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I'm newish back to LOA had a 'resistance relapse' of quite a few years, a financial crisis sent me in to a downward spiral and when I'd had enough of being there LOA appeared to me again.

I'm fortunate that I can listen to my MP3 player at work (production environment) and loaded some 2 dozen Abraham Hicks YouTube recordings on to it and am totally immersing myself in them, will be adding more for an upcoming road trip.

My question for you is: When I am waiting for my abundance to appear, can I be buying stuff and putting it on my credit card assuming the abundance is coming to pay off said credit cards? Would you be 'game' to do that?

It sounds kinda corny I know. It's all about 'knowing', believing abundance is coming, right? I know I'm not there yet. But my spirits have lifted dramatically, I'm even getting along with my awful supervisor better, I'm nicer to him, so he is nicer to me, LOA working there.

I'm seeing some signs, like my IRS final bill was a lot less than I was expecting, that to me is a sign of abundance, a relief of sorts.

Here's another question, in one of the AH recordings they speak of Esther missing Jerry walking on the beach with her, Abraham told her to focus on the here and now in her happy place, when she did he 'appeared'. That is like an instant manifestation to me. First time I'd heard of that, have you had experiences of that happening while you are waiting for the 'big' manifestations, if that makes sense?

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“Can I be buying stuff and putting it on my credit card assuming the abundance is coming to pay off said credit cards?”

If it feels good and you have no insistence that the money needs to come. If you are buying from a place of alignment and already feeling satisfied.

Emotions are instant manifestations. Do you understand that feeling good and satisfied is the ultimate manifestation?

I like your statement 'you have no insistence that they money needs to come', Brian. I'm not in alignment yet. So I don't feel I can be buying (I am not a frivolous buyer) as I am not 'knowing' that the abundance will come eventually. I do like repeating a rampage that Abraham did which ends in 'and let the money roll in!'

Yes, I do understand that feeling good and satisfaction are the ultimate manifestations. Get those done and the rest of your vortex fills itself in. ;-)

Thanks for replying.

That’s good you recognize that. So the answer is, don’t buy until you feel better and get into alignment.

Wise guys!

VERY wise! ;-)

Abraham appeared to you?

My x put plenty on our credit cards but he knew his family would pay it off and they always did.
So sure you four trust this debt could be paid off some way. I would love to have my college debt paid off this watt. However I have trusted my tax debt to the govt and we got a tax relief thing that paid it off. That was less than 500 but it was nice for me.I have also manifested freecell phones and service as well multiple times too.

No Abraham did not appear to me. Not sure where you got that from. Esther's Jerry appeared to her when she got in to her happy place. I was surprised about that 'instant manifestation', am wondering if that happens when one has pockets of 'satisfaction', or do manifestations only happens when one is totally 'satisfied'.

Wow you X was fortunate. I'm totally responsible for myself, I have gone through quite a bit of hardship, but I always land on my feet. ;-)

A tax relief thing? I'm dealing with paying off Capital Gains Tax which my tax professional decided to defer, it is costing me over $7K in penalties and interest on top of the owed $17K to IRS, contending with AZ and CA payments also, just when I was trying to set myself up to retire. At least I have gone from FEAR to 'it is what it is' and am dealing with it until my abundance starts flowing fully.

Sounds like you are manifesting in pockets of 'satisfaction', true?

Thanks for replying ArtistLaura.

If you have a history of debt, I wouldn't advise putting more things on your credit card and racking up more debt.

Abundance Mentality = Being responsible with money, saving, investments, long term vision 

Scarcity Mentality = accumulating debt, buying things you don't need, impulsive buys, etc

Sure if you feel very confident that money is coming, you can get away with this (especially if the debt is used as an investment to produce more wealth and not frivolous items), but in normal circumstances, it's better to treat your money with care.

I am not going to, I was just wondering if others have done it, 'trusting' that the abundance would come to take care of the debt. I am still working on getting aligned to Trust in the Universe completely.

I do like the two statements you said re abundance and scarcity mentalities, I see how I have attracted scarcity in my life, am working on changing that to the abundance mentality.

I am not a frivolous shopper, just wanting to replace my electric recliner which is stuck open. ;-)

I have settled down emotionally, getting auto payments set up to 'set and forget' what issues I have at the moment.

Thanks for replying, Astro.

I can answer my own question after listening to another Abraham LOA seminar snippet: get the energy flowing, get aligned, before you do the action!

  • I will give a perspective here that hasn’t been mentioned. I wouldn’t put things on your credit card unless you have a way to pay off those cards each month. You might not be consciously thinking this, but you accumulate debt every time you charge something to your card. Your goal is abundance, not indebtness or being poor. But these actions set you up for that. Instead, I would recommend visualizing yourself being abundant, having plenty without actually spending the money. If you want to create an environment of surplus, then open up a savings account at a bank to which you do not have a debit card, ATM or online access. Start putting money into this on a regular basis & ignore it. This sets up the condition where you have extra money & that is what will resonate in your subconscious. If you can’t open up a savings account, then start a fund in a small box or hide money in your main account & don’t spend it. I think you will find that money starts coming in from lots of unexpected places, because you are creating a vibration of abundance & plenty.

Saving accumulates.  Even if it's just a few pounds or dollars a week, those deposits all add up over time, and after a while, you just don't notice them.  Thinking of them in terms of everyday items helps.  For instance, I commute a percentage of my wages to my pension pot each week, and I just think of it as about two or three pints of beer.  Then it doesn't make saving seem such a big deal, and actually makes it seem quite easy to do. 


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