that was simply someone or something (only in the most positive sense) telling me the why of it all.  I can that all paths lead to here and now and I get it now in such a bigger way than I did before.  It's like someone opened a can of answers lol.  I often times know things about people when I meet them.  I can feel the emotions in a room of people who are gathered there for a particular reason (example:  people gathered for a prize or for an announcement of some sort either related to something bad or good or something like that).  I sense things and I know the times in life when I have been kept safe by something with a positive intention.  It's very hard for someone else to understand this by I know and I can't tell you how many times in life I have said in one way or another "I told you so" or "didn't I say that was going to happen?"  Anyway you get the gist.  Recently I have been noticing things like getting certain numbers all the time or following a thread in my head and it leads to figuring something out.  I am most definitely an Empath and I am definitely supposed to help heal the mind. I am meeting like-minded, loving people who have gifts too.  I can't tell you how it great it feels to me when I walk into a group of truly loving individuals.  You get hit with the lovely feeling of being wrapped in a soft, cozy blanket and your head is soaring high and free. Wonderful things are happening within and I am drawing to me what I desire and need to accomplish my purpose in life. I wanted to weep it was so nice there and it felt like home.

Thanks Manna for Listening


Hi Jeanette

It's wonderful to hear how you turned your stuggles into something beautiful.
A friend of mine helped me realise that your experiences on difficulties and hurt solely depends on what you choose to manifest it into. Not only do we make it easier on ourselfs but also make it posibble to reap the most divine harvest. Hearing you're an empath brings me such delight because I believe it takes a special being to be able to fully appreciate such an overwelmingly strong gift. I know you will help many people and accomplish such meaningful things with your kind heart. I'm glad to know you have found people you can find rest in. It's rare to come across people who are able to understand what it's like inside our heads..

I'd like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the support you have given me. It has certainly helped me so much and it's such a relieve to be able to let it all out to someone who understands. I apologise for taking so long to reply but I'm horrible when it comes to keeping communication lol.

Much love

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These are the kind of thoughts that have helped me with the animal stuff, because i'm an animal lover and that sits on my mind sometimes as well:

- animals have consciousness, and they are as eternal as you and I, so I remember that when I think of those animals who die. They aren't really dead, and likely their experience brought them to a more refined desire 

- If we want to stop people from harming animals for food, you must focus on what you actually want. If you keep thinking about how people are cruel to animals, you give energy to that. There is no "NO", so those thoughts are giving energy to what you don't want. Since that is what you do not want, you actually want to start focusing on what you want, which is a world that doesn't harm animals. A world that finds food alternatives that don't involve harming animals. So think of these things. 

- Remember there are plenty of meat alternatives in this world, and humanity is getting better and better at developing foods that taste like meat and that can replace meat. For example, the seaweed that tastes like bacon. 

I also keep in mind that animals have a deeper awareness of the order of the universe, they don't muffle themselves like we do. In the animal kingdom, its natural for some animals to eat others. How could the act of eating meat be bad itself if animals do it to each other, its truly a natural part of their lives. 

I also heard Abraham Hicks say in a recording once that in the past humans actually ate meat knowing that a part of that animal would become a part of them. She said something like, we forgot the reason we began eating meat. Its more than just this cruelty survival thing, at least it started out that way.

As for deliberate animal cruelty, you just can't focus on that. Your focus doesn't help, it just adds to that energy. Instead think of people as being on a journey, and think of them as having reached a place of sensitivity to animals. Expect the people you know, the people you interact with, and even those people who are cruel to animals. Expect them to come full circle on their journey and become animal lovers. See them as people who can see the love, uniqueness, beauty, and enjoyment, life, that animals have to offer. If you see people that way, you will start to come across more people who reflect that view to you. That is how the LOA works and is the power of your focus.

Truly though remind yourself not to think of the things that bother you until your in a really good mood. When you are feeling depressed, its like your on a depression disc, so the thoughts that come to you are around that disc. To receive the thoughts that can really ease you on difficult topics, you need to be in the vicinity of better feeling thoughts. So when your feeling good, say ok. Now I want to flow good thoughts on the things that bother me, and you'll find it easier to ease yourself. 

When your on the depression disc, pick things that are easy to feel good about. The goal is to feel good always, and you just need to ease your thoughts around that. You'll find the more you do that the easier it will get. As a person who has gone through my own depression, I can tell you that you'll notice the difference and the power you have. Because you will make a bigger jump, and that jump will be evidence of how this works. You'll find the more you practice feeling good, and finding good feeling thoughts on all topics in your life, the more you just feel good in general. That general bad feeling goes away and is replaced with a general, light, happy, excited feeling. You just need to create positive momentum on topics, cuz right now you just got negative momentum going. Good luck!



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