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Abe has an EMOTIONAL SCALE, where HATE is like the 3rd emotion up. It's ABOVE Despair and Depression/HOpelessness.

So it's a step up for those whom USED to be in Despair/DEPRESSION....

Thus do others concur? I'm staying on the HATE Disk right now.

I'm rarely hitting the despaire emotional spot.  So hate is keeping me right below hope on the scale. It's not wrong or right, it's just where i'm hovering right now. *Dear Universe, I hate almost everything in my life!

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I offer these ... read or read not .... ((shrugs ))


I know it's not necessarily an LOA idea but sometimes I do get in my mind suggestions for people on reading their posts that just pop in there.  Here's yours:

Could you - contrary as it may sound - use hate as your muse?

I don't know, it would be worth somehow knowing more about people who have done this.  What I mean is some artists be they singers, musicians or artists like you, or writers, they express that hate in their craft, use their art as an outlet and some of them are success with the creations that come out of it.  

I don't know if it's a positive aspects thing or seeing you as more powerful than the hate or what but it's just a thought that popped in there, may or may not be useful. Use this as a catalyst, perhaps, for your art. 

well you can also turn it to kind of anger, get angry at the situation, or situations and decide enough is enough , change the way you think and feel by using it. Sometimes smashing a plate against the wall can also feel good, and take you to that good feeling place inside. it is an assumption that we need to try very hard to change things. 

however heres a little technique you can try

Imagine whatever it is in your life that you dont like or hate , imagine every detail , than freeze the picture in to a block of ice. Now you can imagine holding a big hammer and smash it to millions of pieces , destroy it. i like to imagine my fist glowing with power , like iron fist in marvel comics, and smashing through the ice which than spreads in millions of tiny pieces all around me and melts down to nothing. Or you can use a dragon to breath fire on it, or some other form of heat. Use your imagination , this works for me , it might work for you too. 

Coming from shamanic view of the world that everything is symbolic and can be used to help you in any way you can imagine. 

Your life is a reflection of your emotions. Change your attitude, change your life. 

Thanks for this, got a little angry this afternoon

Something has to go right for me! My vibes cannot be that terrible to attract problem after problem after problem.  My body is an issue like this right now.  Also,  income and housing and wanting to never be around criminals again! When u r very poor you go places for help like food pantry food shelves and hear how all of the people in line around u are super sick or dangerous felons! How the heck can this stuff stop!!!

LAURA you got plenty of good advice on this and other of your posts perhaps try and use it. look how U R describing your situation, did you aactually try anything that people have suggested? or are you waiting for a magical solution to just appear. because you know you have to believe in magic for that to happen and I gather that you dont. 

You. Got it.  I am an Abraham person pretty much all the way.  I cannot tell u how many people suggest tjings that would injure me,  like tapping my injured sick muscles  to try to solve problems.  I do not think imagining anger in ice does anything at all for anyone. 

I feel sorry for you seriously sorry because of the denial you live in 

I was taught i had no right to feel anger by my shame based alcoholic narcisstic family! 

Well, you seem to have gotten over that, given that you routinely come here and spew your anger all over the place, and at everybody who tries to help you when life isn't going your way.

You've got anger down. You're an expert in it. And you clearly believe you have a right to be angry at everyone and everything that disappoints you, or you wouldn't behave this way. 

Your problem isn't that you're too ashamed to feel anger; it's that you stay in your anger, and fester in it, and keep focusing on every reason you can find to stay angry--to stay the victim. "I'm hurt! I'm not getting what I want! My life sucks! Other people are terrible to me! WHERE'S MY STUFF?!" Over and over and over again, it's anger, anger, anger because the world won't bend to your wishes.

But the world doesn't bend to your wishes, according to the LoA; it bends to your vibration. And since you're perpetually angry and discontented and resentful, and you keep focusing on things that feed your anger, that's your vibration, and that's what you keep getting. 

You get creepy sex-for-rent offers from men? You could simply delete them as soon as you realize what they are, and move on. It's just pixels on a screen, and you can choose how to feel about them. If you want to go into a rage over it, and stay angry? You're only hurting yourself; the men don't care. And by focusing that much intense negative emotion into them, you're ensuring that skeevy sex-for-rent offers remain part of your vibration, and at the same time repel the kinds of offers you claim you do want.

Nobody sane wants to live with an angry, crazy person who blames everyone else for all of their problems and has a million sob stories for why their life is shit--and as long as that's your dominant vibration, the sane people will stay away and only the creepers and the crazies and the flakes will respond to you. 

This is all LoA 101 stuff. "You get what you focus on." When you insist upon seeing the world through shit-colored glasses, refusing to take them off because they're "reality," you're not going to see a whole lotta rainbows. Until you fix your chronically negative thinking, you'll kep getting negative experiences--you cannot get anything else. You cannot get better until your thinking is better. And that means giving up the role of helpless victim responsible for nothing in your experience, and assuming the role of powerful creator responsible for everything in your experience. 

And to answer your original question, it's perfectly fine to feel anger about the circumstances you've created for yourself. Where things go to shit is when you stay angry, and stay a victim, rather than use that intense energy to launch major changes within yourself. There's nobody to be angry at but you--not even your parents. And there's nobody who can transform your experience but you. Your choice. 

Vortician, I just want to say something in Laura's defense.  I agree that focusing on the negative brings more of it.  But there are some people who are struggling for the basics in life---like a safe place to live, and it's a lot harder to be positive when you don't have the very basics.  There are a lot of people on this site who have a safe decent home to live in, access to a shower and laundry facilities, food to last through the month, etc.  It's a lot easier to be positive when you have those basic things.  For people who don't have safe housing at the very least, it's a lot more work.  Feeling safe is a basic psychological need.  What I'm trying to say is, that for people who are coming from a place where they may not have everything they want, but they have the BASICS, it's a lot easier to be positive than someone who's scrambling to not end up homeless.

I'm not disagreeing with you about the vibration being important  regarding the kind of people you draw to you.  But for someone who grew up in a home where they were CONDITIONED to be a victim, there's a lot of subconscious stuff going on there too.

I'm not saying that Laura doesn't need to work on her negativity, I'm just saying that this is the place where she should be able to do it, to work through her issues without being judged for being negative.  The point is,  she's trying!!!   She's trying to get past her issues and improve her vibration, and she's coming here for feedback and support.

And I do think that someone has a right to be angry at their parents who f***** them up during their formative years.  That's where the negative thinking and learned helplessness comes from, along with the genetic inheritance.  Some people are born into mature, healthy families, and they learn and absorb healthy, productive thought systems and behaviors.  Other people have to spend a lot of time and effort transforming themselves.

There are a lot of people who don't even try to change.  They sweep their family's dysfunction under the rug and go on to be the same kind of person as their relatives are.  They get on their high horse and say, "I'm not going to play the blame game," when in reality they are in denial and unwilling to admit there was anything wrong. And then they have kids of their own and pass the behaviors and patterns on to the next generation.

I have read many times in articles about family abuse that the black sheep is the most sensitive person in the family who is just reflecting back the truth about the family. 

In abnormal situations, it's NORMAL to be angry and say something is very wrong here.  To not accept the unacceptable.  The people who act normal in those situations are actually the ones who are screwed up, they're acting like nothing is wrong when something is very wrong.

Also, when someone is on a low-income, you do tend to come across a lot of drug addicts and alcoholics and people who are mentally ill with out-of-control symptoms.  You don't have a lot of options.  I agree, the solution is to raise your vibration to be around other people.  But it's not so easy when you are actually IN that situations surrounded by that.

I support Laura coming on this forum and trying to work through her issues.  At least she's not giving up!  She's continuing to fight!  I will say that I identify with a lot of her issues as well.  And I have a feeling that a lot of other people read her posts and can identify as well.

We're not all in the vortex!  A lot of us are still trying to work things through and figure things out.

If Laura's posts bother you, then maybe you shouldn't  subject yourself to the ordeal of reading them.


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