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INVISIBLE BONDS; If you think about someone long enough, will they start to think of you?

Someone said something here that I found interesting about personal ties and invisible bonds.

Do you believe if you focus on an INDIVIDUAL person, that this person will somehow PICK UP on you -- or begin to think of you?

I have seen this many times in my life.. i.e. as I'm thinking of a friend, they happen to call -- or I run into my uncle at the store who I had been thinking about for a month.

Do YOU have any experiences in sharing energy like this, or do you believe this happens??

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Of course it does, but just with some people with whom we have a connection - or if we focus on a subject.

I have that frequently as well, but it's not predictable, except on the rare occasions when I'm extremely close to someone. In the latter case, I can vibe their moods and phone calls/emails 'round the clock. Sometimes, it's better to be surprised! lol

but if you think of an old boyfriend for ex, they may think of you, or have thought in you for years

so... Perhaps if people are connected somehow, both parties like each or not, but still have some form of connection
then I think the other person may think of you when you are thinking of them

what could be worse, is if you have a crush on someone who does not like you back, and they know you are thinking of them in that kind of way, embarrasing, if that is how it works...

Be aware tho, that your mind is a very powerful tool and when you think about something or something you create corresponding emotion. Its not that the guy is strong on your mind, its you making it so. This can be a double edged sword..

I would like to read the article too :)
I thought your title said "invisible blonds". HAHA

Sometimes if I'm thinking about someone they will call or email.
Recently I wanted a friend to contact me and I let go. A few weeks later he contacted me!

Yes, Ms,

I definitely believe in this, it is the way we use energy with LOA, When we think about someone with emotion, love, fear, joy, forgiveness, or compassion we 'feed' them energy. So if we are thinking about loved ones in a loving way, they will feel surrounded by love and will think about you. But it is also good for parents to always think about their kids in a positive light even if they feel they might be in danger as we either feed them Love or we feed them fear. I use to feel fear when my teens went out late at night to parties or discos, but I started to change the way I think and use LOA, I now always think of them with love and think of them being safe and having fun ..... and I am amazed that they ARE always safe and have always had fun.

We can send 'healing energies' to our loved ones when they are sick, we cannot 'heal' them as such, but we can 'see" and 'feel' them in health and happiness and that energy goes to them and surrounds them so that they can feel more strength to heal themselves.

But we also have to be mindful of sending 'negative' or hateful energies to criminals or politicians or people who offend us, as we just make a connection with them and we feel their negativity. If we are feeling more enlightened we can send them "love' and 'healing energies' ...but for many people this is just too hard to do so better not think about them at all if all you can do is 'hate' or 'fear'.

My daughter was being 'stalked' by a man for some months and at first we all played into the 'fear', because the police were full of negativity and the neighbours and her schoolfriends all held this 'fear and anger energy'. We were actually 'creating' her stalker with a paedophile profile ....and then I copt on and remembered the power of LOA. I began to imagine that the stalker was a harmless man, maybe even a simpleton ....and to my amazement, the next time the police called they said to my daughter that this man may just be a simple minded person with inappropriate behaviour or a grandad who lost a granddaughter who looks like her. That brightened up my daughter and she began to be more positive. Then to our surprise we got news that that was exactly the case. We sent him lots of love and healing. But the neighbours and the school friends were still buzzing about a paedophile .....and what happened next was truely amazing ...a young offender was arrested near the school for attacking a young woman. That is the power of LOA. Thinking about an offender with fear, draws the attacker and the victim together. But we have the power to change that just by sending out loving, forgiving, compassionate thoughts and prayers.

I never engage anymore with news of stalkers or criminals, and if I find I am getting interested in such a conversation, I quickly send out a prayerful thought of healing and love to both the perpetrator and the victims and then I turn my thoughts to better things.

I have a lot of friends and relatives who dont know anything about LOA and they fear Swine flu and other diseases and they fear attacks and recessions ..... I say to my kids 'we dont do swine flu or disasters ...." and we pivot to what we DO believe in, joy, laughter, fun, love and peace !

love and light to all Gen
Yes, because we all exist within a web of energy, so we are all interconnected. If you think about anything often enough it sets forth synchronicities to bring that thing to you, and it is just the same with other people too. They will pick up on what you are thinking about them if you send it out often enough.

The bottom line, is to keep it positive. If you are thinking nice thoughts and feelings about someone, keep at it. If you are having negative thoughts and feelings about a person, these will attract circumstances of them being negative, but if you change the thoughts and feelings, and do so often enough, they will pick up on the new energies which you are sending out and act accordingly.

Yes this has happened to me many,many times. Once I remember thinking about my mum's cousin and within a very short time (I think it was the next day) I received a letter from her. The thing is our thoughts are electro- magnetic: they draw whatever we are focusing on towards us. I like to think of it as a kind of invisible telephone line between me and that person.

Oh,and another thing I've often noticed is if there's someone I really really want to avoid and I'm all nervous thinking about how I hope to God that I don't run into them....they're the exact person I bump into. I remember when I was a teenager my friend and I decided to bunk off school and get the metro into central London for a fun day out. All the time I was a little tense, hoping I didn't bump into my parents or get discovered. On the way to the station my dad passed me in his car (luckily he didn't see me). The second thing that happened was that on the way home my friend and I got into the train and sat down and to my horror I found myself sitting opposite my mum,who was returning home from work. I had to think up a good excuse really quick. Hahaha. I guess my fear of being found out actually attracted that outcome to me.  :-)

If you think ' I hope it doesnt rain ' , the universe registers one word ' rain '.

Next time you want to avoid somebody, simply exclude him from your thoughts :)

Just like the example EEM uses with rain, if you think of anyTHING often enough, you will start attracting it to you. LOA works well for attracting entities as well as people, because we are all energetically linked to everything, we just have to give it enough focus.
I think it does (see my previous comment) and I have had a number of these experiences over the years.

I have a strange online 'friend' who amuses me in a way that others find annoying, and I find that the more I think of him being daft, the more he writes daft things on my Facebook.

My neighbour has a habit of bungling in very 'creative ways' and I found myself thinking about his long list of mishaps, and chortling to myself. I did this for a while, and then he texted me with amusing spelling errors; and later on, he drove off in his van, forgot to shut the back doors, and spilt glue all over the road.

Years ago, a new girl started working where I was working. She didn't register all that much on my 'radar' but one day, I noticed something positive about her and paid attention to that. One positive thought followed another, and another, and another, and before I knew it, she was also starting to react very positively to me.

Last year, I was experimenting with the Universe, and decided it give it a brief with a bit of leeway: attract someone who I haven't seen in ages. I imagined all sorts of different people to give it this leeway, and then a day or so later, I was in town and met two girls who I used to work with. I hadn't seen either of them in a couple of years, so the chances of seeing them both together were pretty slim...but it happened.

Try an experiment for yourself: think about somebody you want to think about, and think about them very positively. 'Send' then positive thoughts and pay attention to their positive qualities. Keep this up for about a week, making sure you do it every day, and then see what starts happening.


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