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I recently fell for this guy, who already has a girlfriend.

Frankly, it feels a lot like he's starting to feels thing to me as well,

I don't want to separate them or something, and I keep telling myself that I want the essence of someone like him, but deliberately I keep fantasizing about us together.

I don't want it to hurt my attraction process of my soulmate, but is it ok just to use his physical form in my imagination but keep telling myself that someone like him will be wonderful too? 

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People are gunna hate me for this, but the law of attraction is limitless power. There is nothing you can't do. Whether you force it, whether you manifest it, whether you take action or do absolutely nothing. Those who understand the law of attraction and apply it hold great power. You want to be in a relationship with someone who is already in a relationship with someone else. A few things:

1. She doesn't own him. So don't look at him as if he belongs to someone else, other wise you'll have a vibration of wanting something that isn't yours.

2. The Universe may match you two up as you wish, but it might not happen when you want it to. Now that I think about it, I've actually been in your position before. I told the Universe with a pure desire that I was attracted to someone and wanted to talk to him, but he had a girlfriend and I wasn't sure if I'd ever see him again. So I had to let it go in a way that I wasn't disappointed, I just held my faith that I'd cross paths with him again. About a couple months later I met him again at a party and he was SINGLE! BOOM! I thank the Universe for this relentlessly. He and I are on the verge of starting our own relationship right now. So you might get him, but the Universe isn't going to break them up for you. You will cross paths with him when he's single.

3. I'm not going to suggest you try to break them up, because it's wrong and it will cause you drama and stress and you really want to stay in a vibration of joy. Be thankful for having been in his presence. The universe might even introduce you to someone who possesses the essence of him. You might be introduced to someone with his qualities (physical and personality wise). Please do not stop dating in favor of waiting for the Universe to align you with him. You must continue to date other people because those experiences are put before you in order to prepare you for when you do come in alignment with him.


This includes boys ;)

Great post. I think this is the most key aspect of what you have stated:

"You must continue to date other people because those experiences are put before you in order to prepare you for when you do come in alignment with him."

and I would add "or come into alignment with who is right for you."


Thank you so much for your wonderful post, after torturing myself for the past couple of days for falling for someone that is occupied I finally felt that it's OK. and if the universe will think he is the perfect match for me we will be set together.

from some reason I strongly feel that we will be together.

As for the question, I wouldn't mind to get someone with his essence, but won't my imagination prevent it if I keep imagining him and not just a form of someone unknown?


Think about him as long as it feels good. When it starts to not feel good you're thinking about him too much. Technically you don't NEED to imagine a form of someone else. All you need to do is ASK. Ask the Universe to align you two together, know your power to attract a specific in from a place of detachment. I know it may not feel like you can be detached, but I did it and so can you. You can think about him as much as you want to, but whether you think about him or not, once you've put your intention out into the Universe expect results. The law of attraction is working whether you're aware of it or not. When I was in your shoes I did not spend those three months thinking and wondering about him. Did I know he existed? yes. But even though I wasn't thinking about him for all that time, the Universe STILL brought him to me. So you can think about him to further define what you desire to have as a partner.

If you want to attract someone with the essence of his being, then ASK. All you gotta do is ask! Take a piece of paper and write it down, or make a small vision board (which I find works for me EVERY TIME). Tell the universe what you're looking for in a partner. What qualities does he possess that you like? YOU CAN HAVE BOTH him and a guy LIKE him at different points in time.

You've got this Girl!

So this crazy thing happened today.. 

first, I was hoping all day that he will write me on Skype or i'll see him some where at work (we work in the same company) but nothing really happened.

I was about to leave the office and a good friend of his offered to take me home and suddenly he calls him and asks where he is. when he heard I'm there too he came straight ahead. like I was hoping all day.

the second and most amazing thing, while he was on the phone with his friend, his friend told him: "im here with your friend/girlfriend Emma" ( it's the same word in our language)
and I was just thinking, is it the universe giving me a sign?

I truly agree with you Kundalini. what someone wants is a Relationship with the guy. She is not out to hurt anybody. Other people are not our responsibility. she wants him that's all she has to think about.

Everything is possible for eveyone. I mean everything.


It could be that the Universe has sent you this reflection in order for you to further define what exactly you do want. What do you like about him (looks, personality, interests etc). This is the essence you are taking about.

I would say imagine yourself with him (because that helps with your feeling point) but also imagine yourself with lots of other people. Then you are not just focusing on him (even though he is with someone else) and you are also giving the Universe some creative leeway.

I think if thinking about being with this guy makes you feel good in the moment, but in the overall long term of it you're not attached to the outcome and you don't feel like you NEED to be with him "or else," then it;s totally fine to fantasize about being with him.

If you do this with no resistance at all in your vibe (meaning, as stated above, you're just doing it because it feels good) then most likely what will happen is you will let someone into your reality who is similar to this guy, and SINGLE :) 

From some reason I know we will end up together, does it make sense?


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