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Hi everyone try as I might I haven't found anything that links loa and gum disease or anyone who has healed themselves.
I'm looking for any help, not just for me but for others who are in the same boat.

Iv always been lucky with my health so to be diagnosed with Periodontitis was a real shock and looking back despite what Iv always known on loa I ran a marathon with it, looking for cures and manifesting it even more, to a point where it is literally in my face. Don't get me wrong some days I know I can heal myself and I'm doing something right as my dentist said id be back soon in pain and that was over 8mths ago and so far I found cures for infections naturally and still have all my teeth.

I would love some advice on this and especially how to handle and calm myself when a flare up happens or a new tooth hurts or my wobblily one tooth that has already dropped gets wobblier.
I know in my soul every disease is curable but my the dots haven't quite connected fully for me as I want to heal this.
I ask for some kind guidance and truly appreciate any help I get. Many thanks in advance

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Just treat it and trust it will clear, as with any ailment that I'd similar.

According to You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, periodontitis boils down to the inability to make decisions.  Is there something in your life now which you don't really know what to do about?  I would also say that any kind of dental afflictions reflect a feeling of being 'toothless' in life. Do you have a problem or issue in your life which you can't solve?  Something long term which is still unresolved no matter what you've tried over the years?  Have a think about it.  If you are unsure about this, ask your higher being or the Universe to show it to you, and then ask for help in how to solve it.  Ask for help and then believe that you are getting it. 

Non spiritually speaking, my dentist also gave me some hints about gum care.  Get an electric toothbrush whose head moves in circular motion. Move it along the gum line, holding the brush in place for a few seconds, so that it cleans the plaque away from where it tends to accumulate (causing gingivitis and periodontitis).  The mistake people tend to make is brushing from side to side, when gentle circular movements are more effective.  

Get a gum protection toothpaste (Colgate do a very good one) and also a gum protection mouthwash. Don't use mouthwash straight after brushing as that will just wash away the protection of the toothpaste.  Be careful with food getting stuck between your teeth too, as this will turn into plaque acid which brushing tends to miss, and then that will just wear away the gums and the teeth.  Get a good floss or floss tape, and rub some toothpaste onto it.  Also, avoid sugary or fizzy drinks, and sugar in tea and coffee, as liquid tends to get between the teeth easier than food does.

Thank you so much for your reply Its funny as Iv been wondering where this started and remember when I visited the dentist I did so as my work was losing a big contract so I figured go while I have the money as it will be financially tight and of Couse you know the rest. I have been on and off about my job do I stay or go so that probably doesn't help. Iv now have asked my inner being and get a feeling it is to do with money. So I will ease my way into feeling better. Again thank you so much :)

There you go, that makes sense.  You have been feeling here and there about your job, so affirm to yourself that you always make the right decisions.  And dentists can often use scare tactics like that to get you coming back to them and forking out all that money (one of my previous dentists was likened to taking your car in for a service).  They know the power of suggestion very well, and if they say you'll soon be back in pain, most people will believe that.  However, you will get what you believe, so believe as well, that's it's all healing up.

When I am ill with something like that, My meditation becomes deep and I visualise myself being fully fit and I visualise white beaming lights going through my body. Your body is your temple.

I think myself well. It works for most illnesses I have had. 


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