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Is the reason people don't talk to me/like me very much because I deeply believe they don't want to/don't like me?

I'm literally a super sweet and friendly person. I'm never rude to anybody at all. I never let any anger out on anybody either. I'm always complimenting people, especially strangers to try to make them feel good. But I've read that even if you believe negative, the Universe will give you negative, I think.

So should I change my thought patterns that people DO like me and DO want to talk to me and then it'll happen? 

I just literally have no self-esteem from so many years of bullying, cyber-bullying, betrayal, rejection, clinical depression, body dysmorphia, etc.

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Are you super sweet and friendly to yourself? Are you always complimenting yourself to make yourself feel good?

If people don’t like you, you believe that as a reflection that you don’t like you. The more you like yourself you attract people to treat you the same way you treat yourself.

Here’s a post I wrote that can help: Rejection - It’s just a Reflection.


I affirm that people respect me at all times everywhere I go. It really helps!

I'm thinking along the same lines as Brian.  You see our world often reflects our inner most thoughts about ourselves and life in general.  So its great that you are being so kind and friendly to others - but have you extended this to yourself.  You see we often neglect ourselves in our lives, and think its all about others, but it starts with us.  These are great qualities you have, but if you don't have them for yourself, then often people will have a sense that something is out of place and won't be able to identify exactly what it is, but probably will reflect back the thoughts you have on yourself.  We are so interconnected, that at times we pick up on what other people think and believe it is our thoughts about them, when in all reality we have just picked up the radio signal they have and the messages they have about themselves.  When you are willing to be kind and sweet and friendly to yourself - then you are never at the mercy of others and will never allow yourself to be mistreated because you will honour yourself which is a huge accomplishment for anyone.  It takes time and practice but you can definitely do it! 

Lovely & perfect replies to your question sweetheart! i will only add a few quotes:

L'immagine può contenere: 1 persona, con sorriso

Fear itself is not the impediment to your joyful life. But, fear is pointing at the impediment to your joyful life. And just as the feeling of fear is within you, the impediment is within you also. Abraham Hicks

L'immagine può contenere: testo

I get what you all are saying. Could it also be that my personality isn't exactly "extroverted?" Should I try being more of an extrovert to attract people liking me?

Depends on your belief.  Whilst there is evidence to suggest most people fall into categories such as extrovert or introvert, there is also views that no one is completely 100% one, and that at times we change and adapt as needed.  Now should you try to be something that you are not - ABSOLUTELY NOT.  That won't attract people, you will feel deflated and it takes a lot of energy to do too.  Instead, if you are introverted, then seek out the company of other introverts - who will think like you do.  Thats a similiarities straight off!  So a lot of hte hard work is already done.  Don't try to be something you are not - its a waste of time.  You are prefect exactly as you are - you just need to find the people you like and who will appreciate and honour you for who you are!  This is a big planet and they are out there - you just need to find them. 


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