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Hi Guys :)

Read this article on Jeanette Maw's blog and it made me want to do a little experiment of my own. Since We're supposed to keep our expectations realistic, so that we have less resistance towards getting what we want, I'm going to intent to manifest $500 instead of $1,000. $1,000 in ten days just doesn't feel realistic to me. 

In the post she lists step by step all the things she did to manifest, and she got what she wanted in the said time frame. One of the things on there was that she invited others to join her in her monyfesting calls, so that the energy around it was stronger.

So I am requesting good vibes from you all in my manifesting $500 in 10 days! Allllll the good vibes you have, pretty please! :) 


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I'd like to manifest $5,000 in a week.

I'm better at manifesting $1000.  I can't seem to get $500 for some reason.

Dondi give us your story!

I've been doing awesome at manifesting here in the last year or so.  Not sure why, not sure what happened, not sure exactly how I'm doing it.

Last summer, I was really getting behind on my bills.  I was needing about $500 to get everything caught up and get a couple things I needed.  I was imagining going in the store and buying a winning scratch off for $500.  Then I thought '$1000 would be even better, then I could get new shoes and a few other things I was wanting as well as get bills caught up'.  Within a week, I was walking over to the store and again thought how nice it would be to win $500.  And I heard a voice in my right ear (Yes, HEARD, like someone walking right beside me) laughing, and said 'How about $1000?'  I was slightly rattled, amazed and excited all at the same time.  I said 'Yes!  I'd have to take off work to go to the lottery office to cash it, but that's okay.'  So I walk in and took the $5 I was saving for lunch the next day out of my billfold and walk over to the ticket machine.  One particular ticket seemed to be glowing, standing out from the rest.  I put the money in, bought that ticket and scratched it.  A doubling symbol was on there and the prize amount was $500.  I got my $1000.

Last spring I was imagining what it would be like to have double my income.  Suddenly, the company I work for announced that they were behind on orders and we had unlimited overtime.  We hadn't had overtime in years.  And the next thing I know, I had double and more than double my income.  Still do, nine months later.

I am bringing home nearly 1.5 times my weekly paycheck.

Then about 2 months ago, I had made a list of things I was going to buy with the money I was making.  I needed a new mattress, I wanted a new computer and a new tv.  A few other things also.  It was a rainy Saturday and I wanted to go shopping for some of my new stuff.  I knew it would be weeks before I could get all the things on my list.  I took $20 and went and bought a $20 scratch off.  I won my money back.  I went in a store and got a new sheet set for my new mattress I was planning on buying.  I came out and had this huge longing to play lottery tickets and win some big money.  I longed for it, wanted it like I haven't wanted anything for a long time.  I thought of the different places that sold tickets and was drawn to a store down the street.  So I went there and cashed in the $20 ticket I had won.  I won another $20.  Cashed that in and bought a $10 one and two $5 dollar ones.  I won $50 on those.  I bought one more $20 ticket and won $1000.

I've been getting everything I want, usually within a day or so, sometimes almost instantly.  Of course, this is working for good AND bad, so I really have to watch what I am thinking.  I nearly got poked in the eye with wire one day from a stray thought.

My best advice (since I don't know exactly how I am doing this) is to WRITE it down.  Make a list of what you want and imagine having it.  REALLY want it, like long for it like you would water in a desert.  Say out loud what you want  Then forget about it and focus on other things.  Try to stay as happy as you can and try not to worry about anything.  .

I have a theory that the universe is a mirror and it reflects right back to you everything you think, say and do.  And I keep getting proven right over and over.

I think I fell in love with your smile...

I cannot find even 1 dollar bill on the ground. I literally try, but don't even manifest that much to find!

Maybe you are trying too hard.  It has to fun, light hearted.  Make it a game.  Imagine a dollar bill rolling and flying along on the breeze across the ground.  Be happy!  Look at that flying dollar bill!  Isn't it wonderful!  Laugh, clap your hands.

Now forget about it and go on with your life.

Oh good, this showed up just in time.

I haven't actively (inactively?) manifested anything since September, and now I'm finding myself in a money jam, like always.

I'm getting extremely frustrated with constantly being in this situation, especially since my college schedule doesn't allow me to have flexible work hours (I have a job, but I only work when I'm needed-it's been over a month since I've been called in :/)

I've tried using the techniques that got my last successful manifestation, but this is a different situation.

I'm glad I found this. Free money is definitely something I need right now. :)


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