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Is there any way we can use LoA to prove that something ISN'T true?

There are things I want to stop fearing and I keep finding "evidence" of them.  Is there a way to find evidence that they're not true?

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Mistress, I would remind you that all "truths" are true -- each unique perspective is equally valid.

So it's entirely up to you to decide what's true for YOU -- what you choose to believe or not believe.  That decision to embrace this or that idea as a belief, or to disregard this or that idea as something you DON'T believe . . .

. . . is strictly your choice.  You keep finding "evidence" of things you fear because you believe in them.

"Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change." -- Wayne Dyer (I think)

I read things on this website:




And it terrified me...so I want to find a different way of looking at it.  How can I do that?  How can I make my truth about that stuff different.

I would begin by avoiding such stuff in the first place.  If it makes you uneasy, why pay attention to it?

This is why I seldom turn my TV to the news, nor do I read the papers.  Likewise I don't pay attention to all the fear-mongering and doomsaying in which so many bloggers, commentators and pundits engage.

If you immerse yourself in the negativity of others, it will overwhelm you.  Just ignore it, and focus on things that make you feel good, and positive, and happy.  Fear is the soil from which negative emotions grow.  Refuse the fear and take back your power.  It belongs to you! :-)



Why do you constantly preoccupy YOUR TIME with all this stuff?  


You'll never discover your own truth if you're so preoccupied on trying to disprove someone else's.


Inspirational Comments

"You'll never discover your own truth if you're so preoccupied on trying to disprove someone else's."

Brilliantly stated, Awesome, and so true!  Love that pic too, it's perfect :-)


First of all, start by reading LEGITIMATE SOURCES.  Heck, the website description itself screams biased propoganda "Discover occult symbols and hidden meanings in famous landmarks, songs and movies."  Seriously, most websites like this are fake conspiracy websites used to generate fear and money.  Try looking at legitimate news sources like CNN or BBC (although some professors will argue that BBC and Al-Jezeera are the only two legitimate news sources).  Are you in college?  If so, try to take a course which teaches you the difference between legitimate and non-legitimate sources. 

Also, ask yourself if this makes sense.  Don't trust their "sources" either b/c most of them are taken out of context, manipulated, or completely faked.  I used to study these kinds of theories (especially about secret societies).  And, as everyone else said, try paying attention to more positive or legitimate sites and ignore those that are known to contain this kind of filth.

CNN, BBC, and Al-Jazeera . . .

. . . legitimate information sources . . .


Hardly oxymoron.  More legitimate than that site and many other conspiracy sites for sure. Unless your goal is to get her to look at more of those conspiracy sites?  Or unless you have any better alternatives for information because the majority of academics trust these news sites and peer reviewed journals.  Does it make them flawless?  No, but far more legitimate for someone who is determined to figure out what is going on in the world.  The easier answer is to just tune it all out and focus on you, but if she wants to find information it's better that it comes from something that isn't complete Internet trash like the website she posted.  If she can ignore it then great, but if she can't then it's better to get news from sources that are at least more legitimate than that site she posted.

I'm actually trying to offer alternatives since many of us have told her in the past to focus on other things.  However, she isn't connecting with that idea and wants to find information outside of herself, so those are legitimate alternatives. 

No, Mod -- no "conspiracy" agendas here.

If you don't know what I mean . . . so be it.  I'm not here to argue.

As for better alternatives . . . one's own Instinct and Intuition, once trusted, are FAR better sources of information than anything concocted by contemporary "news" media :-)

In fact, if you read what I said previously, you'll see that I agree with you -- or that you agree with me, depending on the "order" in which you read them.

My advice is to just focus your attention elsewhere! :)

You mentioned how you'd just read that article. But nobody forced you to read it, you always have a choice, ok so it may have appeared in your reality, but you did not have to read it, you could have decided to ignore it instead. The more you keep noticing something the more it shows up. Even making this discussion your saying you keep finding evidence of these things you fear. Once you begin ignoring them you'll notice they start to disappear. I went through a stage where I kept seeing things about illuminati everywhere. And things kept popping up EVERYWHERE!! But once I just started ignoring it and focusing my attention on other things I stopped seeing anything about it anywhere. You just need to begin ignoring these things and they will become less frequent and eventually they will disappear. Just don't give them your attention :)

Change the questions that you keep asking your self...


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