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Is it possible for two people to cancel out each others manifestations?

This may seem like an odd question but what are everyone's thoughts on living with a partner who constantly worries about money, debt etc?
I am very grateful for what we already have and visualise money coming into our lives and living debt free in a wonderful home with absolute financial security. As a result, money tends to come relatively easily-business is good, people pay us on time and we have generosity shown to us by family. However, my partner (who is not familiar with LOA) constantly worries about our finances and stresses about our security. So of course, we keep getting interest increases on unpaid debt and larger bills than expected.
When my money is his and vice versa, are we continually cancelling out each other's vibrations and therefore remaining in this state of no change? We are very comfortable but I know we could achieve so much more.
In every other way he is a very positive person-it's just that as a wonderful partner and dad he constantly worries about providing for his family.
Any thoughts would be great!

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The Universe has infinite ways of providing for EVERYONE'S creations.
If business is going well for you now, you are getting your desire. Even if you see interest increases as his creation, you don't have to focus along with him to create more of them.

Stay focused on what YOU want, and leave him out of your creation. This will be a challenge, I know.

Here's a thought: Whatever increased costs are part of your partner's creation are CAUSING an increased flow of money to cover them. Not cancelling out - adding to and in multiples. So let him go and think as he chooses - you can't stop him anyway. But think of him as generating increased income.

In time, he may join you, begin to focus on more positive aspects of the business.
That's a great way of thinking about it. Thank you! When you're a couple its hard to separate your desires and thoughts sometimes but like you say, we can't control the thoughts or happiness of others. I think its just tricky focusing on and creating your own reality whilst sharing someone else's reality at the same time.
Thank you for your comment!

I doubt that that woukd happen, per se; a person creates and attracts according to their own consciousness. Things would only get cancelled out if they have a fear of not receiving them, and the person doing the cancelling out would just be a reflection of that fear. 

Not really.  I think that when others are not being considered or present, the person would just have what they want would flow to them easily. As Abe would say, "Through the crack of least resistance." And when this goes on, it may break the couple up if they are romantically tied. Because one would be against what the other has manifested for themselves.

No. it is you who creates your reality, and your partner creates his. hoses are two separate realities although you are together and it may seem like realities are somehow one. they are not. what happens is that you possibly translating your husbands worries in to a reason for debt interest rates increase there for you believe that his beliefs are causing the problem, what you are doing  re enforcing the belief and so it shows up in your reality. Whatever you believe is happening will be proved to you by your reality, its like the world around you will reflect whatever it is you believe in and re enforce those believes at appropriate times. 

1. I would try and change the way you think about what your husband thinks. If he decides to worry about things than let him , just don't let it influence you, it is not your worry , so don't worry with him. 

2. stop connecting his believes to your situation, the circumstance don't matter only your state of being matter

3. Relax, breath and try and understand that nothing can impact your reality apart from your own opinions, thoughts, beliefs. 

My partner was very much the same, I just kept on practising focusing on my own opinions and beliefs without his ones influencing mine, it takes practise but its not impossible. I also understood and understand that we both have and live within our own realms that are two different ones. the more I changed my opinions about everything the more he changed. Now his getting to a very good place where he finally stopped worrying so much about money. I actually think I started to have an influence on him in a non. worrying , positive way, he picks up on what im saying and ho I am behaving and sometimes mimics this. our relationship Is becoming happier every day, we worry less and live a hell of a lot more :) xx


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