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Is it possible to change a creation after it is done manifesting? If so, how?

Hey everyone,

First off, I wanted to say that I am an intermediate in spirituality, so I am aware about terms such as beliefs, vibrations, emotions, and how they work. I have studied Abraham for a year now, and have went to one workshop.

Anyway, I really need some help here. I just got done manifesting a woman into my life, but I ended up screwing up the process right after I met her. A little over 2 months ago, we were about to have sex in her car, and I hesitated due to fear of rejection. This caused us to fall into the friend zone, so I pulled her out of the friend zone using scripting, and it worked. We dated again for another month, and I scripted the entire process to the point there were no romantic emotions, and everything was staged, so she hesitated before sex the second time we tried.

After having a talk with her about a month ago, I told her about law of attraction and what I was doing. She suggested the feelings should be natural instead of me using techniques, so we decided to give it another shot. We dated for 1 month, and again, we both hesitated before sex, because we got spooked. So yeah, it has failed 3 times.

We're still talking, because we're not wanting to give up. What we have noticed is that we're going in circles, and the feelings are dying right before sex, because I'm emitting fear of rejection and she picks up on it, so it kills the attraction. The good news is that we are getting closer and closer the more we keep going, which is why we're still dating. Just recently, her and I were in my bedroom, but we only messed around for a bit, and this is the furthest we've ever been.

Her and I really believe that if my fear of rejection goes away, then this will completely stop. What should I do in this situation? I don't want to break up with her, but the feelings just "reset" every time we give it another shot.

Is there anyway I can change a creation after it has manifested, or will we keep going in circles like this? Are we permanently stuck in this state?

EDIT: I actually just texted her and called it off, because it was becoming too much for me mentally. I would still like to know this for future reference so I don't make the same mistake again. What I was doing here was being playful with the universe by re-trying the escalation process. It looks like it doesn't work, because seduction works more like a ship that docks, meaning the ship sails if you don't grab it the first time. Trying this method threw me into nice guy territory, and it was starting to get sickening.

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You only go in circles to reflect your limiting beliefs.

Focus on accepting that you believe the other person will reject you. When you make peace with your belief in what you don’t want, and you don’t judge that negative emotion, but see the value in your guidance, then you will release it.

So in other words, don't freak out over the risk of being rejected. OK, thanks.

"Now you didn’t “screw up” the process after you met her (that’s a thought and judgment you are making and creating your life with). Simply you got a result that you didn’t think you desired. Now you can either use that experience to create something else, or you can beat yourself up as a result of that one time creation (which is al lit is)."

What actually happened is that I fused FWB with romance in this situation, and I shouldn't have done that.

"Now you say you hesitated due to fear of rejection. Okay great awareness, and that’s an area you may want to examine and look at closely because rejection is often something we all deal with at some points in our lives and it doesn’t come down to just romantic relationships. It can be about our relationships with money, our relationships with work etc. It can go throughout our lives without us even realizing."

My spiritual therapist actually said it would take focus and practice for me to get over it.

"With LOA its tricky to discuss this with people, as sometimes they may not be open to that kind of ground breaking revelation and it may start to make them back away from you (if they aren’t ready to accept that kind of power). So I would actually suggest that you don’t discuss it openly unless someone actually invites you to discuss it with them. Whilst its seemingly obvious to you now at this point in time, if you think back to 10 years ago – if someone had spoken to you about LOA you would have thought they were crazy."

Gonna have to disagree with this one since it's not crazy for a person to sit in front of a hypnotist and ask about hypnotism. I openly discuss LOA with people all the time, and they're cool with it.

"It has not actually failed 3 times, rather its produced a different result than you thought you desired. Probably because you weren’t fully clear on what it was that you actually desired. So using that knowledge now you can equally create that same experience over and over again or create something different with the same woman or some other women instead."

I gave up, because this was affecting my health, plus I was getting very agitated. But yeah, I wasn't fully clear of what I wanted, which is why there was mixed feelings in this relationship. You can't mix FWB with romance.

"Can you change a creation after it has manifested – what do you believe here? I would say yes, because this is an amazing and abundant universe – but it really depends on what you believe."

We went to the fair together, kissed on the sky lift, and then the feelings died shortly after. I gave up at this point.

FWB and romance isn't the same thing, so you probably just faded in and out of it in the past.

See, in my situation, what it looked like was sexual attraction than emotional. The feelings kept dying again and again, so I felt it wasn't worth the hassle.

Looks like we're giving it another shot.

Based on what's going on, the escalation is taking place, it's just that my resistance is causing it to go at a very very VERY slow pace. I had another talk with her, and told her about my anxiety. She loves me so much that her and I are not giving up. I think the reason why we were getting spooked before sex was because of the "what now" feeling after we actually did it. Since we came extremely close and I was on top of her with a condom on, we pretty much aren't scared anymore.


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