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Hi everyone, how are you?

I was thinking recently and I realized that I'm almost 24 and had been with really few people, while people that are even younger than me have quite a lot experience and are having a lot of fun in life on that field. I was never good looking or popular with the opposite gender, so that kinda tells itself. I feel like I wasted years of my life, like I didn't live enough, it's time that won't come back, I don't get a chance to relive those years, and yet, they went by so empty. I suddenly felt an urge to make up to myself for all those lost years by focusing on manifesting all that experience I could gain happening rapidly fast for me now. Do you think that's kinda overkill? Is it not too superficial? I'd really like to hear opinions about it.

Thanks in advance, best of luck, happy manifesting :)

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The one way to achieve it is to have an awesome relationship with yourself first. From your post .... you believe that you are not attractive not good looking and not popular, this is the relationship you have with yourself right now, or have had for a while and it is what people will see, what you project out. You also clearly believe that in order to have relationships you need to be good looking, attractive, popular, those are your rules when it comes to gaining a relationship. from what you are saying i can also pick out that you have a belief , that you need all those things in order  to have fun in life of relationships. So my advice would be to start looking at it from another perspective. Like yourself, change your opinion about what it is you need in order to have fun relationships , change your opinion about what you think about yourself, reality is a mirror it will mirror exactly what you believe in, in other words  what opinions you have about yourself and how things work, change your opinions, your reality will change. Begin to really like who you are and how you look like, create an opinion within yourself that you don't need to be super good looking or popular to have fun , you can just have fun and be fun without any other rules attached to it. Also 24 is really young, perhaps change your opinion about wasted time, look at passed time as a learning experience which led you to todays conclusions, it is never a wasted time !! think about fun you can be having in years to come and it can be magnificent !!!!!! Stop overthinking things :) it's not superficial unless you have an opinion it is, than it becomes superficial, its all up to you, you create rules in your reality, go create!

Much Aloha 


No, it's not superficial.  After all, these feelings are the Universe showing you some kind of mental and spiritual block, which you would be better off without.  All attractiveness first of all comes from the relationship you have with yourself, and if this isn't too good, you need to clear IT up before anything else.

What is your self-image?  How do you think you come across to others?  What is your opinion of yourself?  What have you always believed about yourself?  Do you compare yourself to others?  What are the areas of your life in which you feel you are lacking?  Ask yourself these, and the answers will give you insight into how and what you think of yourself.  

Attractiveness in LOA terms isn't just how you look, it's the vibration and energies you arr giving out.  You could be physically quite ugly, but if you firmly believe that you are attractive, then you will attract people into your world who think that you are, and who help you feel good about yourself.  (At the same time, they will also be feeling good about themselves, because they will be reflect you). 

Have you ever seen the film 'I Feel Pretty?'  In it, the main character is very insecure about her life and how she looks, but one day falls off an exercise bike and bumps her head.  When she wakes up, her thinking is different, and she suddenly believes that she is the most beautiful girl in the world, and reality starts to 'agree' with her.  After a while, the 'spell' wears off, but at the end of the film she realises that she is actually beautiful in her own way, it is down to how she views herself. It can be the same with you.  Don't go falling off exercise bikes, just start by thinking some better things about yourself.  Deliberately thinking them, and also looking at yourself in the mirror as you do.  This releases the subconscience and amplifies energy, but it also serves to convince you most of all, that you are attractive.

You probably won't change much physically, but you will change the way you see yourself, and the relationship you have about yourself.  The feeling you have about yourself will also change, and this is what will alter the reality you create in your life.  When you start to like and then ultimately, love yourself more, your reality will improve a great deal, and you will start to attract circumstances in which you really sparkle and shine.  Best of all though, you will also attract people who think you are attractive: not for looking like some Chippendale in a magazine, but for being and looking like you, because they actually like you as you are.  This is genuine love and attraction.

All attractiveness is an inside job.  Very attractive people believe they are attractive.  Some have a head start because they are what society labels as attractive, but that doesn't mean that other people will be cast aside.  At the end of the day, you get what you believe in, and if you believe that you are attractive, then your whole world will reflect that.  You will start feeling better and happier on a much wider scale.

Another thing I would advise would be to have a psychic reading, so that you can find out if you have any spiritual blocks.  These could be from past lives, or from fears and family beliefs.  Once you know what they are, you can then work at releasing them, or have a practitioner do it for you. 

Lots of good points except for the psychic reading thing. Most psychics are frauds; just being fairly aware you can determine your own limiting beliefs.

Yes they can be frauds, but I think it depends on the psychic. Go along for a reading but don’t tell them too much in advance; let them work for their money.  This way readings can be very illuminating. 

Fair enough, I suppose. I have been accurately read by at least one gifted 'medium' or I'm not sure what to call it, so I know it's possible, I just don't have faith in most who rely on generalities or cold-reading.

First of all dude, you're very young...24 is nothing. In 5-6 years you'll look back and wish you were still this young! So you're not at the end of anything, you're at the beginning. And you have the present. The point of the power is in the present. Use it wisely. 

Astro is right, 24 is no age at all and is very young. It only seems negative when in comparison to others who are younger; but remember that they could also be bragging and spinning yarns about their conquests - as people in that age bracket can certainly do. 

Love the replies here, just wanted to add that you already are incredibly attractive cause you have a warm golden heart, you are always very kind and respectful to people and that's the thing that the sensitive people appreciate more, that means you are truly attractive******

Risultati immagini per you re so precious god photo

Attractiveness can also have a knock on effect in other areas of your life. When you feel attractive, you feel good about yourself and you feel more confident. You start to wonder what else you can do. A bit like the main character in American Beauty once he starts weight training to improve his physique. He starts to wonder what other goals he can achieve. This I would say, would be something big, especially if it’s something you haven’t really felt before. 

I haven't been visiting here recently because I was busy with school, but I want to THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOO MUCH, YOU GUYS ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! I know that attractiveness is not all about how you look, it's about vibe and that's what I meant when I said being more attractive, but looking good surely makes it easier. Although, I work on awakening that vibe within me, I may have figured out why it still hasn't happened. I connect that with sex. A lot of sex. But I'd also like to improve physically, if you know what I mean (apologizing in advance if you find this too offensive or think it's TMI). It's something that's been bothering me since my teens. I'm not looking for anything abnormal, but what I see when I take a look is, according to me, subnormal. I tried multiple methods, still the same. I wanted to try 5x55 for it, but I can't make up an affirmation that is both short and detailed enough. I'm afraid it could go serious, because I had moments I felt like I'm gonna crack mentally if that situation doesn't change. But, I know that anything can be achieved, so I'm gonna persist in working on changing that.

Thanks once again so much, I love the energy you left on this thread, wish you all best of luck, unlimited amounts of joy and happy manifesting :3


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