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Is this the right relationship for me? Feel trapped and not the way I always dreamed of feeling.

I have been listening to Abraham Hicks religiously on YouTube in work on this topic and I understand a lot of what she is saying. You shouldn't leave anywhere unless you are in the vortex and if you are in the vortex you never leave anywhere, something better just comes along for everyone.. that makes me feel hopeful and positive that I can have what I want but every time i feel good and try to just appreciate things in the moment i feel hopeless, stuck and miserable. Ill give you a bit of background... 

A few years ago I had a wonderful relationship with a guy I was really attracted to. I was always excited to see him and we had a great intimate connection we were always kissing and i felt the spark was really there after 2 years... but then it broke down my mum really didn't like him and i know that was probably resistance on my part but that's when I came across abe and I tried my best to be positive and happy without him in th hopes he would return. It was then that I realised the loa must be real because without even reslising i had attracted this guy to me in the most powerful of ways, the universe just moved the most unlikely of circumstances to bring us together and it just clicked. 

Needless to to say I started a new job, got new friends and felt a lot happier within myself and I found a guy at my work cute and it was a thrill to have someone like me again and to feel good about relationships again... I was never attracted To him in the same way as my ex but I was really happy and enjoyed the time I spent with him. Now 5 years later and I find myself like.. is this it then? For the rest of my life? Everyone around me is getting married and happy and in love and I feel so awful on my guy saying this but I haven't been able to say I love you in a long time.. I don't know how I feel. We have had ups and downs and a lot of things we don't agree on, a couple of weeks here and there not speaking which has left my parents and friends judgemental of him. We work together every single day too in a job I'm not sure i want to do anymore. I have a back up to start a business on my own which I am trying to peruse with loa too but st the moment my overriding factor is like,,, I woke up from a dream one day and I keep having this dream.. I'm with this guy and I just know he is the one. I am so attracted to him I want to throw my arms around him and kiss him and I feel the way I always wanted to feel about s guy. 

I know i have been observing a lot of what is and I have attracted the bad traits i see in him in our relationship, but he is sweet kind and caring and he deserves to be loved... I just don't feel it and please don't judge me for being shallow but my guy is not the most attractive and hasn't she told us we deserve our desires? I want to feel so attracted to someone and excited to se him and it ToView feel electric when we touch and excited at the prospect of marriage and spending the rest of my life with someone. Right now i feel bad my boyfriend keeps saying I love you and I feel nothing st all. He wants to move I need with me and it doesn't feel like the next logical step and if he asked me to marry me right now I wouldn't feel joy I'd feel dresd and disappointment, I feel like I've missed out on something's wonderful life has to offer bcos it's just not meant to happen for me. And I feel such guilt even saying this aging him. Help :( 

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Amazing reply!

It sounds like you need to give yourself permission to be alone for a bit!

It sounds like you should end this relationship. If you aren't feeling it, you aren't feeling it. You can't change people, and if you don't feel good about him now, the chances of him changing into something that would excite you are miniscule. I hope I'm making sense. And yes, you absolutely deserve your desires. There is nothing shallow about wanting to leave; if he isn't the one, he just isn't and no amount of loa (in my opinion) can change him.


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