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Do you know and feel your self worth?
I only started to discover my self worth when I was 23 years of age. It took many years from then to really understand what I was discovering. I was beginning to understand that when I could see and appreciate all the awesome things about me, other people would see and appreciate them too. It was the one of the most important life lessons I could ever learn.
Knowing that you are special and unique, regardless of your circumstances, your past, your body shape or how you feel about yourself inside, is one of the most important things you can ever learn. If you truly feel how worthy you are, then you become unstoppable!
This is different from feeling as though you are better than anyone else. It is about understanding that we are all as special and important as every single other person and creature in the entire universe. We are all apart of something so big and wonderful, and as you begin to love yourself more and more, you will see how wonderful the world can be.
Do you feel important? Cause you are!
Do you feel special? Cause you are!
Do you feel beautiful, internally and externally? Cause you are!
You are perfect exactly as you are!!

Know your self worth, as it is the most important thing you can ever know!

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Thank you. This is true and something we have to realize experientially and not just intellectually. I used to think I was even worse than everyone or better than everyone, but beyond that duality is the recognition you speak of.

Thank you both for the awesome feedback. I too thought I was worse than everyone, then better, then worse, then better and so on. But underneath I just didn't know, nor like me for who I was. I know it's about balance, but sometimes just feeling and sensing that you are apart of everything and connected to it all can be all it takes to start to feel how worthy we are. We are all worthy of great things.
What other people think and say about is, is what we ultimately think of ourselves. What do other people first say when they think of you? The answer will be the thought or feeling you have about you which you project the most to the world. Other people are just picking up on that.

When you start to broadcast you own self worth though, then people pick up on how special you are. You attract others who think you are special, rather than others who put you down and treat you badly. And you also attract situations and circumstances in which you really sparkle and shine. Things develop whereby you can really show just how special you are, and when you can make your own unique contribution to the world.

I would go as far to say that when self-esteem is your main vibration, then you attract you life purpose, and it will be something which makes you feel amazing.

There's no need to feel that you are a waste of space, but you do need to BELIEVE IN BETTER. Start to deliberately think better things about yourself. Think the opposite of what people have always told you. Do it with blind faith first. You are the creator of your own reality, and you do that with the thoughts you think and what you believe. A negative belief only started life as a negative thought, and so a newfound positive one can also start in the same way.

Think one positive thought about you. Then think it again, and again, and again, and again, and don't stop until it has fully sunk into your deeper mind and you find it normal to think and feel that way. Then your reality will also start to change and will be quite different to the one you have been inhabiting.

Excellent! Thank you Sir Neil


Some years back a school teacher told me to tell myself many times a day "I LOVE MYSELF VERY MUCH" Now at the time I couldn't understand why that was so important, but I eventually worked it out.


I love this post, I know my self worth too :D



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