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Hey guys.

This is my first post here and I recently joined PI. I have always known about the law of attraction and how when we wish for something the universe somehow grants it to us. But I never took it seriously and never gave it much of a thought.

Recently I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 months but I was not ready to give up on our relationship. I googled ' how to get your ex back' and thats when I remembered law of attraction and thats how I found this page. I ready many threads here and realised that the law of attraction actually worked and it had worked before in my life.

Like for instance I wanted to study away from home and I used to visualise about that lot. And now I am studying away from home. This and many other small instances give me a realisation that we get what we ask for.

After my first boyfriend left me, I had the notion my mind that people will never stay in my life and eventually leave. And when another guy came to my life and when everything was going fine between, I still had this nagging thought he will eventually leave. I had so much negative thoughts, I would get angry for silliest reasons and had trust issues. All this ultimately led to our breakup. Initially i was very devastated and a few months after that I gave up trying to get him back. I started concentrating on myself. I started doing things I loved. I started going for morning jogs, started smiling more, spending more time with my family and friends. Though I was in contact with my ex, we never used to chat much. But after I took charge of my life, his messages became more frequent. Moreover I got 3 more suitors.

At this time, I made a guy Abel and who apparently had a crush on me. I never gave it much of a thought and but our constant messaging and calls, I fell for him. We got committed. We were going great but somehow the negativity that I had buried inside me started coming up. But I pushed them and stopped thinking about them. But in the last few days, they became more prominent especially thoughts of break up. I even had a dream of breakup and eventully it happened last week. I was truly devastated. This guy was actually the one for me. So I have decided to use my law of attaraction to get him back because I know it works. Though sometimes negative thoughts come up, I have stopped paying attention to them and have started focusing on getting my live back.

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Do you initiate the contact every time or most of the times?  If so, that is not good as I assume he was the one breaking up with you.  You need to give him space to resolve whatever it is that's been going on with him and also so that he can miss you.  Have you by any chance read the book "Men are from Mars Women Are From Venus"?  It's kind of old but the truths in them will probably never change due to human nature.

We have been in contact right from the day we broke up. We both cant stay away from eachother nor can we stop talking to eachother. One of us always ends up sleeping off while messagi b and the next morning we continue with the convo.

You're welcome.  I will share other details of my story so you see how the LoA works whether we're aware of it or not when we have a certain attitude.

It was really amazing how he came into my life, it was like a "magical" period for me.  I'd gone to Puerto Rico to live and work, the year prior to that I'd gone to NYC and stayed for 3 mo. but my parents were afraid I'd get deported because I wanted to work (but only temp agencies were more relaxed about the "papers").  So they made me go back home because the permitted time was about to expire; they promised to help me go back later but it was a white lie.  When I insisted on leaving they arranged for me to stay with a cousin my mother had in P.R. and I lived there for 7 mo., it was a great experience but I had to do just temp jobs mostly.  I got a permanent one but due to my status as a "tourist" I had to leave it even though I'd gone to consult an immigration lawyer and he said he could help, but the company wouldn't wait for me.  I eventually got another permanent job where they were willing to wait but then I got harassed by some degenerate drunk guy that worked there so when my mother told me she was coming for Christmas shopping I decided to quit and go back home with her because my nerves had begun suffering. 

But I went home with a plan, and I might've even written it down.  It went something like this:  1) I was going to enjoy the holidays, go to every party I was invited.  2) I'd go to the U.S. Consulate to apply for a residen'ts visa, the husband of a friend I met at a temp job offered to give me a work contract when the time came. 3) When the holidays were over I'd apply for a job I could enjoy and it should pay "X" to start (quite a bit more than I'd made before).  4) I'd get a b/f that would take me out to the movies, dancing, etc. but someone that I would not get too attached to since I would be leaving eventually. 

Well, I had great fun that December, submitted my application and in late January I got a really good job at the catering company in the international airport, my boss was very nice, I got to eat "a la carte" at the restaurant owned by the company and got lots of goodies from the "flight kitchen", and a day or 2 after I got the job I met my future husband just by walking into the U.S. Embassy, he was the U.S. marine on duty and he "smitten" with me instantly.  He asked the receptionist for my father's name (I'd gone there w/him) and looked it up in the phone book and had someone call me the next day because he wasn't sure if I spoke English or not.  Even though I'd decided he was not "my type" when I saw him staring at me I was intrigued by that phone call so I agreed to talk to him.  He seemed polite and funny so we talked for at least an hour and then he asked me for a date, I told him he first had to meet my mother so he came to visit the next day and during the course of our conversation offered himself as the quick solution to my residence visa quest, I laughed it off but a week later he told me he'd fallen in love with me and I think it was another week or 2 later that he wrote down in Spanish that he wanted to marry me when his tour of duty ended.  I told him he was crazy and kept him in the "friend zone" for 3 whole months, but by then his warning that he was "habit forming" had become real, one day that I was being naughty and flirting with him after I had a few drinks he kissed me and I had to rethink the whole friendship thing because he gave me an ultimatum.  By then we'd been talking on the phone every day, sometimes 2x, and went out every weekend so I considered him a very dear friend and didn't want to lose him.  I probably wasn't fully in love with him yet but he'd definitely begun to win me over with the way he treated me, he was always nice and respectful, opened doors, sent flowers, bought me all the chocolate I wanted at the commisary, took me everywhere I wanted to go.  Had I known about the LoA back then my "fairytale" could have continued but I'm still grateful that because of him I got an American husband which I really preferred at the time, my visa in one day (after submitting all needed documents, of course) and got to live in the continental U.S. which is what I'd really wanted all along, and eventually had the 2 children I wanted, a boy and a girl.

What I remember is that when I made my "plan" I was feeling very positive, no doubt entered my mind about what I put in that list.  Despite of the negative experience at my last job in P.R. I never saw what happened as a failure, just a "hitch", and those 7 mo. I spent there increased my confidence in several levels so I was feeling pretty good. ;-)

Your story is giving me hopes. I know am going to get him back and I always say that to myself and even talking to him to imaginary people. I have been scripted the day I meet him and I thing I scripted was that ' he would stare at me while I am talking not listening to what I am saying' and said exactly that to me yesterday. 

Moreover my roommate got back with her ex yesterday night after a major fight and I am going to take that as a sign from Universe. I feel so happy these day and whenever he say we wont happen I feel a lot calm because I know it is going to happen and I trust the Universe that it making everything happen

3 more suitors! OOOOOH,

I'd be happy with one extra, and just getting to know them in the very near future.

Yeah. My boyfriend and I were only best friends and I kew about his feelings for me. But at that time I was almost about to be in a relationship with someone else and my boyfriend knew about it. Though he supported me deep in side he didnt want us to happen. And thats what happened. I didnt get into a relationship with that guy and a week later got in a relationship with my love. 

But, what happened?  Did he give you a reason for breaking up?  I'm just curious and you don't really have to tell if you don't want to.

We still love eachother and he loves me a lot. He still wants us to get together. He feels my life would get frustrated if we fet together because of his familial issues. But i hav never felt so. I recently asked him to honestly if he wanted a life with me. He said yes but the inly thing holding back is this fear. He feels our family wont accept which is not true. He feels marriage is not for him and he wont be able to take care of me which is again not true because he is a very responsible guy also a reason why i fell in love with him.

After breakup with my previous bf in May last year, i never wanted him back and just let him go. I took my life into my own hands and made myself happy. However I prayed to God to give me a guy with such and such qualities and who is a photographer. During that time 3 people proposed but I never felt like being with anyone of them. Thats when I met my live and we clicked the 1st day. There was no force to talk to eachother conversations just happened. Whenever I thought about him he messaged me. At that time he knew I was not looking for a relationship but still his crush for me turned to love and he visualised us together and that's how we happened. I still feel we are meant to be. Moreover he is a great photographer with a small  business of his own. I feel so safe,warm,loved with him. I have never felt that I need to always message him or call him to keep him attached to me because I knew that at the end of the day he would always come back to me. This is why I dont want to give up on him and our love.

Well, if he loves you he will come back but you have to use wisdom in how you handle things right now.  I just sent you a PM with detail about that, there are some parts you may ignore as I wrote it before I read this.


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