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Joy in Seeking My Highest Excitement, My Bliss, My Greatest Joy

                I have been promising myself and keep trying to withstand the idea that i am following my bliss, that i am following my greatest joy, my highest excitement. I know that it is not easy because i might have beliefs and habits which does not supports it. But I know that i can and it takes time and practice to let it sink into my vein and i am willing.

                I am thinking into ideas how to hold myself from this goal. For sometimes i can but when i get so busy, stressed and occupied in my work, i totally comes back to my old negative self pity. That is why i was sick for few days. But i promised myself not to go back again to that way of thinking. It is not them who suffer but me. The negative thinking that i am thinking and saying is not affecting them but me only. So whenever i caught myself even by thought only, i would stop and ask myself, is this the way i want me to be, do i want to be sick again. I would also think that the more i am thinking and complaining about what is happening to the world and how it is unfair would only hold me back from growing and from becoming what i want to be which is to live in full joy.

                I want to live my life to the fullest. I always have this in my mind ever since i was still in college. As philosopher Socrates said that "An unexamined life is not worth living" and to be make a life worth living, we must follow our bliss.

               All Great teachers of the world are teaching us to follow our bliss, to follow our hearts, to follow our greatest joy, to follow our highest excitement, to act based from love, to look inside our hearts, to seek inside. So, there must be something in that. There MUST BE.

              Abe (Abraham Hicks) said that our purpose is joy and the basis of our life is freedom. Jesus Christ said that we must seek the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of heaven is within you. Buddha said that people must live in joy and in love. Steve Jobs said that in order to be successful of anything, we must have passion (love) for it.

             All of these great teachers and great people taught us to follow our joy, to listen to our hearts so there must be in it. This is really what interest me the most. That is why i came to the conclusion that i must have a Reason, a Purpose of my own, a Mission perhaps why i choose to come here on Earth.

             Bashar and Abe, one of my favorite teachers, both said that we choose to live here on Earth. Before our birth, we knew this and we choose to come here inspite of, inspite of what we have seen: darkness, confusions perhaps and negatives. But we knew that those things would somehow will make the journey here on Earth beautiful. We knew that inspite of all of these reality, we knew our experiences will be delicious, will be exciting, will be variety of so many things, will be difficult sometimes but will always be joyous.

            That is why maybe i came here on Earth because i knew that, even i have a predetermined purpose, i knew that i will be enjoying finding it. I will enjoy seeking it. I will enjoy searching and finding for it.

            I don't know what's my Purpose anyway, i don't know what is really my highest excitement and my bliss but all i knew is that i found joy in my journey to it. :)


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Exactly! joy and bliss are all around us. We don't have to choose something huge to strive for. Just finding joy in a child's smile or bliss in the sunshine is perfect. Everywhere in the lives we already live there are hinding moments of joy and bliss. Right where we are is right where we 'should' be, appreciating the moment.


 It's not just your freedom - it's a car!!!



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