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I'm not talking about manifesting inspiration, motivation or the means to exercise in order to get a muscular body. I'm talking believing you have that type of body and it changing on its own.

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What a fantastic Idea!

I love this topic and truly believe the body is a reflection of the mind.  I see people who work out really hard and are still out of shape and others that don't work out at all and have better bodies.  Arguable you could say genetics or diet but I still think it's a part of our creation. 

i don't have any experience about that but why not?? we are creators after all right?? or are we half- creators? XD

you can find some amazing Abraham Hicks' videos about that on youtube.

have a fun simple journey in manifesting your dream body****

You're so right, thanks.

Hi :) yes you most definitely can, and I read a study that proved it. I'd send you the link but I can't find it now, thought I bookmarked it but must have forgotten, however I did find this quote on a psychology website:

'researchers have found that mental imagery can help you gain muscle without lifting a finger. One study found that people who imagined themselves working out were able to gain 24 percent more muscle strength. '

So basically yes. You can grow muscle by imagining it. ;) Do that, work out too and you can grow it at twice the rate I expect. 

Oh yes I've read some lf that. But I am talking about not even training in my mind haha. I guess that's a sort of placebo, it feels so real people believe it. I do like exercising though.

Oh ok. So are you talking about just visualising your ideal body and it coming without working out?
But there is proof that visualising working out makes muscles grow, without acting taking any physical action, so why not just do that when you know it works, if that is what you really desire? Your question was after all, is it possible to make muscles grow only with the mind, well yes, it is, but you still have to actually use the mind. Lol...
You could visualise yourself working out in the mirror WITH the body you already want as if you already have it. Looking in the mirror, and looking exactly as you want to look.
I think you're over-complicating things.
You could act as if you already have the body you want, believing it in every moment, whilst being detached. With the intention of not doing any visualisation or action to achieve it. But then you need to make sure you really truly believe that you're body can change in that way without doing anything other than that. If you're visualising without truly believing that a body can change without taking physical action to get you there that you know works, then it won't work. Or will take longer. Hence why I said I think you're over complicating it.
It all comes down to what you believe is possible.
We don't just magically get to where we want to get to one day. We don't just wake up and suddenly jumped from a-b. Sometimes it may seem that way, because the universe gave us a journey to it that was enjoyable, so it didn't even feel like we did anything, but there is always something that took place in the physical.
Even if we didn't make that physical action ourselves.
I think you are focusing on the 'how' too much. Your desire is to look a certain way so why not just set the intentions of your body looking exactly as you want it to look, then let it go, make yourself really happy in the feelings of your body looking this way and let the universe deliver it to you in ways that will make you happy.
Just believe it will happen and it will. But things don't always happen in the way we envision they will. If we hold on to trying to control the hows, that's how we get blocked.
That's my advice anyway, good luck!

Be honest with yourself. Do you believe you can, and it's something you want to do? Explore the idea within yourself. I know you want to believe it, but this doesn't mean you do, actually, believe it. 

One of the least understood, or misunderstood, concepts of LOA is "path of least resistance." Or now AH is calling it "path of most allowing" which is awesome. If we use your implied desire, for the vast majority of people who want muscles, they will find it much, much easier to get more muscle tissue by repeatedly lifting heavy objects, rather than to deconstruct their entire belief system that no action is necessary for them to get what they want, on this particular topic. 

However, if there is a reason for wanting muscles without lifting heavy objects, like you're paralyzed so unable to move, or you're afraid of the gym, or just don't like sweating, etc, or you want muscles because you think it makes you more attractive and thus gets you the thing you REALLY want, then you're going to have to go through those resistances before you can start getting what you want, the muscles. You may genuinely want muscles just because you just want them. But maybe your actual genuine desire is a satisfying sexy relationship, and muscles are an end runaround for your resistance to what you really want. If you want muscles to get something else...why not focus on getting the thing you really want in the first place? 

I believe that anything is possible for anyone. My own life is proof to me of that, so such a magical idea is normal and irrefutable to me, I understand precisely how things work. But your desire has to be a genuine desire. This is something that very few people understand, even many LOA gurus. If your desire is a reaction to something you do not like or don't want to do, you're using your desire to push against that dislike. This never really works, and you can always feel the discord vibrationally. 

Align with what you really want, and as you do this, you will make conscious to you all your resistances (all the reasons you want to get muscles without lifting heavy stuff). When you start clearing these, you will find your genuine desire, and if your genuine desire is, actually, to have muscles without lifting heavy stuff (or however you believe people get muscles), then you'll absolutely get them.  

This applies to absolutely all desires, regardless of what science and religion or the peanut gallery tell you is possible or impossible, including me. All you have to do is actually follow your own consciousness patterns and it will forever be clear to you. The idea is to get what you REALLY desire as easily and efficiently as possible. For that..you have to get to the root Vortex desire. That's as close to magic as you're ever going to get. 

I like exercising as a mean of distracting myself, but I think that through a simple consciousness shift I can manifest the perfect proportional body I visualize without having to worry about "Oh I need to eat less carbs/fat" "My back isn't wide enough" "I need to work on my calves" etc. Thinking about manifesting that doesn't reeally cause a conflict inside me. But it's much more easier for me to focus on my dream body type with every feature in place (Besides muscles I also intend to change some physical features here and there)

I don't really want to manifest a muscular body in order to get anything else, the aesthetic gives me so much pleasure, it's just wonderful to see it. And even more amazing to see how the clothes fit. 

I am familiar with training so I'm aware of what it takes. I'm willing to do it for fun though.

What do you mean by "root vortex desire"? The genuine desire you talked about? (what I reeeally desire)

So I can think my cottage cheese thighs away!

Very very true, we think that if we start liking our bodies things won't change.


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