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Hey guys,

I was given great advice off my amazing friend ZH, to listen to this link and focus on my love and being with him, So last night I lay on my bed closed my eyes and took deep breathes until i was in a state of calm.

Whilst listening to this link I pictured everything I would want my relationship to be like with him, pictured us already together and connecting to his heart and sending him unconditional love and heart energy. (He is currently is his phase 1 army training so its even harder for him to contact me than usual).

(I had been doing it a few times in the day as well, along with looking at my vision board listening to uplifting love songs, on my train rides home i would always listen to these meditation video's too, staying positive and always having faith even when it felt hopeless.)

I have put the links below for anyone who wants to get there ex back or attract a specific person, it DOES work, I was so grateful to see that whilst i was meditating (I fell asleep afterwards and didn't check my phone) HE MESSAGED ME WHILST I WAS DOING IT. 

IT DOES WORK! I am so happy and grateful and appreciative right now, I am in the process of getting him back and have been making so much progress these past 2 weeks! Thank you thank you thank you universe!

Please people try this and I guarantee it will amaze you! Please have faith and stay positive! Keep your energy high, see your friends, do what you love and just send them unconditional love and also most importantly be willing to let them go! 


So much love to you all xxxxx

UPDATE 16/06/17

Just wanted to add an update on this, I am now in a new relationship and happier than ever. Realising that the most important thing was self love and my own happiness made me realise that I didn't want my ex back in the end, and also made me realise how mentally abusive he was. 

I feel before trying to get your ex back, try finding yourself again first. Learn what makes you happy and focus on your life. I know you love them so much, and it it extremely hard to come to terms with that kind of loss. But what if you could find someone that could treat you 100 x better? What if you could have the man and woman of your dreams? Love is supposed to feel easy, life gets hard and situations can make it difficult, but the love should never change or fade if its true. That is my new belief anyway. 

Write down what you truly want in a partner, really focus on everything, even if its hundreds of things that you want in a partner, if it makes you happy it doesn't matter. Then focus on that list, if your ex comes back then maybe they were right for you after all, and if you meet someone new, give them a chance? They could be the love of your life!

In the end I just didn't understand why I kept choosing someone who wasnt sure about me to someone who was so into me. People would say that is true love holding onto them, but if you let them go and they come back, then they were truly yours all along. And if they werent then there is someone much much better out there that deserves your time and love. Your love is so precious and cherish it every day, don't just give your heart to anyone. Know your worth and wait for someone that makes you feel that incredible every day. Trust me its worth it xxxx

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Thank you for posting this. I needed a stuff like this. My love and wishes are with you. :) Hope I too get some success.

You will if you believe :) xxx Best of luck! 

I'm glad it worked for you :)

One favorite is the Gratitude Subliminal Binaural. The more grateful you are, the more abundance follows. 


I shall listen to this on my lunch break as well :D Thank you so much! xxx

What am I suppose to do while listening to it? Should my mind be clear or should I be visualizing? Thanks
Im really happy for you!!! x x x x x

Thank you so much :) xxxx


I also carried on meditating to the link attached, also saying some positive affirmations whilst working out, and he carried on messaging me and even unblocked me last night, basically apologised for the way he treated me! I tell you now guys IT DOES WORK and i'm so so grateful!!! :) :) :) Now i'm aiming for that ring hahaha!! 


Like I say, Bada Bing Bada Boom ;)

Remember the steps though and whoever needs them can try too:

1- Chakra Cleansing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1xwtA6C2DQ (I personally like this)

2- Guided Meditations for those trying to get their lover or ex lovers: 

a/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn1aWTZpiNo

b/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nn1aWTZpiNo

c/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv_co-zSE4I

3- Aura Programming (for love it's best to use the color red but you may use which ever you like, visualize and say this out loud (well not too loud) for 15 mins (this is re-wiring your brain):

"I am programming aura to attract and act on (his name) he finds me very attractive and irresistible. He comes to me. He comes to me now"

Visualize with your aura beaming with the binaural (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9tXG7TIB1w) what your are saying and  see him come to you. 

These are tried and tested ways. I've had so many people message me telling me that they did the exact same stuff and achieved results. So more power and love to all you beautiful romantics. :)

Lots of love,

ZH x

Thank you so much ZH! I'll be doing this tonight haha! Much love xxxx

This is really good guidance :)

@zh, how do I program my aura - like do I repeat the statement out loud and for how long before a manifestation happens?


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